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Many are interested in the question of how air transportation is developed in our country. Among the Russian airlines specializing in flights to foreign countries, the leading position is occupied by Royal Flyt, reviews of which testify to its safety and reliability.

The company began operations in 1992. To date, Royal Flight serves more than forty destinations, including Turkey, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, India and European countries.

history of the company

Royal Flight was founded in the ninety-second year, but permission for the first flight of this airline was issued only in 1993. Until 2003, the company specialized in cargo transportation to Russia from the People's Republic of China. Royal Flyt has a generally positive feedback on its work at the moment.royal flight airline reviews

In March 2014, the first commercial flight in the direction of Moscow - Antalya was made. In 2015, the airline was transferred to Sheremetyevo Airport, from where it continues to make flights to this day.

How is the check-in?

Regarding the organization of the check-in at Royal Airline, the feedback from passengers is positive. Check-in begins no more than two hours before departure and stops forty minutes before it. You can see the necessary information about a particular flight on the board, but it is better to visit the official website of the company in advance. Registration takes place as follows:

  1. The passenger provides a passport and a ticket purchased earlier. If it was purchased via the Internet, then only a passport.
  2. There is a baggage check in the presence of the passenger, after which he receives a tag, which will need to be presented in order to get his things back.
  3. People who fly in business class are registered at a separate counter.

As already mentioned above, the majority of passengers have good reviews on check-in with Royal Flight. You can check-in directly via the Internet by visiting the official website of Sheremetyevo 24 hours before departure. In order to do this, you need to go to the official resource of the airport, select the company you are interested in and fill in all the necessary information. Boarding pass must be printed in advance so as not to stand in long lines.

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As for flights with connections, they also suit customers, as evidenced by reviews of Royal Flyt (Moscow). The frequency of docking depends on the distance of the flight. The airline, like many others like it, carries out either direct flights, or with one or several transfers. This is required for changing air transport.

At this time, you will not need to repeat the registration process or buy a new ticket. In addition, there is no need to undergo a repeated customs inspection - the company will take care of the passengers' baggage and deliver it independently to another plane.

Royal Flyt provides food for every passenger completely free of charge. The availability of other benefits will depend on the country in which the transplant takes place.

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Official baggage rules

The conditions of transportation of baggage are also popular with passengers of the Royal Flyt company, testimonials about this. There are specific requirements for this process. It is worth noting that they will not be able to circumvent them and it is necessary to adhere to such conditions without fail:

  • free transportation of baggage is only up to 20 kg, and not more than 5 kg of hand luggage;
  • children under two years old cannot carry luggage;
  • dimensions should not exceed the following values: 203 cm for standard baggage and 115 cm for hand luggage;
  • if the luggage of several passengers is combined, the tariffs do not change, and in case of exceeding the norm, passengers will have to pay an additional amount according to the established fare;
  • transportation of the pram is in excess of the norm, and if it exceeds the specified values, no additional charge will be required;
  • if the stroller has a folding structure, it can be transported directly in the cabin, but this issue needs to be discussed in advance with the staff of the airline.

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Meals in flight

Positive feedback "Royal Flight" deserves and on the organization of meals during the flights. Like all similar firms, the airline provides passengers with meals on flights. On each plane there are food processing units. Meals are provided by a previously approved menu, which may differ depending on the class.

What kind of food for passengers in economy class?

The standard menu for flights lasting no more than 5 hours is called the “sandwich”. A cold snack and pastries with refreshing drinks are added to the set dish. The longer the flight, the greater the chance that hot meals will be served.If the flight takes more than 7 hours, snacks will be added to the hot dishes. Flights lasting more than 9 hours are accompanied by two meals.

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Menu for business class passengers

Flying business-class get a more varied menu, which will be collected a large number of dishes. Business class passengers are offered hot meals even if the flight takes less than 5 hours.

The menu includes alcoholic beverages, fruit and vegetable salads, butter, and so on. All this is provided to passengers flying business class, completely free of charge. In other words, included in the ticket price.

Flights with children

Reviews about the "Royal Flight" about the organization of transportation of children underline its high level. Before departure, special attention is paid to the age of the baby. There are certain rules for the transport of children:

  • Children no older than two years old during the flight must be either with the accompanying person in his arms or in a folding wheelchair, the weight of which shall not exceed 5 kg.
  • If the child is older, a separate seat is required.
  • For each child over two years old, the amount of baggage and hand luggage is taken into account.
  • The menu is designed for seats. If a child is younger than two years old, you will need to choose a suitable dish, and you will have to take care of feeding the baby yourself.

Types of tariffs

As for the Royal Flight charters, reviews recommend booking them online in advance. But the ticket will not be registered until the passenger pays the specified cost. In other words, the airline does not reserve tickets without payment, and carries out their preliminary sale. After the payment is confirmed, the client will receive an SMS message to the mobile phone with further instructions.

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The cost of each ticket includes transportation of baggage and hand luggage. In addition, each passenger can get the installed power for free.

Flight prices may vary due to some factors:

  • seasonality of flight;
  • the popularity of a particular flight;
  • the number of empty seats in the cabin.

Royal Flight

The company operates flights in many directions and local significance, and to foreign countries. The most popular are flights to resort areas: Goa, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona.Among the flights within the country, charters in Sochi, Anapa and the Crimean peninsula are particularly popular.

In addition to departures from Sheremetyevo, the company carries out flights from Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Belgorod - to Goa. You can go to Turkey from Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Novgorod, Samara and Ufa.

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Bonus program, promotions and special offers

You may notice that a lot of reviews from Royal Flytpositive, although the airline and there are no various bonus or accumulative programs for passengers. The latter need to know in advance. And if you keep a constant observation of a certain direction, you can buy tickets with a pretty good discount.

Some routes are popular in springtime (for example, to domestic resort areas), which allows you to purchase a ticket at discounted prices. In the winter - others. And those that are in demand during the cold season, can be advantageously purchased in the fall or spring. In addition, you need to follow the dynamics of prices, as the cost of a ticket decreases several days before departure by 10-15%.

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