Rethymno: Crete as it is

Rethymnon Crete. Unknown Pearl

Tours to Crete are becoming fashionable lately. After all, this Greek island is famous not only for the mysterious monuments of archeology of bygone eras, but also for the opportunity to swim in the sea, stroll through the shops and shops, breathe in some Turkish-Italian aura and just relax. So, you are in Rethymnon. Crete by the location of the resorts is divided into several parts, and this is located in the west of the island. What is there? First of all - the mountains and the sea.Rethymnon CreteHuge fifteen-kilometer sandy beach, providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy the sun and swimming. And also - wild rocks, snow-covered mountain range Ida, relict pines, caves and waterfalls. Since it was the beach that attracted the bulk of tourists, most hotels and restaurants stretched along it.

Rethymno Town

Crete and its history are worthy of attention. And in this town all the layers of the island’s former life seemed to be embodied. In some strange way, the presence of two perennial adversaries, who still sometimes became allies, is felt here - the glorious Ports and the magnificent Venice.Narrow and intertwined, as if in the East, the streets lead you to the magnificent fountain Rimondi, as if descended from the paintings of artists of the 17th century.Shopping RethymnonEven the Venetian fortress is in Rethymno. Crete has been influenced by the doge of this formidable maritime republic for quite a long time. After watching the city, its temples and mosques, visiting its museums and surrounding monasteries, you can dive into the refreshing turquoise of the sea right in the city - the beaches here are also very, very good. And if you want to buy gifts, cosmistics, damages, dishes and all sorts of local souvenirs, especially wine - then you will go to Suliou street. This is the main shopping "point" where the main shopping. Rethymnon is also known for the fact that wine tastings are held here on Tuesdays, and the number of their varieties reaches almost five hundred. Near the port you can buy very good natural products: villagers bring cheeses, honey and fruits directly from their farms, and even at prices lower than in the supermarket.

Attractions of the region

Rethymnon SantoriniIt is difficult to even list all the natural beauty of this region. However, the first place in the rating of tourists is occupied by an amazing gorge, where the Kurtaliot River flows. To get there, you need to go to the very south of the region, the capital of which is Rethymnon.Nearby is the village of Preveli with one of the oldest monasteries in Crete. Nearby is the most visited Cretan cave - Sentoni, the stalactites of which resemble the arches of a beautiful ancient temple. But the nearest suburbs of Rethymno are not inferior in popularity to more remote corners of the province. Especially good Lake Kournas. Here is just a paradise for lovers of hiking along the narrow paths among the rocks or the brave explorers of mountain bikes. And if you rent a car, you can fully appreciate the charm of small Cretan villages, huddled on inaccessible peaks and ridges. In addition, every day there is a ferry directly from Athens, and a high-speed catamaran Rethymno-Santorini runs twice a week. Therefore, visiting other places and regions of Greece is possible directly from the town.

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