Scout Day: description, history and interesting facts

Scout Day in Russia, on the basis of an order of the Minister of Defense, has been officially celebrated since 2000. The President of the Russian Federation secured this holiday in the list of memorable dates in 2006, which confirmed the relevance of the scouting profession. In this article, we will try to answer the question of how many days the Scout Day in our country will cover facts from the history of the holiday and the profession.

Facts from the history of the date of celebration

The day of the military intelligence officer in Russia is celebrated on November 5th not by chance. On this November day in 1918, on the basis of the order of Trotsky, a special department called Registrupr began to function in Petrograd, coordinating the work of army intelligence. From that day military intelligence became a separate division of the Red Army. Under tsarist rule in Russia, intelligence units also existed, but they were components of other divisions.

In 1918, courses for training professional intelligence officers were created in Moscow.They were trained in 13 major disciplines: geography, tactics, topography and others. Later, the courses introduced learning foreign languages.

Registrupr became the prototype of the current Main Intelligence Directorate.

Oldest profession

Intelligence is a matter of special importance since the times of Kievan Rus. The first intelligence agencies appeared in our country in the 16th century. The role of Russian intelligence grew along with the strengthening of Russia's position in international affairs.

In 1654, the Order of Secret Affairs was created in the country, which was assigned the role of coordinator of the work of Russian intelligence. Later, Peter the Great laid down the basis of the legislative and legal framework for the actions of intelligence officers in his decree.

Scout day

From 1812 oversight of the work of the Russian intelligence was carried out by the Special Office. She was engaged in the solution of important tasks: she collected the most important information, identified and destroyed the enemy’s agents.

The important role of intelligence during the Great Patriotic War

Military intelligence made an invaluable contribution to the victory of the Russian people in the war against the Nazis. Only in the first six months since the beginning of this bloody war, about 10,000 Soviet intelligence officers worked in the rear of the Germans.Many of them were equipped with portable radios and were able to transmit the received information. The scouts promoted the formation of a partisan movement in the rear of the invaders.

Congratulations on the day of the scout

During the war years, the Smersh counterintelligence management was formed, whose duties included an irreconcilable struggle against saboteurs and spies of hostile states, as well as traitors and deserters as part of the Red Army. The staff of this department revealed a large number of enemy agents, preventing the enemy’s insidious designs.

At this difficult time, the foundations of the traditions of the military intelligence of Russia were laid, a large number of qualified intelligence officers were formed who skillfully applied their experience in practice in the post-war years.

Day of military intelligence in Russia

On the Day of Military Intelligence in our country they honor the memory of heroes - intelligence officers who gave their lives for their people.

The qualities of a scout

A scout is a unique profession, and in order to master it perfectly, you must have a number of certain qualities supported by the knowledge, experience and dedication of your country.

The Day of the military intelligence officer in Russia is a holiday of selfless, restrained, competent and strong people. They often risk their lives, standing guard over the security of the Russian population.

Without intelligence, the functioning of the state is currently difficult to imagine. As long as there are organizations that pose a threat to our country, the relevance of the intelligence service will only increase.

Military intelligence these days

Intelligence functions have remained unchanged in our time. It belongs to the state structures, which were not significantly affected by the changes affecting other areas after 1991. The scouts continue to extract military-economic, political and other important information, doing their work in the rear of a possible enemy. In some cases they find themselves at the forefront of military conflicts.

The names and assignments of military intelligence officers (November 5 - the Day of Intelligence in Russia) are kept in strict confidence. For the disclosure of this information, a serious criminal punishment.

Counterintelligence is one of the main units of military intelligence in our country, which suppresses the work of intelligence services of other states on the territory of the Russian Federation. Employees of this unit also accept sincere congratulations on the day of intelligence on November 5.

Holiday traditions

Scout Day is officially celebrated by no means all representatives of the profession. After all, many scouts work obliges to hide their activities and to observe secrecy. They do not seek to draw attention to their own persona, sometimes even native people do not guess about the nature of their activity.

Scout Day is also a professional day for our compatriots who are conducting intelligence work in other countries and have been living far from their home country for a long time. In ordinary life, these people are absolutely not like intelligence.

Scout Day in Russia

On November 5, congratulations on the Day of the Scout are accepted by all who serve in the GRU: soldiers, officers, and the leading link of the General Staff. The official celebrations are attended by cadets and faculty members of specialized educational institutions. The commanding staff on this day solemnly rewards the military, who linked their fate with intelligence, letters, medals and gifts, conferring on them new ranks.

According to tradition, on the Day of the Scout, peculiar rituals of washing the insignia are held, which will be deservedly located on the shoulder straps of the military.They are placed in a glass of champagne and drink an invigorating drink to the bottom.

Scout Day is celebrated by former military, who are on a well-deserved rest, their relatives and friends.

Intelligence is the primary means of obtaining information for the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

Military Scout Day

It provides opportunities to prevent hostilities, and, if necessary, to meet the enemy in full combat readiness.

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