Self-replacement ball bearing on cars VAZ

"Lada" is one of the weak points of the car, the failure of which is fraught with big problems. If the trouble caught you away from populated areas and by luck did not lead to an accident, you should know how to replace the ball joint. This will allow you to continue driving the car after eliminating the broken part.

What threatens the failure of the ball when moving

Ball bearings are designed to hold the front wheel hub in a vertical position. If the upper or lower support fails while driving, there can be a complete loss of control over the car. The magnitude of the risk of getting into an accident depends on the speed of the car, the prevailing conditions on the road at the time of the breakdown and the skillful actions of the driver.

It is necessary to take measures for emergency braking and take the car from the roadway as close as possible to the curb.In this case, the broken wheel will pull the car in its direction, and the driver will have to make serious efforts to maintain balance.Ball joint replacement

It is necessary to apply a combined effect - to brake with a hand brake, pedal and engine. If the speed of the car at the time of the breakdown was very high, then it is necessary to brake carefully so that the vehicle does not skid and turn over.

All this can be avoided, guided by simple rules of operation:

  • When leaving the parking area, make sure that the car is in good condition by checking it.
  • When repairing, install high-quality parts. Do not try to save at all. The low price of ball bearings, as a rule, means the questionable quality of the part.
  • All parts have a certain resource of work, so try to keep a diary of repairs to the car, so that the key nodes change before failure.

What support to buy

When buying a new ball joint, first of all, be guided by the manufacturer, and not its cost. Today you can buy a quality item for 430-980 rubles. The last specified price of ball bearings corresponds to the brand "Track", which produces spare parts for "Niva". They are much more reliable than usual and have a large margin of safety.It is better not to consider all offers on the market with a price below 400 rubles - the quality will disappoint you.

Diagnostics of ball bearing in motion

Not all motorists know how to check the ball joint. Most of them rely on repairmen, who are periodically asked for help. However, for various reasons, self-diagnosis of a car is a much more reliable procedure. The master may be in a hurry, not pay attention or say that the support will still serve. Remember that you are sitting behind the wheel of the car and the entire responsibility for the consequences of an emergency breakdown will lie entirely on you.How to check the ball bearing

Worn ball bearing makes itself felt while driving at low speed on the road with potholes. If you hear a knock on the suspension - it means that the ball bearing is worn out. Also testifies to this when turning the car, the presence in the area of ​​the hub of the squeak and metal rattle. If when driving right on a flat road, the front wheels wag, an urgent replacement of the ball joint is necessary. Also, uneven tread wear indirectly indicates such a problem. Knowing how to check the ball bearing, you can prevent an emergency on the road in time.

Visual diagnosis

If you identify these signs, we strongly recommend that you urgently call on the observation deck or garage pit. A visual inspection of the ball bearings will detect damage to the rubber anthers. Poddomkrativ front of the car, check the axial play, tugging at the top and bottom of the wheel. Metal knock means poor ball condition.Ball joint price

To prevent the wheel hub bearing from misleading you, ask your garage neighbor to press the brake pedal while you are checking. After detecting these deviations, replacing the ball bearing should be your next step.

How to change the ball joint

Changing supports is best from both sides at once - this is right for your safety. In addition, replacing only the weakest ball bearing of the car with a new part, you will accelerate the failure of the next worn support, which has not shown itself before.

Place the machine on a flat surface. Lock the rear wheel with a wooden or metal stop. Loosen the wheel nuts, and with a jack, lift the required side.For greater safety, install a stand under the raised machine and remove the wheel completely. Turn the steering wheel to the stop in the direction from which to replace.Ball Bearing Puller

First, the replacement of the ball bearing on top. Take the wrench at 22 and unscrew the lock nut in the steering knuckle. The design of the ball of the ball bearing is tapered. Therefore, it is tightly pressed in the steering knuckle. You will need a special ball bearing puller in order to remove a finger from the seat. It can be purchased at the car market, and you can do it yourself.


The stripper of a spherical support with success can replace the heavy hammer. Use it to sharply hit the knuckle pin in the place where the finger sits. This should help, but for a pin this is not the best solution, so it’s preferable to get a puller. After pressing out the finger, unscrew the three mounting bolts of the support to the lever. For your comfort, rotate the support finger. If you succeed without effort, you do everything right and on time. Repeat the same procedure for the bottom support.

Important steps before installing new supports

Replacing the ball bearing without checking for lubrication under the boot can soon result in a repetition of your work. Be sure to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of lubricant.Replacing the ball bearing (VAZ)

Manufacturers do not always fully fill with a grease boot. In this case, it is necessary to eliminate this mistake in the home. Fasten the support to the lever, insert the pin in the trunnion and tighten the nut. You can put the wheel in place.

You have just carried out an independent replacement of the ball. VAZ after this procedure must be driven off to check the installation angles (camber and toe-in).

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