Portfolio is what? Student Portfolio: Sample

It so happened that in the modern world the meaning of a word is determined by the principle of frequency of use. Thus, the word “portfolio” is most often associated with the model business, and as a value there are numerous photographs on electronic media or decorated in a beautiful book.

In fact, the meanings of this word are much greater. For example, a portfolio can be a teacher, student or student, literary or theatrical - depending on the scope of the word.

Look at the meaning

Every word in a language has its own semantics, and this case is no exception. A portfolio is, in essence, a collection of works of any type. For example, it can be carefully selected works of different years, photographs taken on a specific subject, or drawings made in different techniques.

By and large, a portfolio is a kind of presentation of skills, abilities, or achievements.Initially, this phenomenon was used for the most part in a professional environment, since with such a collection, it was much easier to demonstrate one’s abilities to the employer. Most often this was an artistically-designed folder containing all the necessary information about the professionalism of the applicant for the position.

portfolio is

Today, a portfolio is not necessarily a material carrier. On the contrary, electronic resources, whether removable storage media or Internet sites, are much more often used to store and present this kind of data.

Transition to education

Naturally, the convenience of this kind of data systematization could not go unnoticed. Gradually, the use of this technology has expanded, and now the portfolio is actively used in the field of education.

The use of this type of systematization can be very diverse. For example, a teacher's portfolio can be useful both when applying for a job and during direct interaction with the class. This is a kind of diary, where you can record all the most necessary. In fact,A portfolio is a way to organize achievements in mastering a particular teaching method, summaries of the best lessons, and other personal achievements.

Why does the student need it

The question naturally arises as to why a schoolchild may need this kind of technology. Surprisingly, the range of its application is extremely wide. Moreover, such systematization of information is quite acceptable both for younger schoolchildren and high school students.

Junior and high schools

A children's portfolio can contain his best works, diplomas obtained for participating in contests and competitions, other achievements noted by the teacher.

portfolio sample

In addition, this technology fits perfectly into the training system itself. For example, this way any achievements of a student can be recorded while studying a new topic. In this case, the special folder that represents the portfolio should contain all the knowledge and skills it received, the level of understanding of the new material and other features of the process.

More serious use

For a high school student portfolio, a class may be even more useful.For example, many educational institutions practice the distribution of students into classes with a particular bias. Thus, the recorded achievements, abilities and skills of a student help to determine his inclinations, abilities and the most appropriate system of training.

The same applies to the choice of a future university, institute or lyceum - systematized information about schooling allows you to clearly see and understand the student’s abilities and preferred course of study.

Features of educational technology

Among other things, another aspect of using a portfolio has already been repeatedly proven. This technique allows you to further stimulate learning activities, since it is based on technology incentives.

baby portfolio

The more marks will appear in the portfolio, the more active the student or even the student will work. In this case, I am referring to some element of excitement, which acts as a catalyst for learning activities.

What should be included in the student portfolio

By and large, the organization of this folder depends primarily on the imagination of the teacher and the age of the student.It is quite obvious that for the lower grades the information placed in the portfolio will be one, and for the older ones - completely different. However, there are certain common patterns that modern schools actively use.

If you have seriously thought of introducing a technology for maintaining a portfolio for your child or student of your class, the sample will be approximately as follows: the number of sections is determined by necessity and in accordance with the material under study.

The most important aspect of this technology can be considered a reflection of the student’s personality, so the first section must be devoted to the autobiography and filling out the questionnaire with minimal data.

teacher portfolio

The second section, as a rule, reflects the child’s goals - his plans for the upcoming school year, post-secondary education, or the period of study of the topic. It is good, if in addition marks on performance of tasks in view are put.

Also in this section, as a rule, the child’s employment in any extra-curricular activities, participation in study groups and other information indirectly related to the learning process is noted.

A separate section should be made to achieve the child.Here, as a rule, various certificates, awards and diplomas obtained for certain types of activities are stored.

If the portfolio is designed for a long period (a year or the entire learning process), it is worth making a subsection in which the student’s impressions obtained as a result of attending certain events (exhibitions, theater performances, trips to the circus) will be reflected. This enhances reflection skills and analytical skills.

Finally, the portfolio must include work materials, which can be presented in the form of tests and independent works or simply sheets with estimates obtained for a certain period. In this case, it is necessary to fully reflect the dynamics of student performance.

class student portfolio

Finally, a portfolio, a sample of which is described in this article, must necessarily provide an opportunity for feedback. That is why it is important to highlight a special part of the folder for teacher and parental impressions. This will allow not only to judge the student’s academic performance and personality, but also to correct his development, development and world outlook.

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