Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters

The famous work of Alexander Green "Scarletsails "has made a good romantics for several generations of readers. Since 1922, a beautiful extravaganza causes tears of admiration in girls in many countries of the world, as it is translated into most European languages.

History of creation of the work

Summary (Scarlet Sails, Green A.) will help to reveal the main theme of extravaganza. A beautiful story about the fulfillment of a dream was created in the hungry winter Petrograd, where the author was able to survive typhus and dreamed of a better life. It is precisely the passionate desire of Green that all dreams are always embodied, gave life to the product.Green with scarlet sails, a summary of the chapters

To understand the essence of the extravaganza, you can learn its brief content ("Scarlet Sails") by chapters. There are only 7 chapters in this work. The first is the outset of the whole story and the acquaintance with the main character.


A big plus for the development of the child, if in histhe list of authors for mandatory reading includes Green ("Scarlet Sails"). The summary of the chapters begins with the chapter "Prediction", which immediately intrigues the young reader.

Sailor Longren, after returning from the voyage,that his wife died because of the greed and treachery of Menners, the owner of a tavern and a shopkeeper. After her death, their little Assol remains in the care of Longren, who began to make children's toys to feed himself and his daughter.

Assol was a nice and kind girl whenan event happened that forever made her outcasts and her father in the village where they lived. During the strong wind, Menners unfastened the boat, and he decided to return it to the shore. The increasing wind drove the boat into the open sea. Menners shouted to Longren that he throw him a rope and help him, but he silently smoked the pipe and watched the boat carry it farther.

After 6 days of the dying Menners found, hetold me what Longren did. The inhabitants of Caperna were amazed that the former sailor silently watched as the boat carried away to the sea. Since then, they began to shun their daughter, and Assol's children stopped taking in their games.

The grown up girl began to wear herselftoys made by the father, to the neighboring town of Liss. During one of these "hikes" in the city Assol saw in the basket a new yacht with scarlet sails. She liked the toy so much that she decided to let her go for a swim in a small stream that ran along her path.a scarlet sails by chapters

The yacht "ran away" from her, Assol found her at her feetthe collector of fairy tales, who predicted to the girl that one day a prince would come for her on a yacht with scarlet sails. After the return of the girl's story about this meeting to her father, her story was heard by a resting beggar nearby. He passed the conversation of the father with the girl to the people in the tavern, and since then the nickname "ship Assol" has appeared.


The summary ("Scarlet Sails") on the chapters continues acquaintance with the second protagonist of the extravaganza - Gray. This happens in the second chapter.

Smart child, Gray was born in a richaristocratic family, but from the earliest childhood he knew that he wanted to become a captain. He was an unusual boy, because he felt the pain of other people, was curious, intelligent and cheerful, which did not correspond to the canons of strict aristocratic education.

Having parents, Gray was completely alone, sincethey did not give much time to their child. He spent a lot of time in the family library, studied the family castle, communicated with servants and servants, skipped home classes with teachers, and at age 15 escaped from home to become captain.a scarlet sail of green

To do this, he hired a cabin boy for the ship "Anselm". The book, namely its short content ("Scarlet Sails", Green A.), can not fully convey the willpower that was required for a boy who grew up in luxury to achieve his goal.

From him turned out to be a strong and courageous young man who at the age of 20 bought a ship and became a captain on it.

"Dawn" and "The Day Before"

The next two chapters continue the narrativeextravaganza, the author of which - Green AS ("Scarlet Sails"). The summary of the chapters brings readers further into the chapter "Breaking Dawn." Gray was on his ship "The Secret" in Lisse, dropping anchor near Caperna. Within 10 days, the goods were unloaded on the "Secret", and on the 11th day Gray was bored and decided to go fishing with the sailor Laetika.

To unwind, the captain of the "Secret" decidedwalk at dawn and found sleeping in the clearing Assol. The summary ("Scarlet Sails") by chapters makes it difficult to convey the full impression of Gray at the time he saw the sleeping girl.aleander green scarlet sails

Appole's appearance impressed him so much that heperceived what was happening as a beautiful picture of an unknown author. Deciding to become part of this picture, driven by some incomprehensible feeling, he left an old family ring on the little finger of Assol. After that, together with Letica, he went to Caperna to find out who this girl is.

They found a tavern run by the son of the deceasedMenners. When Gray described to him the girl, he said that it was a crazy "ship Assol". He told a lot of dirty gossip about her and her father, but the captain saw in the window of the tavern the girl walking along the road, and her eyes told him more than all the stories of Menners Jr.. After that, Gray did not leave the feeling that he made an incredible discovery in his life.

Summary (Alexander Green, "Scarlet Sails") goes to the next - the 4th chapter. It tells of the events that occurred in Assol's life on the eve of the day when Gray saw her.

Longren's toys are no longer in demand,and he decided to engage again as a sailor. In this part of the work the author tells about what became the adult Assol. Having studied only the brief content ("Scarlet Sails") by chapters, it is difficult not to be imbued with the author's obvious sympathy for his heroine. If you pass it in one word, then this is "charm".

To help her father, Assol started sewing. Tired of work, she lay down, but woke up in the pre-dawn twilight, decided to walk to her favorite place where she had friends - trees, hedgehogs, flowers and the whole world around. At dawn she again lay down to sleep on the grass, where she found Gray.

"Combat preparations" and "Assol remains one"

In the fifth chapter, Captain Gray prepares to commitmiracle, it gives him great pleasure. He buys 2,000 meters of scarlet silk and orders to make sails from them. In Lisse, he met a group of familiar musicians and invited them aboard the Secret. When all preparations are finished, and the scarlet sails are tight, the ship has headed for Caperna.scarlet sails

In the sixth chapter, Longren says goodbye to Assol andgoes on a flight, and the girl is preoccupied with a premonition of a miracle, since she saw Gray's ring on her little finger and took it as a sign. Reading (Green, "Scarlet Sails"), a summary of the chapters, it is difficult to understand the state of mind Assol. She feels that soon the long-awaited day will come, her prince will come for her.

Scarlet Secret

In the last chapter, Gray performs a miracle -realizes the childhood dream of Assol, sailing after her on a ship with scarlet sails. To live in anticipation of a miracle and to work wonders with our own hands is the main theme of this beautiful extravaganza.

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Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters Scarlet Sails: a short summary. Scarlet Sails by Chapters