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Rome as a major metropolis has a well-developed transport network. This complex also includes the air gates of the city - the airports of Rome: Fiumicino and Ciampino. Both airports are located in the suburbs, so visitors have problems with choosing the right route and type of transport for transfer to the city.

Fiumicino Airport

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Most tourists start exploring the ancient city from this air port. The main airport of Rome is named Ciampino Leonardo da Vinci. Actually, Ciampino is the satellite city of Rome, in which the airport terminal is based. The complex is the largest in Italy. It was erected in 1961. In total, more than one hundred airlines fly on this route, from global network leaders to small low-cost airlines. The airport has four runways and the same passenger terminals. Despite the title of the central air gates of Italy, Ciampino is one of the most problematic airports, not only in the country, but throughout the world.The airport was included in the top ten worst airports in Europe for 2013. It is here that the most unstable in terms of the time of departure begins the route "Rome - New York". In addition, there is a lack of walking distance to the metro station, a lack of points of comfort, such as comfortable waiting rooms, catering facilities, and there are constant problems with luggage.

The choice of transport on the route "Airport - Rome"

Since Fiumicino is 30 kilometers away from the city, the trip to the center will take from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the chosen type of transport. To get on the route "Rome Airport - Center" you can use the following types of public transport: shuttle buses, Leonardo Express train, regional train, taxi, private transfer.
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How to get from the airport to Rome? Private transfer

The most comfortable, but not the cheapest way is an individual transfer. It must be ordered in advance before departure. Such services are offered on the Internet by both individuals and small companies. Upon arrival at the exit from the terminal you will be greeted by a driver holding a sign with your name, who will guide you to the vehicle of the chosen category and help with luggage. In the shortest possible time you will be delivered to the required address.The cost of this service will be about 50 euros in the daytime and may vary, depending on the end point and the number of passengers, but will always be agreed in advance and fixed.


how to get from the airport to romeTaxi service at the airport you can find at the exit from the terminal. Remember that it is better not to use questionable services. The authorities of Rome recommend the use of the municipal taxi of Rome. They can be distinguished by the white color of cars with the words "Comune di Roma", as well as the indicated license number for work on board. To get to the city, you better take advantage of the minimum fixed fare - 40 euros. Ask the driver what the final cost of the trip will be, as often the base fare does not include baggage transportation, more than two people transportation and other unobtrusive services. But even with these allowances, you are unlikely to pay more than 65 euros for a trip for four people.

Railway communication

There are two types of trains that will take you from Rome Airport to the center. The first is "Leonardo Express". This train runs along the route from Fiumicino Station, Rome, Airport to Termini Station, which is central, you can take it by bus or by metro to any point in Rome, and also transfer from one train to another point in the country.The station at the airport is called "Stazione Aeroporto". The train schedule, as well as the direction to the station can always be found on the scoreboard of the airport "Rome-Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci." Express trains run from 6:40 am until 23:40 at night. The fare is 14 euros, and the ticket should be composted on the platform before boarding the express.
Rome airport to the stationA cheaper mode of transport is the regional train FM1. The fare is only 8 euros. The train runs to the stations "Tiburtino" and "Ostiense", which have metro stations. Travel time is 40 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at any cigarette kiosk on the territory of the terminal.

Bus shuttles

airport board RomeThe bus shuttle is also the cheapest way to get from Rome Fiumicino Airport to the center. Five companies are engaged in transportation in this direction: Sitbus, Terravizhn, Tambus, Kotral and Skifinni. The fare is 4-8 euros. If you buy tickets for the shuttle in advance and online, you can save a couple of euros. The schedule and the exact cost should be clarified on the websites of shipping companies. Most of them leave from the stop located near the third terminal. Travel time is one hour.Terminals - Termini, Ostiense and Tiburtino stations.

Ciampino Airport

Ciampino was built in 1921 and before the construction of Fiumicino was the main airport of Rome. Now the terminal mainly accepts domestic and charter flights, as well as being the base for low-cost companies. Passenger traffic last year amounted to five million passengers. The airport consists of two terminals. The level of infrastructure and services provided is minimal and raises criticism among passengers.

Ciampino. Low-cost airport of Rome and a trip to the center

Rome airport to the centerThe airport is located fifteen kilometers from the city. The transfer time is about 30-40 minutes, depending on the chosen type of transport. The bus shuttles of the three transport companies will take you in 40 minutes to Rome Termini Central Station "Termini" for only 4-5 euros. The stop is to the left of the exit from the terminal. If you choose a taxi, the trip will be 30 minutes, and the fixed cost of the trip to Termini station is 30 euros. In a few minutes there is a station from which you can take a regional train for just 1.40 euros.

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