Piñata - what is it? How to make a Mexican toy yourself?

At various children's holidays, celebrations and weddings, entertainment such as piñata becomes more and more popular. What it is? Where can I get it? How to make yourself? A lot of questions ...Pinya what is it?

Piñata is a ball of papier-mâché,colorful paper and bright ribbons, suspended and filled with sweets. To release such attractive and tempting contents it is necessary to break it with a stick.

History of appearance

So, piñata: what is it? For the first time such entertainment appeared in Mexico, although, according to some reports, its appearance is obliged to the inhabitants of China. It was in this country for several centuries that the New Year's meeting occurred with the obligatory presence of a large figure of a cow or a bull filled with flowers and five kinds of seeds. People smashed it, burned the remains, and took the ashes. It was believed that in this case the coming year will be pleasant in all respects. Mexico with such fun, which is an indispensable attribute of children's birthdays, met a couple of centuries later. Interesting entertainment with pleasure diversified their holidays European residents.

Piñata: what is it?

The traditional form of the piñata, considereda Christmas symbol, is represented by a large seven-pointed star that points the way to the Wanderers. In Spain, such a figure is made from a clay pot, to which paper cones are attached. For Europe is characterized by a simpler version - from papier-mache. How to make a piñate yourself?

More and more people are gaining figuresvarious content (houses, flowers, balls), cartoon characters or figures corresponding to the age of the birthday. In addition to sweets, piñata can be filled with all sorts of pleasant trifles: nice prizes, small balls, soft toys, stickers, toys, unexpected surprises. Piñata (photo can be seen in the article) is an excellent alternative to fireworks, which, in addition to visual pleasure, has a lot of positive and excellent mood.

Manual for self-manufacturing

How to make a piñata at home? In the manufacture of such original fun with their own hands, the space for imagination is huge; The easiest way to build it in the form of a ball. Previously required to make a papier-mache shape, which will need:

  • ¼ cup of wheat flour;
  • 2 teaspoons of starch;
  • 1 cup of cool water;
  • 0,5 liters of boiling water;
  • old newspapers.

The first step is to weld the paste: combine the flour with the starch, dilute with cold water. The resulting solution should be poured into boiling water, stirred to a uniform state, and cooled.piñata photo

From the newspaper cut strips (about 10 * 30 cm);each lubricate the paste and glue to the base, which is most convenient to use an ordinary balloon (not too inflated) or a large gym ball.how to make a piñataAs strings it is better to use not thread, buttape, so that during the drying process the ball could be blown. It is recommended to stick newspapers at least 4 layers, waiting for the complete drying of the previous one (about 1-2 hours). If the piñata is intended for young children, it is enough to apply 3 layers; if there is something heavy for the adult or inside, it is better to strengthen the ball with two or three additional layers. To loosen the pinyat and make it easier to break it, it is recommended that you use a knife to make a few neat holes in it.

Mass for papier-mache can be prepared by another method - using 8 rolls of toilet paper, 1 liter of PVA glue, 3 liters of water as material.

In a spacious container in water it is necessary to soaktoilet paper, then squeeze it well. To facilitate this occupation it is possible with the help of gauze cloth, in which to place the soaked mass. The remaining "cake" is combined with the glue and applied to the substrate, leaving uncovered the place where the ball is tied.piñata is a toyAfter the drying of the substrate (this usually goes awayabout 3 days), you can check the readiness of the piñata by tapping on it. The characteristic sound will confirm the dryness of the product. Then the tape needs to be untied and the ball blown off. On the inside, the papier-mache must be dry and smooth.

We complicate the task

For those who learned to make simple forms of piñataTo master its manufacture in the form of various figures would not be particularly difficult. For example, for a figure in the shape of an animal, a double-sided tape must be applied to the balloon by sticking cardboard parts or several balls of other sizes onto which to apply newspaper weight.piñata photo

During the manufacturing process, it is necessary to determine thea place for which the piñata will be suspended, fix a hook with wide shoulders, made of a thin wire hanger. Hangers can be fixed from the inside of the balloon with adhesive tape, the opening - masked with adhesive paper tape.

How to decorate a piñata

Of course, the resulting dirty gray ball firstlittle resembles a conceived toy, so it requires further design and decoration. Most often for decoration, colored corrugated paper is used, which is required to cut into strips 5-7 cm wide in the form of fringe (across, not to the end).Pinya what is it?It is required to glue a piñata from the bottom with a fringe down, round; strips should be applied so that one slightly enters the other. Leave it to dry for a day.how to make a piñata at home

You can supplement the piñata with elements such aseyes, ears, tail (depending on what kinds of pinyat are thought up). You can also decorate the finished form with satin ribbons, shaggy feathers, pieces of foil, artificial flowers and serpentine.types of pinyat

For example, by layering the piñata with honey-colored paper and decorating the bees with Velcro, you can get a pretty hive. Piglet, eyes and ears in the end will give a pretty mumps.

How to fill a piñata

The final maneuver is filling the finishedpiñata chewing gum, candy, finely chopped colored paper. You can do this through the hole left. When choosing candies, preference should be given to jokes and candies, since chocolate in the process of whipping on a toy can be significantly damaged. Also, make sure that there are no sharp objects inside that can injure others.how to make a piñata at homeIt is recommended to fill the piñata by one third orhalf, because a toy can break, there must be an empty space inside. In addition, the piñata must be sufficiently mobile, swaying and quirky, so that the children are interested in beating it. Use for this is best bit or stick. For convenience of breaking the piñata it is recommended to do not too bulky and large enough, on average from 50 centimeters to 1 meter.

Choose the location

For this game you need a certainspace, so that other participants could have time to run away as long as a blindfolded player, trying to hit the piñate, beats in different directions. Therefore, it is recommended to identify a bright toy on the street, for example, on a branch of a sprawling tree. If it is impossible to hold a holiday on the street, the piñata can be hung in the largest room in the room. The figure needs to be firmly fixed, so that in the process of whipping it does not come off together with the long-awaited surprises inside.

Right of first strike

Most children are built according to their growth and rightThe first blow is given to the smallest. After all the kid from the first time is unlikely to break a piñata, so the chances are high that all participants can play.types of pinyatIf the right of first blows to be given to the seniorchildren, the piñata can be broken faster, which will provide disappointment and tears to players who did not succeed in hitting it. It should be remembered that when one man beats a piñata, the rest should be at a safe distance.

So, we got the answer to the question: piñata - what is it? For a holiday, such fun is just a find. It unites the guests, causes general fun. Piñata is a toy that is an original decoration and entertainment of any celebration, capable of setting a positive tone for the event and bringing a lot of pleasure and joy to the guests.

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