Programs interesting for the computer Windows 7

For computer systems based on Windows today in the world created so much software, which is impossible to imagine. However, it is worth considering some interesting computer programs (Windows 7), which are always desirable to have on hand. Next, there will be several major categories of software that will be useful for all occasions.

Programs (interesting) for the computer: introduction

Every user knows that Windows-based systems, provided they are initially installed on a computer or laptop, come with the minimum set of utilities required for operation. If we take exactly the “clean” installation of the system to the terminal, where the OS was initially absent, any person will notice that there is not even an “Office” in it, let alone means of protection, system optimization or entertainment.

programs interesting for computer

Therefore, the rest of the programs (interesting) for the computer will have to be installed personally. But at the same time, many users have a completely legitimate question: what to choose from all that is present in the software market today?

Interesting necessary programs for the computer: what should always be at hand?

Consideration of the most necessary utilities should start with their classification. In most cases, this grouping of applications into groups by purpose will help orient oneself in the myriad programs that have been developed and are actively being created now specifically for Windows-based computer systems (you can use BlueStacks utility, which presents the most popular applications, to simplify work).

interesting programs for windows 7 computer

Among all this diversity, interesting and useful programs on a computer should be chosen based on the following list:

  • antiviruses;
  • archivers;
  • system maintenance and optimization tools;
  • the Internet;
  • work with documents;
  • multimedia;
  • entertainment.


It goes without saying that the Windows-systems have their own means of protection against unauthorized interference with the computer and viruses. However, as practice shows, they are clearly inferior in functionality to third-party utilities.

the most interesting computer programs

Thus, initially you should install some kind of antivirus. There are a lot of them at the moment, but the most interesting and powerful in this regard are the software products ESET, Panda, Makwarebytes, etc.Most of these programs use the sending of threats and suspicious files for analysis or for isolation, in the so-called “cloud” or “sandbox”, protecting computers from viruses, rootkits, spyware, worms, Trojans, keyloggers, adware, etc.


Programs (interesting) for a computer, which are useful in everyday work, include applications for working with archives, because even when downloading large amounts of data from the Internet, in most cases they are presented in this form.

new interesting computer programs

WinRAR and 7-Zip can be offered as the most powerful and, as they say, advanced utilities. The first program is a classic archiver. The second is a relatively new development that even allows you to protect archives by encrypting data based on AES algorithms.

System maintenance and optimization tools

Any system, compared to the initial installation, starts to work with time not as fast as it was before. This is due to the accumulation of computer debris, the presence of remnants of remote applications, incorrect or obsolete entries in the system registry, etc.Own means of the system (except for cleaning, checking and defragmenting a disk) do not allow automated optimization.

interesting computer programs you need

The most interesting programs for a computer in this direction are represented very widely, but separately there are such applications as iObit Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller, which are capable of deleting not only the main application elements, but also residual files, folders and registry keys, which, unfortunately, is not able to do the built-in Windows uninstaller.

interesting and useful programs on the computer

On the other hand, you can speed up Windows by cleaning your computer from debris or turning off some unnecessary or unused functions with tools like CCleaner, Glary Utilities, Advanced SystemCare, and many others.

Driver packages

It goes without saying that it is desirable to have on hand and the means to update drivers. Such software products will be useful when installing modern games, which without the latest driver of the same video card may not work correctly or will not work at all.

interesting programs for a powerful computer

Here, preference can be given to products for an automatic update such as the latest DriverPack Solution or Driver Booster. Programs can update drivers of absolutely all devices without user intervention, after scanning all installed devices,referring directly to the resources of equipment manufacturers.

programs interesting for computer

In the case of graphic adapters, interesting programs for a powerful computer are mostly represented by control and test utilities from NVIDIA and ATI, for example, NVIDIA Experience, PhysX, ATI Catalyst, ATI Tray Tools, etc. They allow you not only to keep drivers up to date, but and improve the performance of chips for each particular game (sometimes you can even produce overclocking).

the Internet

The global network has become an integral part of the life of a modern computer user. For work on the Internet, programs (interesting) for a computer are mainly presented in several directions: access tools (browsers), information download tools (downloaders), and communication applications. We are not talking about web development tools now, as ordinary users, as a rule, do not use such tools.

interesting programs for windows 7 computer

Among the browsers, preference is generally given to such “monsters” as Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox, although the latest computer programs in the form of a recent development, the Edge browser, which appeared only in Windows 10, clearly does not lag behind (and sometimes surpasses other applications for speed and functionality).

Some add-ons can be added to browsers, among which an honorable place belongs to anonymizing add-ons (for example, in the Yandex browser this is Hola and FriGate), which allow visiting sites blocked in its region by changing the external IP of the user terminal.

Among the downloaders, there are also many applications, but today they mostly prefer working with torrent trackers, due to the high download speed. Therefore, it is desirable to have on hand something like uTorrent.

Work with documents

As already mentioned, initially in the “Office” system is absent. It will have to be installed. But the package is paid. And there is a way out. It can be easily activated with the help of a small utility KMSAuto Net (which, by the way, is also useful for activating any modification of Windows).new interesting computer programs

Using this activator is, in general, illegal, so instead of a product from Microsoft, you can install the same free OpenOffice, which, in the opinion of many experts, is not only not inferior to MS Office in functionality, but also has a number of interesting tools that are in standard Microsoft is not.


Programs (interesting) for the computer in the field of multimedia, as well as all other areas, are represented very widely.Here and all sorts of players, and format converters, and audio or video processing tools, and graphic editors, and entire software studios for creating and recording music.

interesting computer programs you need

But in addition to them, without which the application functionality is sometimes incomplete, a set of codecs and decoders should be installed. To date, the most complete is the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

As for creating music, for sequencers it is advisable to install the latest version of ASIO4ALL drivers.

Gamers will be interested in voice control utilities in team games like TeamViewer, as well as means of broadcasting games over the Internet like Steam.

In the same list, you can also include applications for online communication Skype or Viber. The second program was originally developed exclusively for mobile systems, but its latest versions work fine on stationary PCs (only binding to the number is required).


Finally, the entertainment industry is probably the most widely. Here are all sorts of games for every taste, means of changing the appearance of the "Desktop" (decorations like RocketDock, which can change the Windows interface under MacOS), various programs for transferring images to mobile devices or TV panels and much more. To list everything is simply impossible.

interesting and useful programs on the computer

But in terms of the unusualness of a very non-standard, you can call the program Google Earth, in which you can view not only our planet, but even houses, by specifying the address. The same unusual is the program Celestia - a kind of 3D-guide to the universe.

In general, when choosing an application, everything depends solely on the tastes and preferences of the user. And new interesting programs for the computer come out almost daily. Therefore, you just need to follow the innovations in the selected direction.

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