Riddle: what does "P.S." mean?

Additional information, most often inthe end of the letter - that's what "P.S." means. It is written after the number and signature through a small indent in one or two lines. This abbreviation stands for the English expression "post scriptum" - "after written". In some letters written by a pen, you can see "PS" instead of English letters. The meaning is the same, but some people understand it: "continuation follows" or "afterword", "after said", "supplement".What does p s mean?

The ethic of writing an elegant letter is a thing of the past

"Gracious Sovereign Andrey Vasilyevich! Our whole family congratulates you on Christmas. We wish you from the soul of every splendor for many years. May the coming year be happier and more prosperous than the past. Please accept our deepest respects.
P.S. Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild. "
The author of the letter about the grandson has forgotten, here also it was necessary to finish, that not to rewrite all letter anew.p s example
In the love letters of past times was: "P.S. I dream of a new meeting "," P.S. I love "," P.S. Tomorrow in the same place "," PS. I'm sorry if there are mistakes. "

What does "P.S. "now

The meaning of writing this "continuation" of the radicalthe image has changed. Yes, and letters now write mostly electronic, on the keyboard it is easy to add a missed sentence and insert it into any place. What does "P.S." mean, can be understood by the purpose of the letter. In friendly messages it is now fashionable to write important posts, and even in the form of "ZY" (without changing the language on the keyboard), it turns out "cool", "cool". If the letter is business, "P.S." add, to strengthen the meaning of the main idea, to concentrate attention. Naturally, to indicate the benefits of buying in the selling text, almost always write a postscript "P.S." or "PS" There are letters of request, thankful, ceremonial, excusable. And everyone can have their own special "addition".What does p s mean?

Computer slang changed beyond recognition"P.S."

Example: "P.P.S."post post scriptum." Now it is possible to write "PSS" (post sub scriptum) - this is also a postscript after registration.The modern advanced user (user) uses international English language in Russian style. "FAQ" - "frequently asked questions", "PPCC" - "I swing (in the sense of" subscribe ") under every word" zhizh "or" zyr ", which means" look the same. "Informal correspondence can be difficult to understand. , "TzTSsYu" - three English letters with the dot "WWW." What does "PS" mean in this entry: "ZZYZH"? It's an ironic cue analogue "P.P.S."

Where did the algorithm go?normalLetters

Earlier the letter had such a plan:

Here is a sad, unsent letter from the tankman,written in 1941, it has a former meaning, which means "P.S." In a pierced tank with a closed hatch found 25 years after the end of the war, the remains of a young lieutenant, with it was a tablet, where the letter and the photograph of the girl she loved were lying.

"Hello, my dear Varya! Unfortunately, we are not destined to meet again ... "Then the soldier writes about heavy fighting, about the death of his comrades, about how love helped him to fight with dignity. Bitterness with bitter irony:

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