Reinforced tape: types of characteristics and application

Reinforced tape is a sticky tape of PVC base, reinforced with fabric fibers, adhesive layer and special polyethylene. Due to the polyethylene coating, the waterproofness of the adhesive tape is ensured, which allows it to be used for sealing joints, pipe joints and gaps, for carrying out various plumbing and insulation works with moisture-contacting surfaces.

reinforced adhesive tape

Characteristics of reinforced adhesive tape

This material has high strength, resistance to tearing and stretching, durability, has good adhesiveness, but at the same time it is easily torn off by hand if necessary.

This tape is able to withstand low and high temperatures, is used on any materials, and even on rough, uneven surfaces. You can also make notes on it if necessary.

Scope of application

Reinforced tape allows you to effectively and fairly quickly repair the surface, for example, car seats, construction fences, covering films.In this case, the surface can be made of various materials: wood, metal, leather, paper, etc. Due to this, reinforced tape has a wide range of applications.

The good dielectric characteristics of the carrier film and the special properties of the adhesive layer make it possible to use adhesive tape to isolate current-carrying nodes and electrical connections, to bundle wires.

Adhesive polypropylene tape with fiber reinforced is widely used in construction and everyday life - it is often used in various plumbing works, in the process of installing sewers, heat sinks and air vents.

adhesive tape reinforced gray

This type of adhesive tape is sufficiently resistant to the effects of moisture, a variety of mechanical stress and rust.

With the help of construction reinforced adhesive tape, you can seal the electrical wiring in damp areas and use it during the installation of loading pumps.

This material is very convenient and easy to use, for its use does not require special special knowledge and tools.

Produced species

Reinforced tape is available in various colors, but more often it is silver-gray.Reinforced PVC adhesive tape is made with three types of winding: 10, 25 and 50 meters. The operating temperature range varies from -10 to +50 degrees, while the material does not need special storage conditions. The ideal storage conditions are: a humidity level of 40-50 percent and a temperature of 15-23 degrees, away from light and heat sources. Correct conditions allow you to save material properties throughout the year.

Sanitary tape is produced in three colors: black, gray and white. Glue is applied on a white rubber artificial basis to the gray reinforced adhesive tape, due to which the adhesive characteristics of the tape are improved.

reinforced scotch photo

Reinforced sanitary tape is produced in a standard width of 48 millimeters, but non-standard types can also be made (on orders).

Reinforced Black Scotch

Black reinforced adhesive tape is used to pack containers and protect goods from moisture. It has a sufficiently high tensile strength and tack, so that it can be used for sealing shipping boxes. It is also successfully used for control sealing, because it is impossible to open the package without violating its integrity, if it is sealed with this type of adhesive tape.

adhesive tape sanitary reinforced

Adhesive tape sanitary reinforced

This type of adhesive tape is produced with a different reinforcement structure, so you can easily select the optimal material of the required load. Such an adhesive tape has a number of advantages, among which are high strength and tackiness, reduced elongation, high resistance to external influences and the ability to reliably prevent moisture penetration. Due to such excellent characteristics, scotch tape is very effective for many jobs.

Armored Gray Scotch

Scotch reinforced gray is often used in case of problems with water pipes. So, it is very effective for eliminating leaks of irrigation tools and water supply systems in vegetable gardens and in summer cottages. It is widely used in the process of assembling and transporting heavy loads: with such tape you can securely and firmly fix the load, as well as strengthen the strength of the container.

reinforced scotch black

Cost of reinforced adhesive tape

Nowadays, the modern market every day offers an ever-expanding assortment of reinforced scotch, differing in various characteristics and properties that are useful and effective in carrying out many works.Such material is very versatile and allows you to solve many problems that relate to various spheres of human life, such as construction, life, transport, etc.

The price of a certain type of reinforced adhesive tape depends on its qualities, width, and winding. The better the characteristics of the material, the naturally higher its cost.

The fact that the reinforced tape (photo attached) has a special composition and high functionality. It is considered to be a universal full-fledged building material, which has no analogues.

The cost of the TPL reinforced adhesive tape is, of course, higher than the price of the packaging option. This is due primarily to the increased functionality and special composition of sanitary tape.

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