Scheme VDNH (pavilions)

It is impossible to imagine Russia without Moscow, butMoscow without VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy). The idea of ​​creating the exhibition arose in the distant 1923, but the final appearance of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements was formed much later after a large-scale reconstruction in 1935-1954. The exhibition changed the name several times, but the basic layout of the pavilions location at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements did not undergo any significant changes. Numerous objects, monuments and pavilions are outstanding examples of the architecture of the Soviet era. For nearly a century of the VDNH became not only a favorite place for Muscovites and visitors, but also the largest exhibition center in Russia and Europe.

VDNH scheme

VDNH: the plan-scheme

The total area of ​​the Exhibition of People's Achievementsthe economy after the association with the Botanical Garden and the park "Ostankino" is 520 hectares. This vast territory can not be closely examined even in a few days. In the pavilions of the exhibition the most modern innovative technologies of all spheres of human activity are presented. The layout of the VDNKh pavilions is necessary for numerous visitors for a more effective inspection depending on the plans and tasks. The easiest way to get there by metro is to "VDNKH Station" or other public transport at the address: Mira Avenue, 119.

Main entrance

Leaving the metro and heading to the main entrance,pay attention to the Museum of Cosmonautics, over which towers the monument to the Conquerors of Space, which is worth a visit. On the central avenue, past the arch of the main entrance, you can get to a large square in the center of which is the famous fountain "Friendship of Peoples". Around the fountain there are the Central House of Peoples and pavilions: "Public Education", "Biology", "Physics", "Chemistry", "Standards", "Seal", "Coal Industry" and "Atomic Energy". The VDNKh scheme will lead to the "Stone Flower" fountain, and along the way you can visit the pavilions: "Kazakhstan", "Exhibition Center of Trade Unions", "Public Health", "Azerbaijan", "Radio Engineering and Communication", "Optics", "Culture". Thus, it is possible to reach the center of the exhibition by examining several thematic expositions.

Scheme pavilions VDNH

Khovanskiye Vorota

Through this gate you can also get into the heartcomplex, which houses three aircraft and a model of the Gagarin rocket "Vostok", which is located in front of the pavilion "Kosmos". Passing along the Khovanskaya street, it is worth visiting the pavilions: Hydrometeorology, Forest Industry, Chemical Industry, Beekeeping, Microbiology, and Oil Industry. Despite the historically far-sighted architectural decision, the scheme of the VDNKh pavilions is constantly updated, based on economic and political requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the information. Near the pavilion "Cosmos" there are also exhibits: Transport, Physical Culture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrification, Veterinary.

VDNH the plan-scheme

Inputs: Likhoborsky, Sovkhozny, Fair

From the east side to VDNKh you can get tothree entrances. From Eisenstein's street, visitors go to the fairgrounds and ultramodern pavilion No. 75. Through the Sovkhoznaya street one can go to the complex of animal husbandry and agriculture. It includes pavilions: "Pig breeding", "Sheep farming", "Dairy industry", "Meat industry", "Cattle", "Poultry farming", "Hunting and hunting economy", "Processing agricultural products" and much more. If you enter the exhibition through the Likhoborsky entrance, the VDNKh scheme will lead to artificial lakes where the pavilions are located: "Shipbuilding", "Fishing", "Nature Conservation". Using this entry, wedding corteges for the painting in the newly opened Palace of Marriages are called into the territory of VDNKh.

Entrance from the Botanic Garden

At VDNKh developers and manufacturersprovide the best examples of their work. This also applies to the breeding programs of the Botanical Garden: in the exhibition pavilions, those who wish can purchase seeds and seedlings of crops obtained as a result of many years of scientific work. After a walk around the Botanical Gardens, guests of the exhibition can see pavilions "Rabbit breeding", "Economy and organization of the agro-industrial complex" and a large complex "Horse-breeding" with a walking park. Then the scheme VDNH will lead to the central pavilions and fountains.

Scheme VDNH Moscow

VDNH for the whole family

At the exhibition it will be interesting for everyone: from the youngest guests to the elderly. For cognitive purposes, visit the model of the reusable spacecraft "Buran", in the fuselage there is an exposition devoted to the creation of the shuttle. Nearby is the Pavilion "Polytechnic", constantly updated thematic exhibitions will pleasantly surprise by its diversity. A fascinating "journey to Mars", organized in the Museum of Mars (pavilion "Cosmos"), and the Museum of Illusions and Labyrinths will provide nine amusement programs for amateurs to be photographed against the backdrop of unusual scenery. Exciting events are held in the House of Culture, where concerts, exhibitions, author's meetings with interesting and famous people take place. This category includes the cinema "Circular panorama": watching movies creates a wonderful effect of presence, where the viewer becomes part of the action. Scheme VDNH necessary for fans of bike rides and roller skating (rental to the left of the main entrance). Particular attention should be paid to the "Moskvarium" oceanarium, which allows you to look into the depths of the World Ocean. The complex includes an aquarium, swimming center with dolphins and the main hall for large-scale and colorful representations with marine animals and pinnipeds. Particularly admired among the children is the Athropark at VDNKh, which is located to the right of the main entrance. Sixteen of the most modern attractions will please not only children, but adults.

Layout of pavilions VDNH

When walking along the picturesque paths of the complex andVisiting the numerous pavilions visitors necessarily need a scheme VDNH. Moscow is always glad to welcome its guests and surprise with cultural and architectural attractions, among which, of course, is the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy.

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