Push-up bra: description, its features and how to choose

What do men pay attention to when they first look at a pretty girl? Romantics will say that the eyes, but the absolute majority of men will definitely appreciate the chest. A beautiful and seductive bust is the main subject of admiration and reverence for the strong half of humanity.

Yes, yes, girls want to be appreciated for other qualities, but beautiful external data increases the chances of sympathy from the gentleman. Nature did not give all the women a perfect shape: some girls have small breasts, someone lost elasticity after giving birth or losing weight. For them in the 60s of the last century the bra push up was invented. And he was undoubtedly one of the most useful inventions of mankind.

bras push up

These different bras

Bra - this is the most important part of women's wardrobe. Everything depends on him decisively: will it be nice to sit on a dress, will it be comfortable to play sports, how comfortable will a girl feel in casual clothes. And the types of bras over the past 100 years have come up with a lot.But the main model series can be reduced to several types:

  • Classic - with closed cups.
  • Balconette - with half open cups.
  • Bras push up - increasing.
  • Minimizers - visually reducing a large bust.
  • Bustier - combined with a shortened corset.
  • Sports - with a special rigid structure for active exercises.
  • Seamless - invisible bra without stitches and bones, invisible under clothing.
  • Corbey - with very open cups for deep cleavage.
    bra lace up

Push up

What is different from other models of women's bra push up? Due to its design - the straps and side panels, it lifts and fixes the bust, that is, it creates an immaculate neckline. In cups for giving of additional volume special inserts are located. They can be from:

  • dense foam rubber;
  • fabric with foam layer;
  • gel capsules;
  • airtight pocket;
  • oil filled capsules.

Ladies with curvaceous forms often refuse a bra with a push up, because they are afraid that it will increase the already large volume. And it is in vain: you can buy a sconce without inserts, but with a supporting effect.Visually, this combination looks very attractive: the magnificent breast is raised, and a seductive hollow appears.

bra pitted push up

Types of bras push up

Relatively recently, manufacturers have produced only one model with a push up effect, but today there are a lot of options. Here are the most common and popular:

  • Classic push up with foam cups - it is functional and comfortable to wear.
  • With removable liners. They are produced in two versions: models where there are already inserts and they can be removed, and a wall lamp without fillers, but with special pockets for them. When buying the last liners are purchased separately and you can play with the volumes, which is especially important when the bra is worn with clothes with different cutouts.
  • With gel or silicone liners. This type is especially relevant as part of a bathing set, since silicone, unlike foam rubber, does not get wet, does not stray in one direction and looks more natural. But the weight of this liner makes itself felt, and it is better not to carry the product for more than 3-4 hours.
  • Corrective, extra push up, or push up squared. For girls with zero size.Cups of this model are filled with special foam filler, which doubles the bust. But in the corrective bra is very hot, which causes sweating.
  • Bra strapless push up or gang. Not suitable for ladies with large bust. In order for it to support the bust, it is necessary to choose a model with a silicone insert in the center.
    strapless bra
  • Sports. Elastic sports bras lift the chest well and fix it, so they do not need a push up. But for girls with small breasts in sports products sometimes make pockets with small increasing liners.
  • Transformer. The novelty of the market. Such a sconce can be worn with any clothes due to the ability to remove the straps or change their position.
  • Bra pitted push up. This is mostly a decorative product. It practically does not support breasts, so it only looks good on teenagers or on women with small high breasts. But older ladies, with more rounded and mature forms, wearing a strap-up bra, will find that he is sitting wrong.
  • Seamless. It is made from the finest, finest material and is not visible under clothing.
    removable bra inserts

Every day like a holiday?

All lingerie can be divided into two categories, namely, what is worn under clothing and what is worn without clothing. Of course, any girl in the lingerie department is more likely to buy a push up lace bra than something more restrained and classic. But to wear it every day just will not, because all the ribbons and frills will stick out through the clothes.

So when visiting a store, you need to understand for what purposes the laundry is bought, and not to sacrifice one for the other. For example, if in the closet there are already 5-6 beautiful sets that are needed several times a year, and with a minimum of everyday bras, then you need to buy them.

Casual underwear is classic, often smooth of satin and similar materials, or with a minimum of lace inserts. And the worst news is that bras with a push-up effect are not suitable for everyday wear.

strapless bra push up

What is so dangerous push-up?

Here it is necessary to clarify that bras are dangerous in principle. According to studies, the risk of developing breast cancer will be 10% higher if you wear a bra 10-12 hours a day. If you wear it around the clock, the probability of the disease increases 125 times.And especially dangerous in this regard, cramped products, that is, push-up bras, which with all their virtues squeeze the chest.

So doctors recommend wearing such models not every day, and not more than 3-4 hours a day.

women's bra push up

Secrets of choice

How to choose a bra push up? Just like another similar product. But almost no one knows how to choose the right bra, because according to statistics, 80% of women do not wear a bra in size. In order not to be mistaken with the purchase you need:

  1. Always measure the product and forget about the dimensional grid: dimensions are needed as a guide, but only when fitting it will be possible to understand how the model has sat down.
  2. Measure correctly: girth under the breast and chest girth. When measuring the last parameter, you need to lift the chest, as it will be located in the sconce, otherwise the data on the completeness of the cup will be incorrect.
  3. Buy what you need to wear: models suitable for a particular dress, seamless stealth, corrective, etc. You should not get any beautiful lace bra, as they often gather in the closet for years.
  4. For every two beautiful lace products in the wardrobe there should be at least four everyday and one sports model.
  5. Zip up the bra on the last row of hooks, as over time, the tape will stretch.In this case, all the details should not be stuck in the body.
  6. Under the ribbon and straps should be 2 fingers: if more or less, then the size does not fit.
  7. With age, the bust changes, so do not focus on the old size and available in the wardrobe model.
  8. If the bra has sat down, then you need to check it in motion: bend, lift your hands up, spin. If the chest does not fall out when it is tilted, and when the arms are raised, the ribbon does not creep forward, then this bra is suitable.

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