Replacement of VAZ 2114 brake discs with your own hands

The braking system of the car requires specialattention. From its serviceability depends the safety of the driver and passengers. In this article we will look at how the VAZ 2114 brake discs are replaced in the conditions of their own garage without the involvement of specialists. But first let's try to understand what these details represent, when and why they need to be changed.

What is a brake disc and why is it needed?

The brake disc is an element of the mechanismbraking of the front wheel. It is made of steel and has the shape of a plate, the rim of which serves as a working surface. The protruding part (bottom) of the disk is attached to the hub.
Replacement of brake disks VAZ 2114

In close proximity to the work surfacedetails are pads. When we press the brake pedal, they press against the disc, causing it to reduce the speed of rotation. Here in such a simple way the front wheels of the "fourteenth" brake.

When disks need a replacement

Replacement of brake discs VAZ 2114 does not apply toscheduled types of work. Their resource, according to the manufacturer, is 100 thousand km. This is provided that they will be used in normal operation. But, as practice shows, they are enough for 70 thousand km of power, and then, if you change the pads in time.

Whatever it was, to make diagnosticsthe condition of the discs to the driver is necessary at least once a quarter, and if excessive wear or damage is detected, take measures to replace it. Ignoring these recommendations can lead not only to the failure of other elements of the system, but also to cause an emergency on the road.

Replacement of VAZ 2114 brake discs must be carried out if:

  • the thickness of at least one of them is less than 10.8 mm;
  • on the working surface there are furrows, chips, cracks;
  • the part is deformed due to mechanical damage.
    Replacement front brake discs VAZ 2114

Symptoms of a malfunction of brake disks

Diagnosis of disks is mandatory if during braking on the move:

  • Knocks in the brake pedal are felt;
  • the car begins to wag;
  • From the side of the front wheels a rattle is heard.

Finding at least one of these symptoms, notbe too lazy to remove the wheels and inspect the brake mechanism of each of them. The reason, of course, may not be in the disks, but, for example, in the pads or the elements of their fastening. But, in any case, the diagnosis is mandatory.

Which drives to choose

If the replacement of VAZ 2114 brake discs is unavoidable,it is worth taking care of their correct choice. Remember, your safety depends on their quality. And be prepared for the fact that you will not have to buy one drive, but a set of two. To change them one by one is by no means impossible! Due to uneven wear of parts, the braking performance of each wheel will be different. This can cause loss of driving.

The standard disc brake front VAZ 2114 (R-13)goes on sale under the catalog number 2108-3501070. The price for the kit, depending on the manufacturer and modification, can vary from 1100 to 4000 rubles.

Replacement of brake discs VAZ 2114 - vented or conventional

Recently, a huge popularity amongfans of autotuning use ventilated disks. Their main difference from conventional ones is the presence of holes and grooves (grooves) on the working surface of the parts. This design allows to significantly reduce the heat during intensive braking. Such discs cost from 2500 rubles per set.
Replacement of VAZ 2114 brake discs with your own hands

Should I install them? If you are not a supporter of sports driving and sudden braking - there is no need to overpay. Feel free to put the regular parts. If you are racing or just accustomed to aggressive driving - the best solution is to install ventilated discs. With their installation, of course, more trouble, but the difference with the usual you will feel immediately.

Go to a maintenance station or change yourself

Replacement of front brake discs VAZ 2114 in SRTwill cost you at least 2500 rubles. From a financial point of view, this is not cheap. If you have the experience of handling a hand tool, you can replace it yourself. This procedure will take 4-5 hours, but the money will remain at home.

Replacement of brake disks VAZ 2114 itself involves the use of the following tools and tools:

  • jack;
  • balloon wrench;
  • key on 17;
  • key on 12;
  • Kiyanka or hammer and wooden bar;
  • liquid VD-40;
  • a piece of wire (30-50 cm).
    Replacement of VAZ 2114 ventilated brake discs

Independent repair of VAZ 2114 - replacement of brake disks

The order of the work is as follows:

  1. We place the machine on a flat horizontal platform. We apply the parking brake. We prop up the rear wheels.
  2. With the cylinder wrench, loosen the wheel bolts of one of the front wheels.
  3. Poddomkrachivayem front of the car from the right side. We unscrew the bolts completely. We remove the wheel.
  4. Turn the steering wheel to the side until it stops so that you can get to the bolts fastening the caliper.
  5. Using the key on 17, unscrew the bolts (2 pcs.) fastening the caliper to the pivot. We dismantle the brake assembly assembly without disconnecting it from the brake hose. Using a piece of wire, hang it, for example, to the spring of the shock absorber so that the brake hose is not twisted.
  6. The liquid VD-40 treats the places where the disk is connected to the hub, as well as the fixing pins. We are waiting for 10-15 minutes, while the liquid "works".
  7. Using the key on the 12, unscrew the two pins that secure the disc.
  8. We remove the disk from the hub. If it is not removed, carefully knock it down, using a kyanku or a juvenile with a wooden spacer. Strikes should be applied from the back side of the disk closer to its center.
  9. When the disc is dismantled, clean the seat on the hub with a brush (dry rag). Additionally, it can be treated with liquid VD-40.
  10. Install the new disk in place. We screw and tighten the guide pins.
  11. We put the brake mechanism. Fix it with bolts.
  12. Mount the wheel.
  13. We remove the jack, tighten the wheel bolts.
  14. Similarly we change a brake disk on other wheel.

Disc brake front VAZ 2114Before going to the roadway, it is recommended to check the operation of the brake system outside the road. To do this, drive at a low speed somewhere in the yard and evaluate the efficiency of braking.

Features of replacement of regular drives on ventilated

If you decide to install ventedyou should know that all of their modifications are wider than standard ones. Therefore, in addition to them, you will need to buy the appropriate calipers, guiding the front shoes, as well as protective covers. It is quite problematic to buy all these elements separately. It is better to buy a set. The standard kit for two wheels includes: discs, calipers, shoe guides and faceplates (casings). The price for such a set starts from 9000 rubles.
Repair VAZ 2114 replacement of brake discs

The algorithm for replacing regular drives with venteda little more complicated and take 5-6 hours. Here it is necessary to disconnect the brake hoses, remove the brake cylinders. And after the completion of the work will also have to pump the brakes.

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