Provinces of Canada: a list. The largest cities of Canada

Canada is a member state of the British Commonwealth. Formally, the head of state is the Queen of England. The official representative of the Queen in Canada is the Governor-General, who is appointed directly by the Queen, on the advice of the Prime Minister. Canada is the state that ranks second in size after Russia. It is located in North America. The population is about 36 million people. The official languages ​​of the country are English and French, and the currency is Canadian dollar. Canada is considered a great place to live. Such a conclusion can be made on the basis of several indicators: the level of the health care system, the quality and accessibility of education, the purity of the environment, the average wage rate combined with the cost of paying for basic services.

provinces of canada

This means that high-income people live in this country who can afford to work, relax and live in the most attractive conditions.The government provides them with free, but excellent medical care, free secondary education.

Provinces of Canada: what everyone should know

Canada has a good immigration policy and wants to increase the number of immigrants who want to settle outside the three main cities - Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver. At this stage in Canada there are ten provinces and three territories. The territory of Nunavut, which was established in 1999, is considered the newest administrative unit of the country. The paramount difference between the province and the territory of Canada is autonomy. Provinces received their authority under the Constitutional Act in 1867. The federal government can intervene by proposing minor amendments to the Constitution. This means that the province is practically independent of the federal government, as well as other provinces of Canada. Each of them has its own internal constitution, which affects the lives of citizens far more than the laws adopted by the federal government. As for the territories, they are completely under the leadership of the federal parliament and are the result of its laws.Each province and territory has its own personal emblems. Any province is responsible for its own social programs, health care, education and environmental protection.


The provinces of Canada (see list below) are quite numerous:

1. Alberta.

2. British Columbia.

3. Quebec.

4. Manitoba.

5. Nova Scotia.

6. New Brunswick.

7. Newfoundland and Labrador.

8. Ontario.

9. Prince Edward Island.

10. Saskatchewan.

Quebec Canada

Canadian Territories

There are three of them:

1. Nunavut.

2. Northwest Territories.

3. Yukon.

Quebec, Canada

Quebec has a vast territory. This province is very populated by people. Virtually the entire surface of Quebec is part of the Canadian Shield. On its territory the land is rich in natural resources, conifers, lakes and rivers.

Quebec (Canada) has a number of distinctive features:

• The St. Lawrence River is one of the largest in North America.

• The Cathedral of St. James was created in 1870 in the image of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome.

• The Cathedral in Montreal Notre-Dame de Beaune Sekyur - made in the image of the Notre-Dame de Paris.

• In 2008, the Canadian National Olympic Games took place.

• In 2011, the Grand Prix in figure skating.

• Amazing attractions are the Montmorency Falls.

The provinces of Canada are very developed and self-sufficient, so they can safely exist independently. As for tourism in Quebec, it is very developed. Its economy is 3 times stronger than the French. Life in this province has many advantages: low cost of living, excellent education and medical services, high security. Here there is food, chemical and light industry, pharmaceuticals, aerospace industry. Quebec’s uniqueness lies in the fact that French dominates here.


Alberta occupies the western part of the country. Its area is about like two Japan. Alberta, Canada is a great place for people with business skills.

Features of Alberta:

• Takes a significant place in North America in terms of economic freedom.

• Here is the smallest taxation of individuals.

• There is no provincial sales tax.

provinces and territories of Canada

The economy of this province is definitely the strongest in Canada. The most growing industry is oil, the smallest is agriculture and technology. It produces most crude oil, synthetics, natural gas and petroleum products.It is also the world's second largest exporter of natural gas. The presence of huge reserves of coniferous forests allow Alberta to produce a huge production of lumber, chipboard, plywood. The main difference between the province of Alberta is its rapid economic growth rate. Unemployment here is lowest in all of Canada. Alberta is also the only province in Canada that borders only one US state.


Saskatchewan is located on the west side of Alberta, on the east side with Manitoba, and on the south side with the American states of Montana and North Dakota. On the lands of Saskatchewan many lakes: Athabasca, Deer, La Ronge. These territories are very rich in minerals, the most important of which are potash salts.

Saskatchewan, Canada is a great place for visitors and guests. It has a number of features:

• Famous for the largest area of ​​moving sand dunes.

• The largest Ukrainian community lives in this province.

• Elevators are practically a symbol of Saskatchewan.

Canada's largest cities

Interesting Facts:

• Saskatchewan is called the “bread basket”.

• The province has a Ukrainian museum.

• In 2010, more than one thousand people came to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic flame in the city of Regina. At the finish he took a student Kelly Morris.

Saskatchewan is famous for its cultural and national diversity and the goodwill of its people.

New brunswick

A great place to start a business and earn money, raise children, enjoy life and build a nest that suits you perfectly. New Brunswick, Canada is one of the rarest places on earth. There is a very high standard of living and there are plenty of opportunities for work, investment and other businesses. It is the only Canadian province that officially has two languages ​​(French and English), and the local population is very proud of this fact. The provincial authorities are interested in the development of the economic sector as much as possible, and by all means encouraging the influx of immigrants.

Alberta Canada

The province of New Brunswick, Canada, boasts famous places:

• Bay of St. Lawrence.

• Strait of Northumberland.

• Bay of Fundy.

New Brunswick is also called "the world capital of lobsters." And in winter, this province is called “white gold” - snow is abundant here and givesopportunity to conduct ski lessons. Ski tracks with a total length of over 900 km.

Major cities of Canada, their features

The largest cities of Canada:

1. Toronto (Ontario). First of all, this city is attractive for its exotic nature, popular sports teams and film festivals.

2. Vancouver (province of British Columbia). It is here that Canada opens from a completely different side - a special charm, exquisite architecture and incredible views of nature.

3. Montreal (Province of Quebec). Montreal can be safely called international treasure. It harmoniously combines local laws and Western trends. This is a fun and safe place with lots of attractions and entertainment.

saskatchewan canada

4. Quebec (Province of Quebec). This city is saturated with historical motifs, sights. Due to the architecture of the French kings, lovely cafes and fortresses, this place has earned the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Calgary (Alberta). To this day in this city you can see real cowboys and Indians, wild incendiary dances. It is noteworthy that the cowboy festival Stampede is held annually in this town. This place was chosen by tourists from all over the world.

6. Ottawa (Province of Ontario).The capital of Canada, the technological and political center. If you want to experience the well-known Canadian hospitality, then go to Ottawa.

7. Edmonton (Alberta). This is a holiday city. Every year there are two major festivals of North America: theatrical and musical. Here you can meet both beginners and world famous stars.

8. Victoria is a tourist center and capital of British Columbia.

9. Winnipeg - this city has long been considered the birthplace of Winnie the Pooh. It is also a very important cultural and industrial center of Canada.

provinces of canada list

10. Halifax (Nova Scotia Province). Fishing town with small settlements, beautiful sights and endless sandy lines.

Canada is the perfect place to live.

Canada is famous for its developed and beautiful cities, affordable immigration policies and high standard of living for local residents. But the main asset of the country is its amazing nature, which attracts millions of tourists from every corner of our vast land every year. This country is always happy not only to tourists, but also to new residents who have decided to arrange their lives on their land.Canadians are hospitable and good-natured, so the provinces of Canada are the perfect place for a new life.

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