Sensor idling: description. Replacing the sensor idling

The idling sensor is a special device that is used to regulate the idle speed. What does it represent? The idling sensor is a stepper motor with a spring-loaded tapered needle. When a car stalls when a gear is turned off, or when a cold engine is started there is no increased speed, this means that something is wrong with the sensor. These symptoms indicate that the regulator urgently needs to be checked.

Where is it located?

Many people are interested in this question: “Where is the idle sensor?” It is located in all cars on the throttle unit. You can also find the sensor through the duct. This unit is located on the throttle body itself. To fix it, it is usually used to mount to the valve either with two screws or by gluing.Externally, the sensor has the appearance of a small cylinder.

How does the idle speed regulator work?

At the moment of switching on the ignition, the regulator stem is in the extended position and abuts against the calibration hole located in the throttle tube. After that, the idling sensor counts the steps and directs the valve to the initial position - it will depend entirely on the firmware.

idle sensor

When the motor has already warmed up a bit, the sensor will have to give a mark of about 30-50 steps. Basically, 250 steps are considered a stock stroke. When buying this sensor, you must know and take into account the length of the protrusion of the head.

What signs may indicate a breakdown, malfunction, or sensor defect?

If the following problems occur, you should check, clean or replace the sensor:

  1. Swim idle.
  2. The car stalls at idle.
  3. Lack of the raised turns.
  4. The car stalls when shifting gears.

How to check the performance of the sensor?

To perform a sensor check, you will need the following tools:

  • Multimeter
  • Wires with contacts.


  1. You should prepare the machine for the work.
  2. Next, you need to release the harness block retainer, and in the meantime, carefully disconnect the block and idle speed control.
  3. It is necessary to connect a minus to the engine weight.
  4. Then you need to start the ignition, and check the voltage at the terminals A and D of the wiring harness.

sensor idling viburnum

The voltage on the sensors idling more than 12 V. In the event that the voltage is less than the specified value, or it is not at all, it may mean that the battery is discharged or there is a fault in the sensor's power supply circuit.

Sensor idling VAZ 2115

The sensor is typically mounted on the throttle body near the throttle position sensor. Sometimes it is bolted with two screws or glued. In order to find out if the sensor is working, it is necessary to first turn off the ignition, then disconnect the harness pad and the regulator. After that, determine the resistance value between contacts A and B, C and D - it should fluctuate within the range from 40 to 80 Ohm, no more and no less. Replacing the idling sensor is not a hard task; every person can handle it.

sensor idling vaz

In the event that, nevertheless, the idling regulator as a result of the check turned out to be faulty, then it should be replaced with a new one. The new sensor is inexpensive, about 350 rubles. Of course, no one can give a guarantee that it will work for a long time, but it is still necessary to replace it.

We describe how to replace the sensor idling VAZ. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Ignition must be turned off and disconnect the wiring from the sensor.
  2. Then you need to unscrew the two screws or, if the sensor is glued, then just tear it off.
  3. Sometimes it happens that the sensor should only be cleaned, and it will work again the same way as before. To do this, just need to remove the sealing ring.
  4. Then it is necessary to clean the valve seat (regardless of whether the new sensor or not), the surface and the air duct.
  5. The sealing channel must be lubricated with engine oil and installed in place.
  6. The regulator must be put in reverse order.

Installing the idling sensor on the "Kalina"

where is the idle sensor

Sensor idling "Kalina" allows you to install only when the throttle assembly is removed. In order to replace a regulator, you need the following set of tools:

  • Tester.
  • Socket wrench at 13.

How does the idle sensor change in this case? "Kalina" replacement provides as follows:

  1. Disconnect the harness connector and the idle speed control.
  2. Turn on the ignition and measure the voltage with the tester.
  3. Then the tester switches to ohmmeter mode and determine the resistance value between terminals A and B.
  4. In order to replace the sensor, it is necessary to remove the throttle assembly.
  5. After that, remove the fastening screws and remove the idling regulator from the throttle unit opening.
  6. This is followed by cleaning the seat and air duct from contamination.
  7. Then it is necessary to lubricate the sealing ring and install on the “Kalina” idle speed control in the reverse order. Fastening screws need to be very carefully fasten, so as not to disrupt the thread.

Do it yourself cleaning the sensor

idle sensor injector

In order to clean the sensor with your own hands, you need to prepare the following materials:


  1. Self-cleaning of the sensor should be carried out when the engine has been turned off and cooled down. First remove the air duct connecting the air filter and the throttle body cover.Then you should disconnect the crankcase ventilation tube and remove the throttle cover. Cleaning should be done as carefully as possible, without damaging anything.
  2. A closed carburetor cleaning fluid should be applied to the closed throttle valve. After it has been sprayed, it is necessary to wipe the flap with a light cloth without a nap structure, and then spray the liquid again, but now you need to capture the walls of the chamber. Now it is necessary to wipe all over with a cloth - such actions should be carried out until the space above the throttle is clean. Next, you need to open the valve. The space that has been opened should be cleaned in the same way as it was done with the flap. Do not allow dirt into the intake manifold!
  3. Now you can go to the sensor itself idling. To begin, it must be disconnected from the connector wires. This requires unscrewing the two screws with a wrench. Then, with the flap open, plug the air channel opening with a lint-free cloth and thoroughly clean all the details. You can not lose sight of the seat and the regulator.
  4. The sensor should be cleaned with a liquid used for cleaning carburetors. It is necessary to do everything extremely carefully, because the stock can not be displaced.The last thing to do is gently clean the throttle cover, wipe it, and put everything back to its original position.

Sensor idling "Daewoo Nexia"

replacing the idling sensor

To clean the idling regulator for the car "Daewoo Nexia" follows this algorithm:

  1. First clean the sealing ring, the air duct and, of course, the valve seat. It is advisable to rinse these parts with carburetor fluid. You should also check the condition of the ring, because if it has cracks, then it should be replaced immediately.
  2. After cleaning the ring, it is necessary to measure the distance separating the end of the locking element from the plane of the flange.
  3. Then the o-ring and valve idling lubricate with engine oil. Tighten the screws in the same way as before removing the sensor. Now you can go to the electrical connector.
  4. Then you need to turn on the ignition without starting the engine, and connect the diagnostic connector terminals (at the moment of time not more than 5 seconds), disconnect the terminals and turn off the ignition for 10 seconds. Now you can start the engine and test the sensor idling.

Idling adjustment on the injector

replacement of the sensor idling vaz

Sensor idling (injector) is designed to monitor the operation of the engine. Its adjustment occurs in the following order:

  1. The first step is to disconnect the battery.
  2. Next, remove the idle regulator.
  3. Rinse the landing channel, then disassemble the regulator, then check the sleeve and replace it.
  4. Inspect the needle and, if there are any defects, replace it.
  5. Check the winding with the tester and clean the contacts.
  6. Set the regulator to its original position, connect the power connector, connect the battery itself.
  7. Start the engine and test the sensor.

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