Reviews of hotels in Egypt. Learn how to choose the best hotel in Egypt

Going on vacation, every traveler wants to live in a comfortable environment. Hot sunny countries year-round invite tourists from all over the world. In addition to the colorful sights, special culture and unique cuisine, the leaders of the resorts strive to create the most pleasant conditions for their visitors. Therefore, luxury hotels are being erected, which only add positive impressions from the rest. Egyptian hotels are famous not only for their modernity, but also for excellent service, as well as a wide range of services and all kinds of entertainment.

Egypt Hotel Reviews

Choosing a resort

To begin with, the tourist should decide on the resort area to which he wants to go. In Egypt, a huge number of them, and they all contain a lot of attractions and surprises. The most popular are considered to be Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Safaga, Dahab, Soma Bay, El Gouna, Taba and others. The resort Makadi Bay is gaining more and more popularity.It is located near the popular Hurghada and was created exclusively for visitors to sunny Egypt.

Each of these resorts has its own characteristics. But still they are united by one thing - rave reviews about hotels in Egypt.

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How to choose a hotel

If you decide on a resort, it's time to go to the choice of a hotel. Reviews of hotels in Egypt in general have a positive emotional tint. Initially, you should pay attention to the "star" hotel. Mostly in Egypt there are more hotels whose service is estimated at three or more stars. But there are others. Very often the number of stars is not true. A four-star hotel sometimes barely corresponds to a three-star. But it happens the other way around, so it’s worth exploring the service provided and the advantages of various options.

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What is the difference between hotels with different number of stars?

  1. One star hotels. Their only advantage is the price. It is even more likely not a hotel, but a place to sleep, most often unpleasant and absolutely not conforming to generally accepted standards of hygiene. This option is suitable only for tourists who spend their time at sea, excursions and visiting various sights.If you are lucky, you can find a washbasin and a mirror in the room besides the bed.
  2. Two star hotels. From the previous version, they are distinguished by the presence of a laundry room and a dining room. Service is minimal, at the same level and price.
  3. Three star hotels. The most acceptable option. The price-quality ratio is optimal. Hotel owners with such a service are required to equip each room with a refrigerator, TV, air conditioning and a bathroom with a personal shower and toilet.
  4. Four and five star service. In addition to daily housekeeping and changing bed linen and towels, the hotel provides you with hygiene products, a minibar, a bathrobe and slippers. Hotels in Egypt 5 stars reviews and ratings were mostly positive. And this is well deserved, because hotels are characterized by increased comfort. Tourists from around the world are offered a wide range of different services.

Hotels of egypt Guest reviews from around the world

Choosing a hotel, the tourist pays great attention to the reviews of previous visitors. Reviews of hotels in Egypt are distinguished by their positive message. In almost everyone - deep gratitude to the owners for a successful vacation.

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Considering the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, it is impossible not to mention the four-star hotel AA Grand Oasis Resort ("Grand Oasis Resot"). It is distinguished by its excellent service, is located near the airport and has a very beautiful area. Polite and smiling staff is always ready to help. The only disadvantage is the settlement, which occurs at 15 o'clock. All the rest is well worth the investment of funds allocated for vacation.

Hotel Le Meridien ("Le Meredian"), five stars, pleases with its European interior and high level of service. The interior of the room is original, the food (all inclusive) is varied. Travelers assure that there is not much entertainment, so it’s worth going here for a relaxing time.

Hotels in Hurghada

This resort is located on the shores of the Red Sea. It is very popular, and therefore is famous for its large number of first-class hotels. A huge number of attractions and entertainment turns the rest into a real kaleidoscope of pleasant events. We present a list that includes the best in the area of ​​hotels in Egypt (Hurghada).Visitor reviews are an excellent reference for those who cannot make a choice. Then we decided to list the most attractive options for those who are planning a vacation in this sunny country.

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The best hotels in Egypt. Reviews of the most popular holiday destinations

Steigenber Al Dau Beach ("Steigenber Al Dow Beach") - five stars - rated 4.74. A lot of positive things, which include transfer from the airport, private beach, excellent food and a large selection of entertainment. The rooms are comfortable, the service is up to par. The hotel staff are very helpful and welcoming. This hotel is sure to brighten up the rest on the coast.

The 3 Corners Royal Star Beach Resort ("Ze 3 Kones Royal Star Beach Resot") - four stars - rated 4.68. This hotel provides a service that is worthy of five stars. Great atmosphere, comfortable rooms, serving Russian-speaking staff and varied food. The hotel does not have a lot of entertainment, so it is great for a relaxing holiday.

Sunrise Grand Select Crystal Bay Resort ("Sunrise Grand Select Crystal Bay Resot") - five stars - rated 4.67. This hotel will make every tourist unforgettable vacation. The private sandy beach is great, the all inclusive system makes the holiday even more impressive. The hotel offers a huge amount of entertainment.Almost every visitor gives the highest rating to the hotel.

Alf Leila Wa Leila (1001 Night) ("Olf Leila Va Leila, or 1001 Night") - four stars - rating 4.66. Very comfortable and comfortable hotel. The staff is unobtrusive, but at the right moment is always on the spot and ready to help. The interior of the hotel also pleases visitors. The hotel deservedly received four stars.

Jaz Bluemarine ("Jazz Blumarin") - five stars - rated 4.65. Excellent hotel for a relaxing stay. Service at a high level. Many travelers who have traveled all over the world, note the incredible hospitality of staff and high-quality service. Meals on the "all inclusive" pleases with its diversity. The hotel justifies the number of stars and provides a truly European service.

Hotels of Makadi Bay

This resort is famous for its first class service. It is located thirty kilometers from Hurghada. The rest is calm here, so it may seem boring to young tourists. Hotels Makadi (Egypt) reviews have only positive. All the hotels have recently been rebuilt, the staff speaks several languages, including Russian. The best hotels are Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort ("Sunrise Royal Makadi Resot") and The Heights Makady Bay ("Hates Makadi Bay").Stars of these hotels in Egypt 5, reviews of them only positive.

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Travel in comfort

If the reviews on hotels in Egypt summarized in this article helped, and you decided on the hotel, there are a few formalities that will make the rest bright and unforgettable. Regardless of your time in a sunny country, you should make a list of excursions and attractions to visit in advance. Thus, there will be more time to rest. Also check out the entertainment map that is close to the hotel. They will help to brighten up the pastime at the resort, to unwind and find new acquaintances in a country where summer pleases its residents and tourists all year round.

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