Red thread on the wrist - prejudice or protection?

red wrist threadEven from grandmothers, we know about such a sign: when you are going to a crowded place, you should be sure to tie a red ribbon or string to your hand or to your child, especially a small one. For what purpose? Let's figure it out together.

So as not jinxed

Yes exactly. The red thread on your wrist is what you need, so that no one’s bad, envious eye will harm you. A beautiful bride, happily smiling at her fiancé; cute little pea pulling puffy little hands to parents; a well-groomed man who confidently sits in a prestigious car - but who knows what an evil, resentful person who is offended at life can dwell on, ready to blame the whole world for their troubles. The Red Kabbalah will help us neutralize the negative energy of the envier, ward off disaster, protect not only our health and good luck, but also people close to us. That you should know and understand well, if you do not want to be the victims of psychological vampires or black magic wizards.The teachings of Kabbalah and its “tools,” including colored threads, can repel many misfortunes and misfortunes, if you are able to use them.

red kabbalahWhere did the tradition come from

Remember the Old Testament, the story of the life of Jacob and his wife Rachel. A woman already in her old age begged God for a miracle of motherhood, having given birth to two children and died in torment. She received the blessing of God as the mother of the human race, and her tomb radiates a special protective energy. The red thread of Kabbalah acquires its mystical power, if, according to legend, it wraps around the entire tomb. The spirit of Rachel charges matter. Therefore, then the thread needs to be broken into pieces and tied to the left wrists of people. Why precisely on the left? Because the right hand - giving, and the left - the receiving. And the red thread on the wrist becomes a kind of energy antenna, receiving protective signals from the thin, intangible world. Carrying on yourself such a talisman, you can be from Rachel’s tomb thousands of kilometers away, and still find yourself under her guard. But even if your scarlet lace was bought in a nearby store, and you yourself have never been to Israel, and for the first time you read about Rachel here in this article - it doesn't thread kabbalahKabbalah claims that the red thread on the wrist can always destroy, nullify any negative, negative impact on a person from the outside - this was and remains the strongest desire of the Jewish mother: to hide all children from world evil in all its forms and manifestations.

Tying correctly

It is not enough, leaving native walls, to tie a thread on your hand. Need to know how to do it right. Namely: the nodules should be exactly 7. After that, mentally read “Our Father” 3 times (you can also 7). And one more rule: the red thread on your wrist will be your guardian if you yourself refrain from evil thoughts at any address. Does the algorithm work for those who are far from religion or who have never had a Jewish family? Of course, yes, after all, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers acted the same way! Red is also the strongest energetic in itself, because it is similar to the color of blood. And tied to 7 knots (7 is an important number in magic), such a thread is considered to be a good luck and happiness amulet since antiquity. Only she must be woolly.charm bracelets


In the end, it remains to add: any talisman or amulet will work only when they sincerely believe in it.

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