Polishing a windshield do it yourself

Operation of the car is certainly accompanied by aerodynamic loads on the windshield. Also, mechanical action with all the ensuing consequences is not excluded. At high speeds, even collisions with small particles of dust, sand and insects can lead to small cracks and scratches on the glass surface. In the usual manner, janitors also contribute to the formation of microdefects. It is almost impossible to completely eliminate the influence of these factors, and the only way out of this situation is to polish the windshield, eliminating the flaws accumulated on the surface. Moreover, this operation can hardly be called unnecessary, since road safety directly depends on the quality of visibility through the windshield. In turn, small scratches and abrasions in large quantities significantly impair the quality of the review.

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Tool and auxiliary materials

The polishing operation is very delicate,therefore requires a good technical organization. First of all, you need to decide on the main tool that will carry out the procedure. Theoretically, polishing the windshield with your own hands allows the use of conventional rags, which are applied to a special tool. But the quality and effectiveness of such actions cannot be compared with drills and grinders. Therefore, it is better to take care of the presence of one of these devices, complementing it with a polishing circular nozzle and velcro for fastening. Also, the work will require a protective polyethylene film on the body, a marker, water, electrical tape and adhesive tape.

Polishing paste

polishing your own windshield

Polishing is not complete without a paste designed specifically for car glass. Formulations of such agents typically include components based on cerium, iron, and chromium oxide. Polishing paste is a fine-grained abrasive, so it should be handled with care. The fact is that there are various modifications of the compositions, by means of which rough, surface and finish polishing of the windshield can be performed.Reviews of motorists say that the most effective demonstrate water pastes containing cerium, which differ in a brown tint. One way or another, in order not to miscalculate in choosing the best product, it is necessary to determine the severity of the glass damage, and on the basis of troubleshooting, identify the requirements for the paste characteristics.

Fault detection

Experts share three categories of damage on the windshield. The first includes minor defects with a depth not exceeding 200 microns. In such a case it is worth to stock up on a circle of felt and paste containing manganese or zinc oxide.

Damage to moderate severity is rubbing and scratching, the depth of which reaches 300 microns. The abrasive, with which the windshield can be polished with such defects, should have zirconium dioxide and iron oxide elements. In addition, as a completion of the procedure, it would not be superfluous to duplicate the method designed for polishing minor damages.

The most problematic are defects exceeding 300 microns in depth. First, it takes a long time to process them.Secondly, special preparations and means are required, among which are ultraviolet fixation and photopolymer compositions. This may be a multi-level polished windshield of the car, during which will be applied coarse paste, including chromium and cerium.

Polishing preparation

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First of all, the machine must be thoroughly washed outside. The windshield is given special attention. It should be borne in mind that the smallest particle in the course of polishing can act as a rather coarse abrasive, due to which new scratches will appear. After that, the car is closed with a plastic film, and the working surface is left open. Adhesive tape to fix the edges of the film. It will be quite difficult to find damage without additional designation, as polishing the windshield with your own hands is accompanied by applying paste. In this regard, the problem areas should be marked from the salon with tape, and on the outside - with a marker.

Polishing technique

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At home, motorists often use a drill, installing on it a frame with a felt circle. In accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, the paste should be diluted with water to an optimum condition. Next, the composition must be lubricated with felt and let it soak.A small layer is applied to the windshield in problem areas. It is necessary that the polishing of the windshield from scratches has the maximum effect on these areas.

Work with a drill is conducted in the range of 1300-1600 rpm. At the same time it is necessary to maintain a 5-degree angle between the grinding wheel and the glass. Movement apparatus must be straight - from side to side, across the crack or other defect. To prevent the paste from setting, and the surface of the windshield does not overheat, it is necessary to periodically water the treated areas with water.

polishing the windshield from scratches

Movement from one place to another should be smooth and without jerks. At the same time, polishing the windshield does not require much pressure on the surface. Excessive effort can do even more harm to glass. From time to time you need to stop and remove the paste with napkins or a clean towel. You can complete the operation according to the results of visual inspection - if scratches and abrasions are eliminated.

Auto glass care rules

Delay the moment when there is a need for regular polishing of the windshield, will help quality care for its surface.Of course, for this you can attend specialized car washes, but the savings on such expenses will significantly exceed the investment required for polishing the windshield in the garage. For preventive cleaning you will need napkins, rubber brushes and waffle cloth. It is advisable to purchase this set in the salons that implement auto chemistry. There are also bought cleaning products. The sequence of washing is the same as with standard cleaning behind other glass surfaces. The composition diluted with water is applied to the surface, which is then wiped with a brush or towel, which, by the way, does not leave stains and provides a radiant shine.

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