Prayer for the night - food for the spirit

Prayer - why should we?

Prayer is a real gift given to every person. It's like a treasured phone number where you can call where you are always welcome, waiting and love. She is able to perform great miracles, although no, not a prayer, but the faith of a person, invested in it and expressed by the Creator with it. It is difficult to imagine the life of a true believer without communion, confession and prayer.

night prayer

Appeals to God are different - thanksgiving, penitential, pleading. They are necessary for the soul of man just as water or air is for his body. Modern life with its intense rhythm does not always allow people to frequent the temple, but prayer for the night is something that everyone can do for himself, for his soul, every day.

prayers for the nightWhy pray before bed

The day ended, he left with all his joys and concerns, but his echoes remained in his heart. Someone hurt us, someone we. Prayer for the night allows us to thank God for giving us one more day, to think over our actions, to repent.You can ask the Lord for help in business or for guidance on the true path of your loved ones, children. Most often, before going to bed, they read "Our Father," a prayer to the guardian angel, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ.

How to pray before bedtime

Start reading should be after all the cases are finished, so that nothing interferes and distracts. This time should be devoted to communication with God, to tune in, temporarily try to disconnect from all their problems and concerns. Remember that prayer for the night, like any other, is not a magic spell that can only be said out loud, and it will work. The main thing in it is not words, but the thoughts of a man, the strength of his faith, sincerity. The Creator does not need special postures, time, robes or florid speech, he is pleased with the warmth of the soul of the person praying. If you do not know any prayer for the night, it would be good, of course, to learn something, but when an irresistible desire appears, it is quite possible to manage your own words. This is exactly the case when the quantity and quality do not depend on each other, because you can read all the pages of the prayer book and not for a minute approach your soul to the heavenly Father, because your thoughts will be occupied with anything, just not understanding and more importantly spoken words.Orthodox night prayer is an opportunity for a sincere and confidential conversation with the Lord, only in this case it will be useful.

Orthodox night prayerThe most common mistakes

Shakespeare was right: a lot of inexplicable things for sages exist in our world. No matter how much they try to unravel the mystery of prayer, its benevolent influence on a person, she securely stores it. Although it is not clear here only for scientists who are accustomed to lay out everything on the formula and paint on the rules. A believer just knows and understands everything without evidence. However, there are some common misconceptions regarding this issue. There is an opinion that the power of prayer lies in its original and undistorted form, such as is printed in church books. Allegedly, when it is pronounced, special vibrations are created that have the same unique capabilities. But the texts that contains the prayer book or similar editions are exemplary, they should certainly be guided, memorized, however, if you change something in them during the prayer or say in your own words, there will be no sin. It is not necessary to read the texts of appeals to God, taken from dubious books or magazines, for this there are church books.We are not talking about vibrations at all, as night prayers and others are translated into dozens of languages, but their strength is preserved. In prayer, you can not ask for money and punishment for enemies. Everything that God asks for should be added: “If that is your will.” Believe with all your heart, ask for help in teaching prayer, remember that God is merciful.

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