Ramen recipe - a classic Far Eastern cuisine

Ramen is a rather simple but tasty dish, consisting of wheat noodles, broth with vegetable dressing and meat part (tasyu). The ramen recipe came to us from Japan, which in turn came from China.

Ramen soup and its varieties

ramen recipeTaste of the soup form all sorts of additives. For example, kamaboko is a soup with pork roll (naruto) and tsukemono is a soup with pickles: bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage. There are types of ramen with boiled eggs and pieces of nori. But the main ingredients are always the same: pork and long noodles, without them ramen is not ramen!

A bit of history

This word comes from the Chinese "Lamian", which the Japanese read as "ramen." Literally, it means elongated noodles. By the way, in Central Asia there is an analogue of this soup, and its name is pronounced "Lagman". But, despite the Chinese origin of the dish, the Japanese gave him world popularity by introducing this soup into the menu of many restaurants and fast food cafes in the mid-50s.From this began the real ramen boom, first in Japan and then all over the world. Today, ramen soup is served in inexpensive cafes and prestigious restaurants.

More about noodlesramen noodles

The main condition - ramen noodles should be as thin as possible. You can buy a special Japanese, but to make it yourself is not too difficult. To do this, the dough from eggs, wheat flour and milk is rolled out, cut into strips and stretched by hand.


The recipe of ramen necessarily includes pork. Usually it is simply cut in bars, fried with onions and carrots, and slightly boiled in broth. You can pre-marinate for a couple of hours in soy sauce.

Ramen broth

For oriental cuisine, the combination of fish and meat tastes is perfectly common in one dish. Soups are no exception. The recipe of ramen, in which the broth is cooked from shark fins, is very popular. In addition, it can be prepared from chicken, beef, fish concentrate and algae. When cooking broth add roots, spices, spices. The type of ramen depends on the type of broth:

  • Shiro (white ramen with pure broth);
  • miso (there is miso in the broth);
  • soy (soy sauce is added to the broth).

ramen soupClassic recipe ramen

  1. Broth is boiled. The main condition is the freshness and compatibility of all selected ingredients among themselves. Salt broth is not necessary, it is better to do this after combining all the ingredients, because many sauces, including soy, are themselves salty.
  2. Separately from the broth noodles are boiled. If you use a home, it can be pre-dried a little on a dry skillet.
  3. Onions and grated carrots grated on a Korean grater are sauced in cast iron.
  4. In the same oil, where the vegetables were stewed, the pieces of meat were fried. At the end you can add a little broth and boil it to make it softer.
  5. Additional ingredients can be placed on the noodles. For example, boiled or fried eggs.
  6. In a deep bowl, a layer of meat is laid out, on top - vegetables, then noodles. And all this is poured broth.

Serving and food culture

In Japan, they do not eat soups with the help of our usual spoon. Traditionally, ramen is eaten with ordinary chopsticks. But it is perfectly acceptable to serve ramen with special-shaped porcelain spoons (so-called Chinese spoons). First you need to eat the main components of the soup, and then drink broth.

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