Pixie haircut is extremely short and gentle

Pixie - a hairstyle for the most charming and courageous women who are not afraid that their beauty will disappear without long well-groomed curls. By the way, these fears are absolutely groundless: if the hairstyle is chosen wisely and professionally arranged, then it will only highlight the features of a beautiful face, emphasize some lightness and helplessness of the image. It is the pixie haircut that has become a favorite with celebrities. It is easily combined with any outfit (as with the everyday urban style, and with an evening dress).pixie haircut


There are quite a few forms of this hairstyle, some of them are based on bob haircut, but the wizard highlights the nuances individually. It all depends on the structure of the hair, their color and shape of the face, as well as the physique. Pixie haircut can be asymmetrical and symmetrical, with a short or long bang, can be very neat or aggressively torn, in addition, this hairstyle can be differently styled. Pixie-style is suitable for brown-haired women, blondes, brunettes, and also perfectly saves the situation, if the hair is sparse.The main thing is to remember that a pixie haircut requires well-groomed hair, and the anatomical structure of the head and the shape of the hairstyle should be perfectly combined. Properly chosen option will create a unique image, it is only important to contact a hairdresser, who owns various technicians and instantly determines what exactly will suit the client by a combination of factors. The master should be aware of all the fashion trends, skillfully implement them in practice, accurately choosing the style that suits the client.pixie haircut

Pixie haircut - current models of the season 2013

This year at the peak of fashion there are several options for cutting pixie. Hair cut very short, but strongly tousled in the back of the head is a real hit. A pixie hairstyle with a length below the earlobe with a straight, long, triangular bang reaching to the chin or nose is also quite popular among young people. Depending on the styling of bangs, you can achieve both meek and aggressive-aristocratic facial expressions. Also the trend of this year is shearing in layers. Layered pixies are very convenient, they are easy to put in a neat hairstyle, they do not require special care.It is enough to ruffle your hair so that the hairstyle will get the desired shape. And if you use gel or mousse in styling, you get a solemnly rigorous style. A pixie-hairstyle, formed by layers, allows for the presence of short bangs and elongated curls at the back of the head. This is a very fashionable pixie hairstyle, the photo of which can be found in magazines of the 60s. Then this name was not known, but short hairstyles were distributed. They were worn only to emphasize the femininity and elegance of the image.pixie haircut

How to lay?

Pixie haircut provides several styling methods that can be changed every day. For the standard daily version, mousse is used, which is applied to the entire surface of the hair and creates the effect of a flirtatious wave. You can put the pixie in the style of punk, for this using a gel, you need to comb the hair on its side and give it volume. And, of course, retro styling will always be relevant. Do not be afraid to experiment. Properly done hairstyle can change your appearance for the better.

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