Potato dumplings: a recipe with photos

from the potato gave us traditional Belarusian cuisine. Like many others, this dish has several cooking options. There are only minor differences between them, as the main ingredient in any case will be potatoes. The dish is prepared as a main dish, as well as a side dish for meat. Potato dumplings are nourishing, tasty and appetizing, so loved by adults and children.

Potato dumplings: a recipe

Description of an ancient dish

Dumplings (or dumplings) are known to us as a traditional Slavic dish. However, these recipes are present in many cuisines of the world. Cooked according to the Belarusian recipe, the dumplings are juicy, tender, melting in the mouth. Slavs believed that such a dish could be enough to feed a hard-working man.

The recipe for potato dumplings is also present in Polish cuisine. There they since ancient times were served on the table with cheese and melted butter. In addition to potatoes, manna or flour, cottage cheese, and sometimes even fresh berries were added to the mass.

In Hungary, dumplings were made to stew with pepper and bacon with sour cream sauce. The Austrians preferred to cook soup with them. In Norway, the locals used white fish for cooking dumplings, not potatoes. It was mixed with onions, flour, herbs and eggs, balls were prepared, boiled and served with cream sauce.

This is not all recipes for potato dumplings. Some of the cooking options include adding a mushroom, meat or vegetable filling. The best dish combined with sour cream.

Recipe for potato dumplings with meat

Main ingredients for making traditional potato dumplings

For a classic potato dumpling recipe, you need only a few ingredients that are commonly found in every home:

  • potatoes;
  • eggs;
  • flour;
  • bow;
  • salt.

You also need to first prepare the gauze, through which it will be convenient to squeeze the extra juice. The amount of each product can be calculated independently, depending on how much ready-made dish you need to get. For 8-10 medium sized potatoes, you need to take 1 egg and 1 onion, 3-4 tablespoons of flour. If there is a post, the egg can be excluded from the list of ingredients.

Potato dumplings: a recipe with photos

Potato dumplings recipe: cooking steps

Prepared potatoes should be washed, peeled and grated on the smallest grater. You can try to grind it in a blender, but, as practice shows, this method is much worse. Next, rub the onion. It, by the way, can be crushed in a blender so as not to hurt the eyes.

When the potatoes and onions are rubbed, they must be shifted to gauze and squeezed well to get rid of excess fluid. It is advisable to take a bigger piece and roll it into 3-4 layers. The denser the fabric, the better and more comfortable. The resulting juice does not need to pour out - it is useful in the future. Therefore, we leave it in the cup.

Put the mass into the container, add the egg, salt it. During this time, the liquid in the cup will stand, pour it, and at the bottom we find starch. We shift in a common container, to potatoes and onions.

The next step in the recipe for raw potato dumplings is the addition of flour. It is difficult to say how much to take it, because everything depends on the type of potato, the quality of the spin and so on. It is necessary to add a little bit, each time mixing the mass. It should make a soft dough, from which you can effortlessly roll the balls.

Before scaling the dumplings, put on the stove to warm up a wide, large saucepan, half full of water. Now proceed to the molding of dumplings. It is believed that the smaller the balls, the tastier the dish will turn out. Therefore, do not make them the size of a chicken egg - better as quail. Too small, too, will not work. And you do not need to achieve the ideal form, because they are deformed. Dumpling spread on a tray, pre-sprinkled with flour.

When the water in the pan boils, it must be salted - this is very important. If you wish, you can add bay leaf and black peppercorns for flavor. Then drop the dumplings one by one. It is necessary to interfere very carefully so as not to break the balls. It is important to stir constantly so that the dumplings do not stick.

It is necessary to cook on medium heat until cooked. When the dumplings pop up, you need to let them boil for a couple more minutes, and you can get them. It is advisable to use skimmer, and not to merge into a colander.

The balls are suitable for food already at this stage, but the traditional recipe (with photos of potato dumplings can be found in this material) suggests roasting in butter - so the products look even more appetizing. At the same time it is necessary to turn each ball.Then they will roast on all sides and get much tastier.

Recipe for potato dumplings with minced meat

Dumplings from potatoes with meat

To cook meat balls, you must prepare:

  • 1 kg of potatoes;
  • 200 g pork fillet;
  • 250 g of potato starch;
  • 1 onion;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Peel potatoes, wash, boil in salted water and grate. Put in a bowl, add starch and mix. Then you need to put the mass on the table and knead the dough without flour by hand.

Cut the finished ball into several pieces, roll up the sausages from each and cut them. From the pieces to make balls, in each of them make a small indentation. Grease a baking sheet, then put dumplings on it.

The next step in the recipe of potato dumplings with meat is the preparation of pork. It must be cut into strips and fry in a pan. When the meat gets golden color, send to it finely chopped onion, salt and spices to taste. It is necessary to fry until done.

Prepared dumplings are immersed in water and cook until they emerge - then immediately remove. We put the balls on the plates, put the meat and onions in the hollows, pour the dish with butter, in which the pork was roasted, or melted cream, and served on the table. Meat dumplings are ready.

Raw potato dumplings: recipe with photos

Recipe for potato dumplings with minced meat

This cooking option came to us from German cuisine. The process of cooking itself differs little from the Belarusian one, with the only difference that onions are added not to potatoes, but to minced meat. In this case, it is also better to prepare potatoes, as in the previous recipe - boil and mash or grate. From the resulting dough, a cake is made, and minced meat is laid out in it. Next, you need to form balls. Dumplings with minced meat are cooked over high heat until such time as they float. Then you need to turn down the fire and cook another 10 minutes.

Dumplings made from mashed potatoes

In the traditional recipe, instead of raw potatoes, you can use boiled potatoes, mashed with a spoon. Or a full puree, but without adding oil. The taste of the finished dish will not suffer from this, but experienced housewives are still advised to cook it in the traditional way - from raw potatoes. The recipe of dumplings with photos and step-by-step description of the process is presented above, so we will not repeat.

Raw Potato Dumplings Recipe

Potato dumplings with cheese

Incredibly tasty are dumplings with cheese and basil. To prepare the balls will need:

  • 1 kg of potatoes;
  • about 250 g of flour;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 100 g of hard cheese;
  • basil.

Potatoes must be boiled, peeled and crushed. You can also skip it through a meat grinder. Grate cheese, add to potatoes. Then send eggs, flour, basil to the cup and knead the dough. Roll the balls and cook them according to the traditional recipe.

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