The novel "The Hunger Games": the author, the main characters, the plot

The books of Susan Collins, a well-known children's writer, have been translated into more than 50 languages. The total circulation exceeded 85 million copies. American viewers know Collins as the author of popular TV shows for children and teenagers. Lovers of literature, she is known as the creator of children's bestsellers. But her name became known to a wide audience after the film released in 2012, based on Susan Collins’s Hunger Games, based on the trilogy.

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For whom does Collins write?

When Susan wrote The Hunger Games, she was no stranger to the literary field. In 2003, her first book for children, Gregor Nadzemny, about the adventures of an eleven-year-old boy and his sister in a magical country immediately hit the TOP 100 best books for children. The writer, inspired by her successful debut, creates a cycle of books about Gregor and the Shoe. Chronicles of the Underdark has become a favorite fairy tale for young readers aged 9 to 13 years.It would seem that the work touches on far from childish themes - responsibility, loyalty to duty, betrayal and friendship. But the author has diluted the share of dramatic episodes with a generous portion of unexpected fantastic events. And she managed to make complex topics understandable for the child.

Having conquered the fairy tale of the little ones, Susan set about creating a novel for older children. In 2008, the first work of a writer for teenagers was published - the novel “The Hunger Games”. Almost immediately, he took the first lines in the lists of the best works for teenagers and became a bestseller. In the lists of The New York Times, the book led for three years. Readers were looking forward to the continuation, and it soon came out: in 2009, "And the flame will break out," in 2010, the third novel, "Mocking Mocking Jay" was published. Russian-speaking readers met the “Hunger Games” in 2010. But a surge in the popularity of the trilogy came in 2012 - after the release of the film.

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Myth, history or reality?

In the preface to the Hunger Games, the author wrote about how the idea of ​​the novel came to her. As a child, Susan was fond of mythology, and even then it was made an indelible impression on the story of the Athenian young men and women who were sacrificed to the Minotaur.To some extent, they influenced the creation of books and films about gladiators, who, who, and the ancient Romans were able to turn the penalty into a mass spectacle. Susan often traveled with her father-historian to places of past battles. And one day, sitting at the TV and switching channels, she got from a reality show on a report about military operations. Thus was born the story of Katniss - the main heroine of the “Hungry Games”.

The author of the trilogy in 2010 was included in the list of “100 influential people of the planet”, and the work received 17 literary awards. With the genre, Susan did not lose, - dystopian novels are very popular among adolescent readership. This is explained by the problems that are always relevant for the world community, and the popularization of works through film adaptation and computer games. Roman Susan Collins is no exception. The film "Hunger Games", according to the American film studios, took the 300 million mark on the seventeenth day of hire. This frontier did not conquer so quickly any film. After the premiere in March 2012, book sales increased by 55% and amounted to 36.5 million copies by the end of March of the same year.

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The main characters of the "Hungry Games"

The summary of the work introduces readers to the main character, Katniss Everdeen, a resolute and strong-willed sixteen-year-old girl living in the coal-mining city of one of the poorest districts of the District 12. Her miner father died in a mine accident. And Katniss, to feed his mother and sister, hunts at his own peril and risk outside the region. Her archery skills will be key to winning the Hunger Games, where she volunteered to take the place of her younger sister. The best friend of the girl is Gail Hawthorne, they have been linked by a long-term friendship since the moment their fathers died from an explosion at the mine. Gale, along with Katniss, hunts in the forest and supports her.

Pete Mellark - the baker's son from 12 districts came to the games by lot. Pete had been in love with Katniss since he was five, and once saved her family from starvation. Not as clever and decisive as the main character, Pete throws a heavy weight into a rack with spears. From that moment on, well-trained participants from other areas stopped looking at him as if they were loot. Pete refused to train with Katniss, realizing that in these games there will be only one winner.On the advice of mentor Haymitcha, one of the participants in previous competitions, Pete before the start of games publicly declares that he has been in love with Katniss for many years. The girl took his recognition as a ploy for sponsors, on which the victory of the tributaries largely depended.

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What is the Hunger Games trilogy?

The novel tells about the structure of the world after a series of global catastrophes, and then the bloody war that followed them on the North American continent. In the totalitarian state of Panem, there is a tradition that serves as a reminder to residents who have rebelled once against the authorities: 12 districts send a boy and a girl from 12 to 18 years old once a year to the battles called “The Hunger Games”, which are held as reality shows and watching total population. Despite the fact that adolescents in the arena are fighting to the last breath, games should be perceived as a fun sporting event.

The choice of the author of the “Hungry Games” did not accidentally fall on the name of the state Panem, - this is part of the stable phrase “Bread and circuses!”, In Latin it sounds like Panem et circenses. Hunger became the weapon of the government against the population of the country, and spectacles were held for the satiated metropolitan elite.While the tributaries are dying in the arena, the elite bet on the winner and watch the cruel scenes with pleasure. The power in the person of the tyrant president controls all spheres: birth and death, love and communication, food and work. The life of people is strictly regulated not only by means of gross physical influence, but also by planting a certain worldview.

Moreover, physical violence is applied to the poor, hungry population, and the ideology of society is imposed through the media. All this limits the development of the human personality, both among the poor and among the rich: the minds of the former are busy searching for ways to survive, and secondly, the pursuit of spectacles and newfangled things. But the system collapses when one of the participants, Katniss Everdeen, changes not only the rules of a brutal game, but also the consciousness of the inhabitants. Experienced hunger and loss of loved ones, she became a symbol of hope of desperate people.

Who helped Katniss win?

The author of "The Hungry Games" thought up the plot to the smallest detail and created a lot of "live" minor characters. Katniss and Pete helped with the advice of Haymitch and Eff, they organized sponsorship gifts together to send Katniss during the games.Knowing the manners and tastes of the people of Capitol, Effa taught coarse tributes from the 12th district to etiquette and manners. Zinna was their stylist and created the famous image of the “Fiery Girl”. And he also owned the idea of ​​holding hands to Pete and Katniss - “unfortunate lovers”, of whom one must die. They decided to eat poisonous berries together. The organizers of the competition had to change the rules. And, for the first time in the history of games, there were two winners, not just one.

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The main idea of ​​the work

In addition to an interesting plot in the novel, the author raises many social problems. A common problem of the state of Panem is poverty. For a small amount of food, people exchanged cubes, increasing in the draw for their chances of life. Hunger is the biggest problem of districts, there it was possible to “easily die of hunger”. Panem appeared as a result of a natural disaster, huge areas of land were destroyed. The first tragedy that the reader encounters in the book is an explosion at the mine, and throughout the narrative, loss and death follow the inhabitants, which makes them think about the value of life.

The capitol keeps under tight control the population dying of hunger. But totalitarianism is opposed to love.In the novel, it is a force that rebelled against evil and injustice, and helps to survive in inhuman conditions. In the "Hunger Games" is love, coupled with the protection and care for their family and loved ones.

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