Rafting on Chusovaya on kayaks and catamarans: route, reviews

Chusovoy Rafting is the most popular sport in the Urals, which captures with its scenic route and adrenaline rush. Rafting on kayaks. For the sake of impressions and the successful passage of the water route, people from all over Russia come to this beautiful place. Let's find out what is the famous Chusovoy rafting, which route you need to overcome and to whom this extreme sport is available.

A bit about kayaking

Kayak - a small boat designed for rowing. It is a structure in which a pointed nose is clearly visible. Now kayaks are gaining popularity, because the demand for such tourism as rafting on the river is only increasing.

chusovoy rafting

Short theses about kayaks:

  • The ship's speed can reach 7 km / h, but it all depends on the flow of the river, and the size of the boat. It's simple: the lighter the kayak, the faster it will sail and vary on steep descents, so now there are both single and triple boats.
  • Kayaks are divided into several types: tourist and sports, frame and inflatable. Also, the boat is chosen based on the type of river, speed, depth and maneuverability.

Chusovaya River: history, location

The Chusovaya River is a water bridge that connects Perm, Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk, where often there is rafting. Its length is 592 km, so the river on its way affects the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions, as well as the Perm Territory. It is believed that Chusovaya - this is one of the largest rivers in these areas. Due to the fact that the river is deep enough, cargo ships and ferries run through it every year.river rafting

Those who have ever seen this river can say that it is truly a beautiful creature of nature, because it is bordered by dense forests and large Ural mountain ranges.

What is so famous alloy

Rafting on the river Chusovoy became famous for its picturesque landscape. Rafting on the river, you can see the amazing creation of nature. This is truly an unusual place, because Chusovaya has been passing the booming flow along Asia, the Urals and Europe for many thousands of years.

What can be seen during the rafting on Chusovaya? Amazing birds that now and then strive to enjoy fresh fish. Beavers who build dams with their families.Around the river is a solid forest - a nature reserve. The foot of a person rarely goes here, so wild animals such as boars, moose, bears, wolves and lynxes still abound there. To see firsthand all the nude natural beauty, people learn to kayak and catamaran, learn the nature of the river and get ready for a long swim.chusovoy rafting route

Rafting on the Chusovaya River attracts both experienced tourists and amateurs who want to know the character of the amazing river. For this, safe and extreme routes are created, tourist zones are opened, and experienced instructors are hired.

Five day route

Experienced tourists say that the longer the route of rafting on Chusovaya, the more impressions you can get. One of these routes is designed for 5 days. As a rule, the fusion takes place with the group and the instructor. If you are a professional, you can follow the route along with like-minded people on your boats, and if you only know the basics of the alloy, then you are advised to raft with the group after preliminary training.

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Approximate route

For all the time of the rafting, you will be able to observe the magnificent natural heritage - the rocks.With their greatness they can inspire, frighten, surprise and make fall in love. Each rock located along the Chusovaya River has its own personal name. In just five days of travel you will see such objects:

  • Rain Stone and Key;
  • Shaman's Cave;
  • Stone Blue and Pillars;
  • Stone Money and Sparrow;
  • Multyk Stone and Oven;
  • Stone Giant and Slabs;
  • Yellow stone and Mining mountain.

The length of the route is from 60 to 100 km.

The main feature of the long rafting on Chusovaya is the ability to spend days and nights in nature, meeting the sunrises and seeing the sunsets. This is the most romantic trip that you can only imagine, because you can visit the coastal villages, relax in a real Russian bath, dine on the river bank by the fire and spend the night in tents wrapped in warm sleeping bags.

River rafting rules

It doesn’t matter if you are swimming on your own or with an instructor, the main thing is to follow safety precautions and established rules:

  • It does not matter whether the distance is short or long. In any case, you must take with you the necessary equipment and essentials.
  • If you participate in the rafting on a catamaran on Chusovaya, then it is recommended to fit into a lifejacket, especially if you are unsteady on the water. Before you participate in rafting, you must understand that mountain rivers always have a current, unlike a lake. Even a small stream can knock you off your feet. The Chusovaya River is an excellent waterway for navigation, therefore the depth of the river is appropriate.

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  • No alcohol! Rafting on a kayak or catamaran, you and your team control the oars, so you need concentration and attention. Any misstep can lead to irreversible consequences.
  • If you stay on the shore and organize a camp, then you should never leave any garbage behind you. The Chusovaya River is a nature reserve inhabited by wild animals. Any trash can harm them!

Special features

You can see for yourself the unique nature, historical monuments. You will witness a story that has created splendor for thousands of years. Participating in the canoe rafting on Chusovaya, one can see famous places that participated in the shooting of such Soviet films as Volga-Volga, Spine of Russia, Varvara. Legends were composed about this amazing place, singing songs and writing epics.Now each of us has the opportunity to explore the wilderness from the inside and share our impressions with colleagues.


Reviews of the alloy on Chusovaya only positive. On popular forums and websites you can see hundreds of opinions and stories about how experienced tourists and fans simply floated along the famous river.catamaran rafting

Pros and cons of travel:

  • Water trail will accurately test your strength and endurance. You can not get up and leave, throw everything in the middle of the route and not swim. You either agree to the rafting from the very beginning, or refuse and do not participate at all. The river will test you and your fortitude. Those who have passed the 80-100 km long track can say with accuracy that they have been reborn and re-discovered the hidden potential in themselves. This is undoubtedly a plus.
  • There is also a minus: all the laid routes are quite popular, which makes it very hard to feel solitude. Rafting down the river, you can certainly see in front of you the same tourists as you.

Each of us must at least once in our life test ourselves for strength, descending along the river. In Russia, there are dozens of waterways that kindly welcome us and are ready to share their beauty and greatness with open arms.

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