Port Said - the key to North Africa

The original idea hardly meant the expansion of the city to a huge metropolis. Port Said was created as a settlement for builders and for workers who will subsequently serve it.

City-monument on the seashore

Despite its relatively small age, the city has its own heroic history. Locals love to talk about how their city opposed British troops during the Suez War. Resistance, however, lasted only one day.

Otherwise, Port Said is a dense network of straight streets, laid out in accordance with the urban planning mode of the mid-19th century. Most of the houses in the city were created in the same period. Perhaps the only historical monument and really important landmark could be the Statue of Liberty, now installed in New York. It is known that the government of the country was asked to install it on its embankment the city of Port Said.Egypt, however, declined the offer due to excessive transportation and installation costs.

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Port Said: The Key to the Mediterranean

The city performs important maintenance work on ships passing through the canal. In addition, it now also accepts cargo arriving by land from the Middle East and Africa.

Like other big cities of the country, the city of Port Said cannot boast a good ecology either. Egypt is trying to solve the problem of excessive pollution and port water, but so far not very successfully.

Due to the lack of historical and cultural monuments, the city is practically not visited by travelers. Only a few brave souls and lovers of colorful urban tourism can venture out for a walk around the industrial city.

Due to the low demand for tourist services, Port Said hotels are hardly improved. There are no large resort complexes in the city, international hotel chains with an impeccable reputation are not represented. However, this is not a reason to despair. Often in small home-based hotels you can get not only quality service, but also a warm welcome with attentive, almost family-like attitude of the owners.

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Business tourism is on the rise

As the third largest city in Egypt, Port Said at the same time ranks second in the ranking of the busiest ports in the Middle East, second only to the Oman port of Salalah.

Since its founding, the city has been a center of business activity and international trade, as well as a point of attraction and interweaving of various interests, often even conflicting ones.

Many of Egypt's disagreements with other states arose precisely because of the desire to control the shortest trade route from Asia to Europe. Today, however, the jurisdiction of the port is not questioned, and political conflicts have receded before the desire to conduct mutually beneficial trade.

Understanding the importance of the port for the Egyptian economy and world trade, the government gave it the status of free port, which saved international companies from having to pay taxes. With such a scheme, the source of income is the fee for services for unloading and loading ships, their refueling, as well as the fee for the conduct of ships through the channel.

Port Said Hotels

A lone tourist will not be bored

Despite the fact that the hotel industry in the city is far from prosperous, modern technologies allow finding a way out of this situation.You can, for example, use the services of booking accommodation directly from the owners or use the opportunity for an international search for a partner in the exchange of housing for the holidays.

In the event that the traveler decided to visit the city, he should think about how to get there. First of all, I must say that there is an airport in the city, but there are few flights, and the price of tickets is usually high. It would be wiser to get to Port Said from Cairo, where many flights fly from any European country. In this case, it will be possible to combine rest in the capital with a tour of Port Said.

You can get from Cairo by bus or train. The road takes no more than four hours and allows you to enjoy all the pleasures of Eastern life. Traders scurry about in the trains, offering to buy food or tea, various souvenirs and water. Bottled water, by the way, can be particularly beneficial and safer.

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Several important places in the city of Port Said

As mentioned above, the city, despite its youth, has a glorious military history. This is what one of the city’s museums is devoted to - the Port Said Military Museum.The main exhibition tells about the Suez crisis and the Six Day War with Israel.

In addition to the usual collections of antiquities for Egypt, there is a Museum of Modern Art in the city, opened in 1995. The collection can hardly boast of diversity. The exhibition consists of works by Egyptian artists, little-known outside the country, which means it will allow the traveler to enrich their knowledge about the modern life of Egypt.

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