"Samozdrav" complex, reviews

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels are the maincause of death of the population of our planet. Russian physiologists argue that they have established the main sources of these pathological processes and invented a tool that reduces the risk of their occurrence. One of the most common diseases of the heart muscle is ischemia. A very frequent result is myocardial infarction.

The manifestation of ischemic disease isangina and arrhythmia of various types. Another very common disease of the heart and blood vessels is hypertension. It manifests itself in the form of hypertension (high blood pressure), the symptoms of which are such pathological conditions as insomnia and migraine, tinnitus and dizziness, memory loss and increased fatigue of the body. The disease can cause vegetative-vascular dystonia. It can end with ischemic stroke (cerebral infarction).

Complex "Samozdrav", feedback on the applicationwhich is recommended for its use as a remedy for the pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, helps to get rid of angina and arrhythmia, as well as from hypertension. The result of using the device is to protect the body from heart attacks and strokes.

The device "Samozdrav" has as a basisdevice that allows the formation of an active respiratory system. It is called a capnikator. The environment created by this device, in contrast to the atmosphere, contains a lower concentration of oxygen and an increased amount of carbon dioxide.

The main reason for the occurrence ofcommon pathologies - narrowing the lumen of microvessels. It occurs as a result of a shortage of carbon dioxide in the blood. The norm of the content of this substance in the body is six and a half percent. Apparatus "Samozdrav", the use of which is possible only for thirty minutes a day, leads to a temporary increase in the content of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream. In connection with the fact that this process is analogous to changes occurring in the body after active physical activity, the capnacitor is officially called a simulator and a physical simulator. The intensity of respiration at rest is reduced to the normal value for several months after the beginning of the use of the device. The device complex includes a capnometer device, which allows one to independently monitor the normalization process.

Using the "Samozdrav" complex, reviews aboutthe application of which is often compared with "apples", removes the state of hypoxia (oxygen starvation of cells). This process becomes possible in connection with the normalization of the blood flow passing through the enlarged lumen of microvessels. The work of cells is activated, they perform their functions most fully.

"Samozdrav" complex, reviews about the usewhich is recommended by him and as a highly effective safe apparatus that enhances the protective functions of the body, improves the state of the immune system. This is due to a more complete supply of oxygen to its cells.

Complex "Samozdrav", feedback on the applicationwhich is noted for its simplicity and accessibility, can be used by any person in any age period, since its application does not require physical or strong-willed efforts. Procedures with a capnitor can be combined with watching TV or reading books. Using the device for four to ten months will reduce the minute volume of breathing several times, bringing it closer to the normative value, and also improve the tone of microvessels.

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