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Film Studio Disney has created a huge world of fairy tales, in which many generations are in love. very dissimilar to each other either by appearance or by characters. Below are the main facts about the Disney princes, their stories and photos.


The first film adaptation of the tale of Cinderella was released in 1950, and the project has not yet lost its popularity. Later, viewers saw two animated continuations of the story.

One of the key characters of the tape is one of the princes of Disney - Charming. In the first animated picture of this hero they showed only a few times, therefore practically nothing is known about him.

princes of disney

We remind you that Charming is the owner of brown eyes and dark hair. The prince's skin is light, he is tall with broad shoulders. In the cartoon, he first appears in the scene with his father the king. He returned from a trip, and now his dad, the ruler of a dreamland, asks Charming to think about his family. Soon at the ball, he meets Cinderella.

One of the main features of the prince is the same attitude towards all residents of the kingdom, regardless of their status and position.Also, the guy believes in true love, which was his parents, so he hopes to experience this feeling himself.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

The princesses and princes of Disney are largely controversial heroes. Often, viewers criticize their actions, stories, accusing the creators of the implausibility. A lot of mixed reviews received a couple of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." This is due to the fact that the prince and the princess did not know each other, but only met once before he saved her from witchcraft.

princesses and princes of disney

We remind you that the prince first appears in the cartoon when Snow White sang near the well. He drove past the castle and heard a beautiful voice that made him stop. At first he listened to the song of the girl, and then began to sing along. The appearance of a stranger scared the princess, and she ran into the house. Then the prince began to sing serenade for Snow White, which made her go to the balcony.

Never in the cartoon the name of the hero was not mentioned, but it is known that the prince is called Ferdinand. He has blond hair and blue eyes.


Many are so in love with fairy tales that they buy Disney princess dolls, princesses and other heroes.One of the most beloved and vibrant couples are the heroes of the cartoon "Little Mermaid".

The beloved princess of the underwater world becomes a human prince named Eric. The guy has broad shoulders and muscular arms. He is the owner of thick black hair and blue eyes.

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In everyday life, Eric looks just like all ordinary sailors, which is very unusual for a prince. The guy is different from others sincere and kind character. For the first time he appears in front of the audience on the ship, where his birthday is celebrated. Soon the storm begins, and the ship crashes. Eric rushes to rescue his dog, and as a result he himself falls into a trap. The mermaid Ariel becomes the witness of this, and she pulls the guy to the shore.

"Sleeping Beauty"

The Disney princes in cartoons are always very brave and ready to do anything to save their beloved. This is what Philip from Sleeping Beauty is. He was confronted by the terrifying witch Malifisenta, fighting with her dragon and other servants in order to be with Aurora.

We remind you that the parents of the prince and the princess agreed that their children would marry when they were still very young.After Aurora was hidden in a small house in the forest, the beloved never saw each other. A new meeting occurred when the girl was preparing for her 16th birthday. Of course, they did not recognize each other, but fell in love.

Disney princess dolls

Philip has brown eyes and blond hair. Little is known about his character, but from the cartoon it is clear that he is very stubborn, always stands his ground. In addition, he is incredibly brave and strong.

"The beauty and the Beast"

Not all Disney princes from the very beginning show themselves to be noble. Some have never been kind, but have been able to change for the sake of love. This is about Prince Adam from the Beauty and the Beast cartoon.

The guy has always been a narcissist and is judged by his condition Once a poor woman came to his castle and asked for shelter, but, of course, Adam did not accept the beggar. Unexpectedly for him, the old woman turned into a young woman who, as it turned out, possessed magic. She turned Adam into a beast, and all courtiers into objects. The sorceress said that only sincere love can remove the magic, otherwise the prince will remain a monster forever.

princes of disney

Adam completely lost the hope of salvation, since there was almost no time to search for his beloved, the spell can only be removed until the last petal falls from the witch's rose.Despite the complexity of the task, Adam managed to change, as well as to achieve mutual love from a simple girl named Bel. We remind you that Adam has blond hair and blue eyes.

princesses and princes of disney

"The Princess and the Frog"

Another Prince of Disney, who was not perfect from the beginning, is Naveen from the cartoon story "The Princess and the Frog." Parents of the guy refused to give him money, because he did not know how to earn them, and also to dispose of them.

princes of disney

Meanwhile, the guy does not want to hear anything about work, he raves music. Once the evil sorcerer decides to deceive the prince. He promises him riches, but instead turns Navina into a frog. Then the guy goes in search of a princess, a kiss which can return him to his former life. The prince meets Tiara, which he takes to be a princess, and asks her to help. However, the plan does not work, and the girl also becomes a frog.

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