Rape Honey Taste, healthy properties

Honey is the oldest product with high nutritional value, pleasant taste and a wide range of therapeutic action. True admirers of natural raw materials know that its quality depends on the type of plant and the region of collection. In the world there are more than a hundred different varieties of honey, about which even a beekeeper with great experience has not heard.

Each region has its own amazing honey plants. Many of us, except sunflower, chestnut and May varieties, do not know about others. Today we want to enlighten the venerable public and tell you about rapeseed honey. What is its feature, what is the structure, medicinal properties? Answers to all your questions you will find in the publication.

What do we know about natural raw materials?

rape honey

From the name of the variety it is clear that the plant from which the bees receive valuable nectar is called rape. It is a representative of the cabbage family. Early spring cultural plant, blooming from April to June. During this period, the bees actively collect nectar, processing it, get a sweet treat.

The area of ​​growth is the territory of Europe and Russia.Rape is grown mainly as a feed for livestock. The beekeepers are familiar with the plant; they sow it on their plantations for feeding bees. It is known that rapeseed honey is not only a delicious dessert, but also a healing treat. It is almost a third composed of simple sugars (glucose, fructose). Its energy value and nutritional value are very high.

The raw materials have a delicious taste with a slight bitterness, not comparable with any other. There is a subtle cabbage smell, but this does not spoil the product. The main feature is the rapid crystallization (within three weeks). The texture of honey is uniform, thick with a high level of pH. As for the color palette, it is light yellow, after crystallization the product turns white.

Healing power in the composition

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Unfortunately, rapeseed varieties are less familiar to our fellow citizens than other types of honey (chestnut, buckwheat, may, sweet melon). However, in terms of the biochemical complex, it is in no way inferior, but somewhere exceeds them. The composition is replete with dextrins, enzymes, glucose.Modern clinical studies have proven the presence of monosaccharides.

Marked proteins of animal and vegetable origin, as well as organic acids. Found a complex of mineral components: boron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium. The abundance of microelements involved in metabolic processes has been established. The product of beekeeping is a source of vitamins of group B, C, E. It has no analogues for healing qualities. Thanks to such an extensive list of medicinal substances, raw materials are used in alternative medicine and ayurveda.

Rape honey: benefits and therapeutic action

This variety has antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its high nutritional value, it has been shown to be used by persons engaged in heavy physical work. A favorable effect of the product on the functions of the lymphatic system has been established.

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Benefit due to the rich and diverse composition. Sweet mass is shown in case of malfunction of the heart. It does not hurt to use for diseases of the spleen, liver, rapeseed honey. The properties of the product are repeatedly tested in practice.Folk doctors are advised to add to tea, milk or juice when debilitating cough, cold symptoms.

Natural medicine stops swelling of the mucous membranes, relieves spasms, reduces pain and inflammation. In addition, strengthens the defenses. With the help of sweets you can improve the function of the intestinal tract. The variety has healing and bactericidal properties. It accelerates the process of tissue regeneration, promotes the fastest possible tightening of damaged skin.

Benefits for the female body

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All types of honey have a rejuvenating and cleansing effect. The rapeseed variety, in a certain sense, surpasses other species in its therapeutic properties. Indispensable raw materials for women in menopause, when there is a hormonal imbalance (dryness, hot flashes, irritability, apathy).

Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to completely correct such changes, but it will be possible to improve the condition. The product has strong cosmetic properties, therefore it can replace chemical emulsions for face and hair. Raw materials perfectly moisturizes, prevents the formation of acne and peeling.Homemade masks based on honey from rape contribute to the narrowing of pores, make the skin elastic.

For those who want to lose weight

Despite the high calorific value (in 100 g about 350 kcal) the product is very useful, nutritious, enriched with the necessary list of vitamins. Nutritionists advise to include honey in the diet of people who want to adjust their weight. For a positive result, you need to revise the menu, exclude fatty foods and pastries.

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Small portions of sweet delicacies will allow the body to get the missing trace elements, block the appetite. According to women who have tried this style of nutrition on their own, in a week they manage to lose 2 to 5 kg of fat mass. Diet can be combined with honey wraps, massage. As a result of simple and accessible manipulations, fat seals are reduced, the “orange peel” disappears, the skin is cleansed and renewed.

Harm of rapeseed honey

Contraindications have a delicacy a small amount. It should be remembered that any kind of honey is not recommended to use allergy sufferers. Even a small amount can cause pulmonary edema, urticaria.Do not abuse it to persons with obesity and diabetes.

Harm of honey is in the presence of sucrose. This should be taken into account. Contraindications include acute diseases of the pancreas, so you need to use the product in small doses after consulting a doctor. It is important not to exceed the rate prescribed by the doctor.

According to experts, the danger to the body is overwhelmed honey. When heated to 600With it formed toxic substances OMF, provoking seizures and depressing the nervous system. In addition, such a product loses all the "magic" properties. It is recommended to purchase raw materials from proven beekeepers, preferably in a crystallized state.

Storage Recommendations

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Rapeseed honey does not deteriorate for several years, but under the condition of proper storage. The best packaging is glass, clay, enamel or wooden utensils. Plastic for this purpose is not the best solution because it conveys odors. The container with the product must be rearranged in a place protected from sunlight: the attic, the cellar.

Raw material cost

We do not recommend buying rape honey in stores.Price per liter ranges from 250 to 500 rubles. It is advisable and safe to buy from proven beekeepers, since over-heated raw materials are sold in supermarkets. Very often unscrupulous manufacturers dilute it with starch, sugar, flour, chalk, and bees are fed with sugar. Check the product for quality and the absence of the listed components will help laboratory examination.

Be careful in your choice, then the honey will bring continuous benefits, pleasure and preserve health. Use natural medicine in the season of cold epidemics and strengthen the immune system!

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