Recalculation of pensions for working pensioners

Recalculation of pensions is an important moment for every pensioner. Prices in Russia are growing very fast. And therefore from time to time it is necessary to increase the paid out money. Citizens have recently received particular attention, who continue to work even after reaching the retirement age. In the conditions of the crisis in the Russian Federation a lot of proposals were made regarding pension payments to employed people. Is there a recalculation of cash? How and under what conditions can I get a pension? All the nuances and the latest news regarding pension payments will be discussed further.

recalculation of pension

Mandatory Indexing

Currently in Russia there are laws according to which pensioners are required to recalculate pensions several times a year. Previously, this condition applied to the entire population that reached retirement age. But now a similar moment is in doubt.

Many say that the recalculation of pension payments will not be made at all. Believe such news should not be. After all, they are a lie. In fact, mandatory indexing is preserved. But with special conditions.

Indexing for workers

The recalculation of pensions for working pensioners has recently raised many questions among the population. It has already been said that indexation itself is preserved in the country, but now some restrictions have been imposed on it. Which ones?

Recalculation is made mainly by non-working citizens. Moreover, the indexation will affect all types of pensions: both labor and social. Therefore, the unemployed have nothing to fear.

But the recalculation of pensions to working pensioners in 2016 is not made. More precisely, many indicate that indexing as such will not. This means that the funds that are received by the employed pensioners will remain at the level of payments made in 2015.

Ambiguity of conclusions

The next point to which attention should be paid is what is meant by the recalculation of pension payments. The fact is that the understanding of this term radically changes the answer to the question posed.

recalculation of pensions for working pensioners

If by recalculation we mean an increase or any other change in paid pensions (indexation), then in 2016, employed citizens have nothing to hope for. Indexation is provided only for non-working.

But recalculation of pensions is also a change in pension insurance payments to employed citizens in connection with the continuation of labor relations and the transfer of funds to the Pension Fund of Russia. If we take into account such a definition (namely, it is considered to be correct), then citizens can wait for changes.

Surprises of the pension system

The procedure for recalculating pensions has recently changed. And now many citizens do not quite understand the principle on which they will be transferred money in the form of pension payments. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. In Russia, the so-called point system operates. It implies that every citizen will receive a certain amount of points for his work. And depending on them, the pension will change.

Points are awarded to all officially employed citizens. The only difficulties that may arise is the exact determination of the amount due.After all, its size is influenced not only by the accumulated pension points, but also by the cost of one point. It is determined annually by the government.

Approximate values

Recalculation and payment of pensions to all working pensioners in 2016 will take place. And this is all, despite the many disappointing news that still make the Russian population worry.

recalculation of pension in August for working pensioners

One should not hope for too much increase in payments. At the moment, the government is proposing the addition of only 3 pension points to each retired person employed. It is not as much as it seems.

The cost of one point in 2016 is approximately 74 rubles. It follows that the last recalculation of pensions will increase payments by no more than 222 rubles. Not much, but better than nothing at all. After all, the indexation of payments, even in the amount of 4%, was not for working citizens who have reached the age at which, by law, they can retire. Therefore, many people are happy even with this increase.


In Russia, the pension has always required special attention. Will recalculation to working pensioners in 2016? Yes, if we mean by these changes is not indexing.And earlier payments cannot be increased by more than 222 rubles. This should be remembered.

At what point is it supposed to carry out the process under study? Recalculation of pension in August to working pensioners is made. This period is set at the legislative level. It is 01.08 that citizens can hope for a change in the size of payments. Fortunately, only in a big way. To reduce the pension no one will.

In 2016, the pension will be recalculated in August to working pensioners. But only with the above limitations. August 1, citizens will begin to receive higher payments.

Recalculation procedure

There are a lot of features and nuances in the Russian pension system that every citizen should know about. Especially if he has reached retirement age and is still working. The fact is that recalculation of an insurance pension sometimes requires certain actions from citizens.

pension recalculation procedure

Forget about additional manipulations can persons over the age of 80, as well as people with disabilities. They will automatically be recalculated on August 1. But the remaining recipients of state support will have to worry about the operation being studied on their own.

Employed persons who may go on a well-deserved vacation and who do not belong to the previously listed categories of the population should write a statement about the recalculation of the pension. This requires contacting the Pension Fund of Russia at the place of residence. You should have with you:

At the moment in Russia there is a rule that a pension will be recalculated to retirees on the application on the 1st of the month following the date of the request. If the citizen decided to apply to the FIU on August 1, one can hope for an instant solution of the issue.

Terms of appointment

What else should you pay attention to? Not all citizens can receive retirement benefits of an employment nature. In some cases, you can only apply for a social pension. Therefore, it is important to know under what conditions it is the “labor” money that is paid to citizens.

recalculation and payment of pensions

Recalculation of labor pension in 2016 was held on August 1. But in order to be able to receive these payments, a citizen must meet the following requirements:

  • reaching the retirement age (55 years for women and 60 for men);
  • a minimum of 30 retirement points;
  • seniority from 7 years.

If a person has reached retirement age, but he does not have enough retirement points or work experience, such a citizen will receive a social pension. It is indexed on a mandatory basis.

Full suspension of payments

Not so long ago, news appeared that the recalculation of pensions to employed citizens was not allowed. Moreover, the government proposes to abolish altogether such assistance to everyone who works after reaching the retirement age. And this topic began to worry the population more than the timing of the recalculation of payments.

In fact, so far the Russians have nothing to fear. In 2016, there will be no cancellation of pension for working pensioners. So far, only talk on this topic. All such payments are clearly not removed. After all, the government said only about citizens who receive a high income.

More specifically, the cancellation of pensions could only affect pensioners earning from 1,000,000 rubles a year. This is about 83 thousand income per month. Such people can cancel pension payments before the termination of the employment relationship. And after the dismissal payments will be recalculated.

But for now, this is all just a discussion. The bill has a number of shortcomings that did not allow to introduce it in the country. Therefore, so far both the recalculation of the pension and the indexation in (in some cases) have been preserved. All people of retirement age in Russia still receive support from the state in one size or another.

Partial payments

Recalculation of pensions (by year of employment) in the country is made. Only the latest news indicates that in 2017 citizens will receive incomplete payments. Why so?

whether pension will be recalculated to working pensioners

All because of the next "freezing" of the funded part of the pension. Now labor payments are formed at the expense of both accumulative and insurance components. But in a crisis, it was decided to “freeze” the first part. Therefore, pensions will be granted to citizens in an incomplete measure.

But this fact does not abolish the official recalculation of money, which is produced annually on August 1. At the moment, "freezing" of the funded part is planned in the period from 2017 to 2019. More accurate information is still unknown.

Lump sum payout

Now it’s clear how the pension is recalculated to employed citizens, and how the money is accrued.It should be noted another change in the pension system of Russia. It does not relate to the recalculation, but the news forced citizens to seriously think about the accumulation of old age.

The fact is that in January 2017, not only will there be a "freeze" of the funded part of pensions, so there will be no indexation either. Neither working nor employed. Instead, the population will receive a lump sum payment in the amount of 5,000 rubles.

This news made us think that the government can completely cancel the recalculation of pension payments. Nobody has made such statements, but only retirees believe that this event cannot be ruled out. Fear of this phenomenon should not be. After all, in the government no one talks about the abolition of recalculations.


What conclusions can be drawn from the above? The pension system of the Russian Federation is constantly undergoing some changes. The only thing that remains the same is the procedure for recalculating pensions. In 2016, all periods of labor for 2015 will be taken into account. Depending on them, citizens will receive additional retirement points. As a result, the pension will increase.

recalculation of the insurance pension

In some cases it is required to apply for recalculation. And someone will not need any manipulations - the operation will occur automatically. It is not known how the situation with pensions in the future. But so far, working pensioners have just lost their indexation. But the last recalculation of pensions was made 01.08.2016. And no one cancels this measure. The appointment and recalculation of pensions remain the same. But there is a high risk that significant changes will soon occur. It remains only to follow the news and changes that occur in the pension system of the Russian Federation.

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