Programs for "Instagram" on the computer: where to download and how to use?

Instagram is almost an ideal service for those who want to share with their friends special moments of life through photography. However, users have already encountered some difficulties. It is about the lack of functionality of the service for the implementation of ordinary actions to which we are accustomed to in other social networks.

programs for instagram

First of all, this is work with photo content. What programs for "Instagram" or take, all spread through the "apple" store or "Google Play." In fact, they are mobile applications. There are no serious photo editors on iOS and Android, alas. And if they occur (an adaptation of "Photoshop" or CorelDraw), then they cost a lot of money and heavily load the platform, interfering with the normal operation of the interface.

Secondly, this is the lack of official ability to create multiple accounts.Of course, you can unscrew and register a lot of mailboxes and neatly stack passwords in a pile, but this method is not for the faint of heart.

How to be?

The best solution to these two problems will be to use special programs for the Instagram on a computer (add photos, edit it, publish, etc.). In the first case, we have excellent visualization (the difference between the screens of the smartphone and the monitor) and powerful support for editors (a set of PC chipsets are clearly more powerful than the phone), and in the second - convenient publishing on your accounts.

So, let's look at how the programs for the "Instagram" on the PC are called, where to get them, what they can, and how much easier it will be for the average user of this social network.

Uploader for Instagram

The utility was developed for the iOS platform and is sold in the Apple store for 300 rubles. After installation, the software settles in the menu bar and provides the user with the ability to upload photos to Instagram from a computer. The program is also adapted to the operating system "Windows", but in an amateur assembly. This means that the “garage” developer, alas, cannot give any guarantees in terms of stability and reliability.

program for instagram for photo

To upload content to a social network, simply activate your account in the application, then when you right-click on the photo, the Share ti Instagram item appears (in the Services submenu). Also available to the user the ability to edit images: cropping, transformation and the imposition of simple filters. After all modifications, if any, it remains to add hashtags and send photos to the network.

As a fly in the program for Instagram, the mediocre image quality of the output, as well as the lack of cross-posting settings in Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. The developer seems to be listening to user feedback, promising to work this moment out.


Unlike the previous utility, this program for the computer (“Instagramme”) is perfectly adapted both for the iOS platform and for the Windows operating system. It is also worth noting that the official developer resource has a paid and free distribution license. The latter is not much different (in terms of functionality) from the paid option. The only difference is in the design and additional filters, rarely used by ordinary users.

program for instagram on computer

It is impossible not to talk about the weakness of this program for Instagram.The photo has to be cut "in a square" by third-party editors. But for a person sitting at a computer, this is not a critical moment. The utility works with photo content not heavier than 500 KB, to which you can add some comments, descriptions and hashtags. At the exit, the user receives a direct link to the image, HTML-code for posting on the site, as well as cross-posting buttons for Twitter and Facebook. is rather not an Instagram program on a computer, but a service that works in your browser. The clear advantage of such “communication” is the solution of all technical issues related to publication by means of the project developers, and not the user.

Instagram photos from computer program

The service is organized on a paid subscription and with a fairly flexible pricing policy for both personal use and corporate. You need to make from 9 to 99 dollars per month. If you are not fan of this business and do not post every minute of your life on the network, then you should have enough of a basic license for five shots per day with one account. Those who are accustomed, like a machine gun, to lay out up to thousands of photos in several accounts and constantly need complex content editing, work with deferred publications and tag templates, it is better to take the program for Instagram with a VIP license.

Looking at the wide possibilities of the service, you can say for sure that is perfect for corporate use, because an ordinary user simply suffers from a monthly toad to pay for the opportunity to work with “Instragram”, even if it is of such quality.


This is a full-fledged Instagram program with support for iOS and Windows platforms. The utility has almost all the functions that are present in the official client for mobile gadgets, with the only difference being that the visualization on the monitor is noticeably more interesting than on the small screen of the smartphone.

what programs for instagram

Having opened this program for “Instagram”, you will see a neat ribbon where you can upload thematic content, as well as recommended pages and channels on the right side. You can adjust the position, size and content of the columns in the menu, so there were no problems with aggressive marketing.

To work with your pages and photo content there are buttons for quick transition, an interface for downloading images and video sequences from the hard drive or straight from a webcam. There is also a convenient search for hashtags and photo titles.Moreover, absolutely any content posted on the Instagram pages can be commented out or downloaded with one button, if, of course, the information is not hidden by the privacy settings.


If, for any reason, the above options do not suit you, then you can try, albeit a complicated, but working alternative to desktop versions of the software. We are talking about the emulator BlueStacks, which allows you to run applications designed for the platform "Android" in the environment "Windows." Such an alternative will make it possible to work with Google Play, and there you can already find tons of utilities for communicating with Instagram. About them will be discussed below.

what is the program for instagram

The only thing is to immediately warn that the emulator requires an average system performance (Core i3 or AMD A8) to work correctly, otherwise you will have to deal with lags and friezes, and not deal with photos.


Installing software should not cause any problems. It is enough to download the emulator from the official developer resource, after selecting the version of your operating system and the desired localization, and then launch the installation wizard, which will install automatically.

After installation, you have a shortcut on your desktop to launch the program.After clicking on it, the emulator will start (you need to wait 15 seconds), and you will see the familiar desktop of the Android platform. Next, you need to run Google Play and type “Instagram” in the search, then install the application and use it as you would on a regular smartphone, but with all the desktop advantages.

Next, we consider several useful programs for Instagram, which can be run under the control of the BlueStacks emulator.


This is perhaps the most simple, and most importantly, an intuitive utility for creating collages. The user has several templates, fun frames and a nice interface. To create a collage, you must select an image from your gallery or use the “Photo cabin” item to take pictures on the spot from a webcam.

The application comes with a conditionally free distribution license, but the Free version is free from any advertising. Option Pro contains a variety of accompanying surroundings: frames, patterns and filters. If you do not want to shell out for the paid version, and the soul requires diversity, then you can search for all these buns on, so to speak, unofficial resources.


This software must be installed for three reasons. The first is a luxurious set of effects and all kinds of VSCO filters along with extremely ergonomic tools for image processing. The existing Instagram filters are probably already boring for everyone and can be easily recognized even by a remote look, and this application will allow you to highlight your content in the stream.

program for instagram on computer add photo

The second is a convenient work with the camera and a mass of related functionality. Here, even the venerable manufacturers (Apple, Adobe, etc.), who are specially developing similar software for smartphones, will envy the existing opportunities.

The third is a community of photographers with a huge number, which means a lot of pictures for inspiration. Discover tab allows you to admire beautiful pictures of various directions that were made using this utility. In addition, the application supports sensible synchronization with cloud services.

Software features

We should also mention the VSCO brand store. It contains additional options for editing content and filters that you can get for free or buy for money (mostly). All data is divided into directions and categories, so finding the right tool is easy.And you are not buying a cat in a bag, but a product with a detailed description: many examples of pictures, video helpers for working with a particular filter and option, etc.

You can buy "chips" both individually and in groups. The latter is much more profitable, since one pack costs 2-3 dollars, and a separate tool, of which there are several pieces, is about $ 1. You can even buy all the filter kits for $ 7, while saving $ 10.

Despite the impressive price for such products, this software is worth buying and working on your phone or personal computer. With its acquisition, you generally forget about any problems with photo content and its publication in the service "Instagram". You will always have everything at hand.

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