Refrigerator Indesit DF 5200 W: characteristics, instructions, reviews

The Indesit brand is quite popular among consumers of large household appliances. The company manufactures products for both Russian buyers and has reached the international level. Refrigerators brand Indesit DF 5200 W compares favorably with competing models not only elegant appearance, but also technical characteristics, which together with an affordable price can cater to the most demanding mistresses.

indesit df 5200 w

Features manufacturer Indesit

The company has developed and put into mass production a sufficient choice of models of refrigerators, among which everyone will find equipment in accordance with the characteristics and financial capabilities. A variety of colors, style and volume allows you to choose the Indesit refrigerator for any kitchen.

For a spacious room it is possible to pick up a two-meter giant, and for a modest studio apartment, the manufacturer offers compact options that, however, contain everything you need and have many useful functions.

refrigerator indesit df 5200 w

Regardless of the size, all refrigerators are equipped with the Total No Frost system, which significantly saves time when caring for appliances. Refrigerator Indesit DF 5200 W, like many models of the company, has chromed fasteners and shelves that each owner can adjust to fit his needs.

Users of household appliances choose the devices of the company "Indezit" for the quality of the manufactured goods, which corresponds to the accepted quality standards. Refrigerator Indesit DF 5200 W found recognition not only among Russian consumers, but in European countries.

Model Description

The refrigerator is a standard two-chamber model, where the freezer is located at the bottom of the appliance. This series is controlled by electronic panel. Strict appearance with minimalist forms allows you to install appliances in the kitchen, made in a diverse style.

Refrigerator Indesit DF 5200 W white, made of plastic. As an ornament there are metal inserts. For many consumers, it is important that the shelves are made of glass, which makes the product a highlight of the kitchen and simplifies its maintenance.

Technical characteristics of the refrigerator

Users note a rather large net volume of the Indesit DF 5200 W unit.Characteristics satisfy customers who are important in size and low noise.

indesit df 5200 w reviews

Reviews show that the Indesit DF 5200 W fridge accommodates products that a large family might need. The model, despite its large size, fits well into a standard kitchen and, thanks to its height, can accommodate an extra shelf.

In addition to standard features, the model is designed with the current technology of redistribution of cold air. This allows not only to save electricity, but also significantly extends the shelf life of products.

Refrigeration compartment

User reviews indicate that the model does not need to be defrosted because it is equipped with the No Frost function. The total amount of usable space is 253 liters.

Standard equipment includes four glass shelves. The height of their location can be adjusted with special chrome fasteners. This allows large-sized products to be placed on the shelves and rather heavy in weight.

Reviews indicate that if necessary, you can install three shelves, then it will be possible to arrange tall objects vertically.

In addition to the shelves, the kit provides two plastic boxes for vegetables and fruits. Their size contributes to the placement of a sufficient volume of products.

The door is equipped with several plastic shelves for the needs of the hostess and has a special compartment for eggs. Halogen bulb provides interior lighting.

refrigerator indesit df 5200 w white [

Refrigerator freezer

The freezer Indesit DF 5200 W is located on the bottom of the unit and has a usable volume of 75 liters. Reviews of housewives indicate that the model contributes to quick and deep freezing of products, because you can set the temperature to -23 degrees.

The hostess noted that the refrigerator is not afraid of temporary blackouts. Due to the presence of a seal and a special design, the device is able to maintain an optimum temperature for up to 13 hours when the internal compartments are located.

The freezer consists of three fairly spacious plastic drawers. The stated freezing rate is positioned 3.5 kilograms per day.

Electronic panel and its features

The refrigerator is equipped with an electronic control panel.Judging by the reviews, even a non-advanced user and an adherent of classic models can understand the interface. The panel consists of the following main buttons:

indesit df 5200 w review

1. To turn the unit on / off, press the "On / Off" button.

2. The Push & Cool function facilitates quick and deep freezing. You can manually disable it. Otherwise, after 12 hours an automatic stop will occur.

3. In the refrigerator compartment, using the “+/-” buttons, you can set the required temperature. The range of numbers is from +2 to +8 degrees.

4. Particularly marked by users of the beep, which is heard 30 seconds after opening the door of the refrigerator. The panel light also flashes. This contributes to the fact that with an accidentally forgotten open door, the device will not remain in this position.

Model features

As soon as the Indesit DF 5200 W refrigerator is delivered to the house, the instruction helps to determine its full potential. The model is equipped with one compressor, but a sufficient set of attractive features.

On the front side of the door in a convenient location is an electronic panel that allows you to control the operation of the refrigerator and select the necessary parameters. Besides the sound signal will always warn about the forgotten open door Indesit DF 5200 W.

The instruction indicates the presence of particularly sensitive sensors that respond to fluctuations in temperature inside the chambers. With any change, all parameters are immediately reflected in the panel.

The manufacturer has also taken care of the safety of its product. The compressor starts only 8 minutes after connecting the refrigerator. The fuse is not only triggered when plugged into the network, but also responds to power surges. This avoids breakdowns and even accidents when the device accidentally ignites due to network problems.

The refrigerator is convenient to use. You can choose the function of deep freezing or rapid cooling of products. To do this, you can simply adjust the temperature or set the desired function.

refrigerator indesit df 5200 w manual

For many users, the possibility of hanging the door to a comfortable side also plays a big role. This often affects the decision to purchase.

Competent installation

In order for the refrigerator to work properly and fulfill all the declared functions, it is necessary to ensure its proper installation. Household appliances should be located on a flat and fairly hard surface. The room should be aired regularly.

For high-quality work and ensuring energy saving, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules when placing a refrigerator:

1. The distance from the walls of the product to the surface of the wall must be at least 3 cm.

2. When choosing a two-meter giant, it is necessary to consider that the distance to the ceiling should remain at least equal to 10 cm.

3. It is not recommended to install the refrigerator near electric and gas stoves. If there is no other possibility, then it is necessary to use an asbestos sheet.

4. Direct sunlight also adversely affects the capabilities of refrigeration equipment.

5. Do not cover the back wall of the refrigerator.

6. Ensure that the refrigerator is level. This can be achieved by twisting the legs.

The inclination of household appliances by more than 5 degrees contributes to its overheating and may cause unexpected breakdowns.

Effective freezing of products

Everyone who purchased the refrigerator Indesit DF 5200 W, reviews leave the most positive. But in order for the device to fully justify the declared functions, in particular, qualitative freezing of products, it is necessary to follow the instructions.The following are tips from experienced housewives who are completely satisfied with the work of the unit:

1. In order for the freezing process to be of higher quality and go much faster, the products should be positioned so that they do not touch the walls of the chamber and already cooled products.

2. When the quick freeze function is on, it is not recommended to open the freezer door.

3. For best results and deeper freezing products are divided into small pieces. Fruits and berries are best frozen in portions, laying in even layers.

4. In the event of a sudden power outage, it is not recommended to open the refrigerator. In this case, the system will maintain the optimum temperature, the products will fully retain their properties.

5. Do not put liquid in a glass container with the lid closed in the freezer. With a strong freeze, the liquid turns into ice, which causes the bottle to burst.

The Indesit DF 5200 W white refrigerator is equipped with the FNF system, which prevents the formation of frozen crusts on the walls of the chamber, as well as the freezing of the sachets of products with each other.If the refrigerator compartment does not require defrosting, the freezer must be subjected to this procedure. But the FNF function allows you to be limited to this procedure only once a year.

Principles of defrosting in the model Indesit DF 5200 W

If the refrigerator compartment is free of frost using the automatic function, the freezer should be defrosted by itself. For this, the unit is not disconnected from the network, the refrigerator can work as before.

The snow coat gradually thaws, thanks to the periodically on heating element. At the same time there is no need to collect melt water and worry that it will fall on the floor. Moisture is collected in a specially designed for this purpose capacity, located under the motor. There, it completely evaporates under the influence of heat, but to prevent musty odor, it is necessary to check the container for the presence of water.

Care and maintenance Indesit DF 5200 W

A review of the refrigerator will not be complete without service rules. The unit is made of specially treated materials that do not absorb odors. To prevent this problem from occurring, all products with a characteristic odor are better placed in containers and an odor absorber should be purchased.

If necessary, wash the unit using water with baking soda or a special detergent. Sealing gum in contact with them fatty foods such as sauce or mayonnaise degrease and wipe.

fridge freezer indesit df 5200 w

All removable parts can be washed manually or use a dishwasher.

User Reviews

Everyone who purchased the Indesit DF 5200 W refrigerator, reviews are left quite often, because its characteristics are very comfortable, despite the affordable price. Particularly pleased with the quiet course of the motor, that even if household appliances are in the living room (as it happens in the studios), the outside sound does not interfere at all at night.

All the functions declared by the manufacturer the refrigerator performs. The model Indesit DF 5200 W has mostly positive reviews. Here are the main aspects:

  • democratic price;
  • spaciousness, despite the laconic view;
  • convenient control panel, which is easy to understand;
  • the presence of the function No Frost;
  • white color and modern design.

Also, many proved to be a useful sound signal warning of the forgotten open door. But some believe that the black color of the pen was desirable to make less contrast.

Basically, the model is not satisfactory.There are some reviews that indicate flaws. But mostly they concern insignificant trifles.

Caring for the back wall

Like any model of the refrigerator, the Indesit Indesit DF 5200 W is equipped with a grille on the back of the unit. The accumulation of dirt and dust leads to overheating of the motor and equipment malfunction. To avoid problems, you should clean the back panel at least once a year.

For care, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle. Perhaps the usual wiping with a damp cloth. The main thing is that before the procedure the refrigerator is disconnected from the network.

Convenient to clean during defrosting of the freezer. Thus, basic care is limited to one procedure per year, which, according to reviews, is not difficult.

Final moments

Many consumers appreciated the new model of the popular Indesit brand. Its reasonable price pleases, and the functionality is even higher than that of some more expensive competitors.

The unit is not noisy. There is an automatic defrost system, quick and deep freezing. The electronic panel contributes to the visual observation of the operation of the equipment, and its availability is appreciated even by those who are not at all friendly with complex electronics.

In general, judging by the stated characteristics, user reviews and price category, the refrigerator will be a good choice for those who care about quality, but there is no possibility to overpay for additional functions and brand awareness. Although the manufacturer found recognition not only in the Russian market, but also in European countries, the released model fully satisfies the needs of both scrupulous Europeans and economical hostesses.

The refrigerator is quite spacious, which is important for the Russian consumer, who is used to wholesale purchases, and has a rather ergonomic look.

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