Registration of employment record: sample. Registration of employment record when applying for a job

Every employee when enrolling in a state enterprise or organization is faced with such a procedure as the registration of employment record.

This document should reflect all data on where, by whom and for how long the person worked. Registration of employment record for the first time begins with its issuance by the employer. Then, at each subsequent enterprise (when changing jobs) the necessary entries are made to the document.

The structure and content of the workbook

This document accompanies a person throughout his working life. Based on her records, we can conclude about the education of a specialist, his skills and experience. In addition, the order of registration of the employment record includes the placement of information about awards, incentives or disciplinary actions that have been applied to the employee.

It should be noted that the maintenance of the workbook is carried out only by an employee of the personnel department or by an employee of the enterprise to whom the relevant functions are assigned. In this case, the owner of the booklet should be notified of all new entries in the document.workbook sample

How labor records and forms for them are stored

For the maintenance of workbooks, the state produces special forms. They enter the enterprises and are kept in compliance with a rather strict order:

  • Storage must be a fireproof enclosure.
  • The employer is obliged to ensure the safety and integrity of the forms. Therefore, the cabinet is locked with a key, and access to it is obtained only by employees who have the right to work with workbooks.
  • The issuance of forms is carried out with the parallel entry of relevant records in the reporting documentation.

Execution and issuance of the document

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, a person cannot buy labor-book forms himself. They are provided directly to companies or employers that have the status of an individual entrepreneur.

When an employee appears in the state for whom the given place of work became the first, the employer must take care of issuing the necessary document to him.Registration of a new employment record book relates to the duties of a personnel department employee (or other authorized person).

The accounting of employment records

Actions that employees of the personnel department with blank forms and documents belonging to employees of the company, are recorded in the receipt and expenditure book. Here it should be indicated by whom, to whom and on what grounds the papers were handed over (if it is necessary to complete a work book, to issue an insert or to be taken for storage). Inserts are additional pages for those workbooks that turned out to be completely full. Their conduct is subject to the same standards. In order for the insert to be recognized as a full-fledged part of the document, it must be sewn into the workbook.

Making out the book of accounting data on the movement of labor and inserts to them, you should take care of its firmware and sealing.registration of employment record for the first time

Why draw up a workbook

A document confirming the experience and qualifications of the employee may be of great importance already at the interview stage. Many employers prefer to study it in parallel with conducting an oral interview.Further, when the employment record is executed, it reflects all the significant changes that accompany the employee’s work activity:

  • Admission to a specific position.
  • Transfer to another department.
  • Increase or decrease.
  • Change of status (for example, the transfer of a contractor to work under an indefinite employment contract or the inclusion of part-time workers in the number of permanent employees).
  • Rewards and promotions.
  • Disciplinary action, which served as the basis for removal from office.
  • Dismissal

There are those types of work that may not be reflected in the workbook (for example, the performance of some part-time work). The employee should know that he has the right to ask the manager to enter this data into his document. The employer can not deny him that.

While the original employment record is kept at the enterprise, it is not issued to the employee. However, there may be a situation where a person will need to confirm the fact of his employment or show a list of companies in which he worked. Then an extract from the document or its full copy can be created.

Proper registration of the workbook gives a person the right to receive a pension certificate. Accruing pension payments, the insurance fund examines the information specified in the labor.term of employment record

Among other things, information about the places of work of a person is needed for registration of a passport. For some categories of employees, traveling abroad may be prohibited due to the danger of disclosing secret information.

Registration of employment record: rules and terms

Regardless of whether a new employment record is entered into or an entry is made in an existing one, employers require certain documents from future employees:

  • Identity card (passport).
  • Certificate in education or diploma.
  • Certificates of courses attended (if any).
  • Military ID (for military service citizens).
  • Marriage certificate (if the name was changed as a result).

The term of registration of a workbook for a person to work is limited by law. It is not more than five days from the time when the employee began to perform work duties.

If the employer violates this deadline, he should prepare for the legal consequences. This is true for absolutely all employees, even for those who have not reached the age of majority.

In accordance with the law, citizens can be employed from the age of 14. However, in this case, they must provide the employer with a letter from the parents or guardian with permission to work.

Copies of employment records

If the document has been lost or damaged, the employee may require the employer to issue a new one.

To do this, he should write an application for registration of employment record. It indicates the reason for the absence of the document. It should be noted that the same statement is the basis for the issuance of labor in the first place of work of a person.

Reason for entries

Registration of the workbook for the first time (a sample of the title page is located below) includes filling in the box relating to personal information about a person.registration of employment record when applying for a job

For this, the personnel officer uses the documents provided to him. In other cases, before one or another entry appears in the workbook, the manager issues a corresponding order.

If it is a question of admission to a company or a transfer of an employee to another department, then the personnel department employee has seven days to make an entry in the labor department.Upon dismissal, the document is issued on the day the order is issued and given to the owner.

Despite the fact that the order indicates all the detailed information about the reception or transfer (with the presence of a probationary period and other details), this information does not affect the design of the workbook. Sample entry data:

  • Hired.
  • Transferred to another position.
  • Awarded qualification, tariff scale, discharge (which specifically).
  • Awarded, encouraged.
  • Fired

That is, only the reason for the entry and the date of the order should be given. Any example of a workbook design that is freely available illustrates this principle of filling in document columns.

Grammatical nuances

According to the legislation, dates in labor must be indicated using only Arabic numerals.

The same applies to the assignment of ordinal numbers: each new entry has its own number, starting with the one that was made when the employment record was issued for the first time and ending with the registration of the dismissal from the last job.

All information should be presented as fully as possible, that is, a staff member cannot abbreviate words.

Correction and correction of errors in the document

A natural occurrence in the management of any documentation is making mistakes. They can be associated with the use of unreliable sources of information (outdated data, lack of complete information) or have a mechanical nature (typos, clerks, grammatical errors).employment record for the first time sampleTo correct the identified error, the employee of the personnel department can use several ways:

  1. Cross out the wrong word and write a new one above or below the line.
  2. Making a new entry that invalidates the wrong.

If the employee has changed his last name or has received a new profession, this means that the information indicated on the title page of the labor must be changed. This is done using the strikethrough method (first method). At the same time, on the inside of the cover, the name and number of the document that became the basis for the changes are recorded, the signature of the person who entered the data, and the seal of the company are put.

If the employment record for employment is accompanied by the detection of errors in document management made at the previous enterprise, their correction is possible by an employee of a company that accepts an employee in its staff. This procedure is as follows:

  1. Make a new record and assign it the next in order number.
  2. Specify the date when the correction is performed.
  3. Write the phrase "record number to be considered invalid."
  4. Enter the correct information.
  5. Give the number of the order, which served as the basis for the wrong entry.

The reflection of the work of executives

Registration of the director’s employment record is a mandatory procedure for all enterprises regardless of their form of ownership, because on the basis of the records made, a pension certificate will then be issued. The procedure for maintaining this document for a manager is distinguished by specific nuances and is more complex than a workbook for recruiting middle and lower level employees. In most cases, the director himself can make all the necessary entries.

Issuance of employment record after the dismissal of an employee

When an employee is dismissed from an enterprise for one reason or another, his document is returned to him. A work record (sample is offered below) when an employee is dismissed implies making a record containing the reason for leaving, as well as the number of the relevant order.
employment record

When formulating the reason, the employer should use the examples provided in the Labor Code (of their own accord, with the consent of the parties, when liquidating the enterprise). The most frequent reason is the dismissal of one's own free will, in which case the registration of the employment record is regulated by standard requirements.employment record sample

The document is issued to the employee within three days after the end of his last working day. In cases where an employer cannot give a document to a former subordinate because of his absence, he must send a registered letter to the employee’s home address with a notice. If the person has given written consent, the employment record can be sent to him by mail. The same procedure is followed if the employee has died, and the document must be handed over to his relatives.

In situations where the document is not taken away, the company retains it for two years (in the personnel department, but not together with other books). Then it is transferred to the archive for 50 years, after which it is destroyed.

If the employer is an individual entrepreneur

Since 2006, individual employers are required to make entries in the workbooks of their employees.Thus, their rights are equalized with those enjoyed by legal entities.

When hiring a person who has never worked before, the individual entrepreneur must provide him with a work record (the cost of which will be deducted from the employee’s first wage), and also make all the necessary entries to it in time and correctly.

Often, such business entities prefer to hire part-time employees. In this case, they do not contribute anything to the labor force, but they can issue a certificate at the request of the person, and already on its basis the record will be made at the main place of work.

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