Rest in the Urals: features, photos and reviews of tourists

Ural is a great place for adventure lovers. Here you can find a lot of interesting things. For this reason, the rest in the Urals is so popular. It is worth to come here to see and understand how versatile and diverse Russia is.

Edge of tourism

Rest in the Urals - a popular destination among tourists. The local region is incredibly rich in scenic landscapes, cultural and natural attractions. The uniqueness of the Urals is that it is geographically located in both Kazakhstan and Russia. Of course, the greatest pride of the region can be considered mountains.

vacation in the Urals in summer with children

Mountain tours are popular with family tourists. Numerous sanatoriums and recreation centers in the region offer not only medical events and recreation, but also an active cultural program. Active recreation in the Urals allows you to see a lot of new and interesting. Eco-tourism is incredibly popular here. Visiting this wonderful region, you will get a lot of vivid impressions.Here you can visit Arkaim, Turgoyak, the natural park “Deer Streams”. The range of entertainment and attractions is so huge that it is necessary to determine the preferences. We hope this article will help you.


When planning a vacation with children in the Urals, it is worth remembering about such a beautiful and interesting place for all generations as Arkaim. Scientists refer to the most ancient mysterious city to the Middle Bronze Age. Old settlements are considered the same age as the Egyptian pyramids. The excavations showed that once the city was inhabited by representatives of the most ancient Indo-European civilization.

The settlement is located near the cape, which was formed as a result of the confluence of the Utaganka and Bolshaya Karaganka rivers. Currently, it is a historical, archaeological and natural landscape reserve. The city is interesting because there are well-preserved defenses.

rest in the Urals

The ancient city was found in 1987 during an archaeological expedition. Local lands should have been surveyed, since the question arose about the construction of a reservoir. Finds found during the expedition, did not attach much importance.And only thanks to a group of scientists, the ancient city was saved from flooding.

On the territory of the complex you can see the ancient village of Arkaim, the historical park, the settlement of the copper-stone age, the museum of the Temir barrow, the ethnographic museum “The Cossack Manor”, ​​the Shamanka mountain, the museum of nature and man, the museum of ancient industries, the mountain of love.

According to tourists, the park is worth a visit and see all its attractions. Such a trip will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children.

"Deer Streams"

Summer activities in the Urals are an interesting adventure for all family members. One of the places worth visiting during the holidays is the natural park “Deer Streams”. Every year it is visited by more than 20 thousand people, which speaks of its popularity. Numerous tourists are attracted by the beautiful forests, the river Serega, picturesque caves, grottoes, rocks. Alloys organized for two or three days are organized along the river Serega.

In the park you can see the following sights: the sculpture "Angel of Uniform Hope", Dyrovaty rock, Friendship cave, Scribe's rock, a big dip (its depth is about 30 meters).

vacation in the Urals in summer

Children will be interested to admire Mitkin lakes, which were formed as a result of flooding of old mines. In total, there are three reservoirs. The upper one was chosen by beavers, so you can see a real beaver dam. There is an open-air museum on the Mitkin Lakes.

Tourists who have visited the park recommend visiting it with children, as it is a great place to spend time surrounded by beautiful natural sights.

Lake Turgoyak

For those who intend to organize a vacation in the Urals in the summer with children, we can recommend Lake Turgoyak. It is also called the "little Baikal" of the Urals. Freshwater reservoir is located near Miass. It is so clear water that the bottom is visible even at a depth of 15 meters. The history of the lake is unknown: whether the depression formed from the fall of a meteorite, or as a result of tectonic transformations.

recreation center of the Urals

Pond as if clamped by mountains, it is much higher than other lakes. Apparently, this fact is reflected in its name. They say that in translation from Bashkir it sounds like “upper lake”. Its waters have a rejuvenating effect.

On the lake there are beaches with quartz sand.The coastline stretches over 40 kilometers. There are glades, rocky shores and beautiful forests approaching the water.

Yachts walk on the lake, so you can make a fascinating water trip. This will make the rest in the Urals truly memorable.

recreation center in the Urals in the summer

These amazing places are incredibly popular with tourists. On Turgoyak there are children's camps, boarding houses, recreation centers of the Urals. An interesting fact is that there are ten islands in the reservoir. The largest of them is called the island of Faith, it is currently undergoing archaeological excavations.

According to tourists, these places are filled with a special atmosphere. The beauty of the lake and its coast attracts many tourists.

Bases on Lake Turgoyak

In the area of ​​Lake Turgoyak there are numerous recreation centers offering to stay in their apartments.

Hotel "Fongrad" is located 230 kilometers from Yekaterinburg on the shores of Lake Turgoyak. The hotel has a number of individual two-story houses, which can accommodate four guests. There are luxury apartments, junior suites, standard. A new comfortable hotel will make the rest in the Urals memorable.

vacation with children in the Urals

No less interesting for tourists is the Golden Beach Club Hotel on the lake. It is equipped with modern rooms, two excellent restaurants, a sauna, a nightclub and a rental point for all the necessary equipment for outdoor activities.

Recreation in the Urals in the summer

But in the area of ​​the picturesque lake Spruce, tourists can stay in the walls of the tourist base "Ural Dawns". There are not only standard rooms, but also luxury apartments. The base is located in a beautiful place surrounded by birch trees, pines and limes. Guests have the opportunity to eat at a local restaurant. The hostel also has a bar and a nightclub. In the summer, tourists are waiting for sandy beaches, stunning scenery and gentle sun.

But on the basis of "Lake of Heaven" in the Zyuratkul area, guests can stay in the cottages. Resting, here you can walk in the national park, famous for its beauty. Its territory is inhabited by foxes, squirrels, martens, many plants grow. And the most interesting place, judging by the reviews of tourists, is the lake, located at an altitude of more than 700 meters. On its shore there are many amazing places to relax.

The base "Ural" offers not just accommodation in comfortable rooms, but also treatment. This place is very popular among couples with children. Here you can take therapeutic vortex, selenium and pine baths, as well as undergo acupuncture, inhalation, massage, and drink healing mineral water. In summer, rest can be supplemented by surfing on the lake and swimming.

Ural in winter

The region stretches from the Kazakh steppes to the shores of the northern seas. On the western slopes, the climate is no different from the central regions of Russia. But behind the ridges, climatic conditions are more consistent with Western Siberia. In winter, the resorts in the middle part and the south of the Urals operate trails for snowboarding and sledding.

Vacation with children

Ural is rich in beautiful places that are incredibly popular with tourists. Many of them are quite suitable for family holidays, including those with children, which follows from the reviews. Tourist bases on the shores of Lake Sugoyak are good in this regard. One of them is "Cote d'Azur". Tourists can not only stay in comfortable cottages, but also put up a tent on the territory.There is a playground for kids, while adults can go fishing or have fun at the water park.

active rest in the Urals

A good vacation with children is guaranteed at the Lake of Banne. Beautiful places will not leave anyone indifferent. On the coast there are hotels and recreation centers. Institution "Mayak" is a family-type hotel, offering guests good rooms with children's beds. The area has a playground for kids, and the local restaurant offers a special menu for young tourists.

Instead of an afterword

Ural is full of beautiful places. It is a mistake to believe that there are only steppes here. It's not like that at all. Stunning forests, pine forests and groves - all this wealth of the Urals. Recently, not only Russians, but also foreign guests have been interested in local beauty. Entertainment tours in the Urals, river rafting, rafting, diving and catamaran rides are becoming increasingly popular. Numerous recreation centers and sanatoriums allow you to spend unforgettable days in the lap of nature, surrounded by forests and mountains.

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