Phone Sony Xperia Ion: Specs and Reviews

Sony Xperia Ion is an ambiguous product from a well-known brand. On the one hand, everything seems to be fine in it: a smart set of chipsets, a good display, a pleasant appearance and good cameras. But on the other hand, this gadget was originally developed for the US market with all the ensuing adaptive nuances. The brand entered into an agreement with AT & T for an exclusive supply of Sony Xperia Ion smartphones, but then something went wrong, or maybe, on the contrary, everything went too well, but Sony decided to expand the geography of the availability of the device.

sony xperia ion

The gadget began to be sold on the European and Asian markets, and a year after the presentation appeared here in Russia. In the domestic market, the Sony Xperia Ion LT28h model, which differs from the similar LT28i in the absence of support for LTE protocols, has been established. In this connection, fans of working in 4G networks should better pass by or cross over foreign online stores.

So, the subject of today's review is the Sony Xperia Ion LT28h smartphone. Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the model, as well as the opinion of experts in this area, along with user reviews will be discussed in this article.

Contents of delivery

The gadget comes in a nice box of thick cardboard in brand-specific black and white color. On the front, you can see the image of the smartphone itself, and on the reverse, the most remarkable features of the Sony Xperia Ion. The box turned out to be small due to the competent arrangement of all internal elements.

sony xperia ion lt28h

Inside you will see:

  • device itself;
  • power adapter (EP850);
  • USB loop for recharging and synchronizing with a PC;
  • stereo headset (MH750);
  • manual and specification with detailed specifications on Sony Xperia Ion;
  • warranty card.

The complete set, for its price category, can be called modest - you will not see any covers, films and other cosmetic surroundings here. But maybe it is for the better, because like many owners, many owners prefer to buy such accessories to their own taste and color. Nevertheless, some users in their reviews on the Sony Xperia Ion are extremely distressed by the lack of a model of this class even unpretentious case.


The gadget looks great and, at first impressions, resembles a weighty “shoulder blade”. The case received only two colors - black and red. And the latter can not be called purely feminine, because the gamma is chosen exactly dark red, and not some raspberry or soft strawberry.

sony xperia ion specifications

The front part, regardless of color, is black, and the back part is made of velvety plastic and a textured cover in the chosen range. Below you can see the familiar brand logo with the inscription "Iksperia". The appearance of the camera eye of the Sony Xperia Ion is noticeably different from other similar smartphones: a bulky lens with the same rather big flash and perforation under the microphone. On the left side you can see a large cap under which the micro USB interface and the HDMI connector are hidden. The upper end is reserved for the standard audio output "minijack" 3.5 mm.

The upper front part is occupied by the eye of the front camera, decorative grille for conversational dynamics and proximity sensors with lighting. Here is a small indicator light that shows the current status of the Sony Xperia Ion (the battery is charging, almost discharged, shooting, etc.).

With its dimensions - 133x68x11 mm - the gadget weighs 144 grams, which is a bit too much. Many owners, in their reviews, have repeatedly complained about the massiveness of the design and weight, including: the device will easily pull away your shirt pocket or blouse, and also force you to shake hands from the severity after even short use.Nevertheless, many in such dimensions see only a plus, calling the gadget a mini-tablet with all the attendant advantages.

As for the assembly, there are no critical complaints here: there are no gaps, no backlash, no creaks or crunches during work with the device. The top cover, which allows access to the interfaces of micro-SD and micro-SIM, sits tightly, but not enough to run behind the tool to open it, just pry it with a fingernail and properly remove it.


Sony Xperia Ion is equipped with an intelligent TFT-matrix with a 4.55-inch display and a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. The screen has got a pretty good protection, where the glass eliminates minor scratches, and also has an almost imperceptible film characteristic of the brand's devices.

The display is capacitive type, so multitouch technology is fully supported. The image quality is at a fairly high level: rich colors, true picture and balanced contrast. Viewing angles from Sony Xperia Ion are also good: you can safely look through the photos or watch a video in the company of one or two like-minded people.

sony xperia ion battery

The screen sizes allow you to wander through the Internet, play games and work with other “android” applications with due comfort.Reviews of owners about this are ambiguous: someone is quite happy with the big screen with good visualization, well, someone complains about the flip side - the massiveness of the case. Therefore, before buying it is better to turn the Sony Xperia Ion phone in your hands and then decide which side is critical for you - a large display or the weight of the device.


On the right side is the button to turn off the gadget, and below it - the rocker to control the volume. Some owners complain about excessively sloping ends, where working with a button is not as convenient as other smartphones. In addition, the keys themselves require certain skill and adaptation due to the shallow speed. At the very bottom of the right end is a button to activate the camera, which is very convenient. Many users are accustomed to the shooting control hardware: when the display is locked, you can hold the camera key, after which it starts by taking the first frame.

Under the main display, there are four familiar “android” buttons: “Menu”, “Home”, “Back” and “Search”. The keys of the touch type received a highlight in the form of stripes. In Sony Xperia Ion, the company decided to completely abandon the usual traditional control buttons, so many fans of the brand will have to get used to sensitive sensors.

sony xperia ion reviews

As for the screen itself, there were no problems with the speed of processing clicks. The manufacturer did work on the mistakes that were made in previous generations, and now everything is fine here.


For the performance of the Sony Xperia Ion LT28h meets the well-proven Qualcomm APQ8060 processor, running on two cores with a frequency of 1.5 Hz. The graphic component fell on the shoulders of the accelerator "Adreno" series 220. RAM (1 GB) is enough for comfortable work with the interface and applications. Nevertheless, in some particularly "heavy" games, you will have to reset the graphics settings to medium or even low levels in order to prevent the FPS from dropping.

Sony Xperia Ion feels great in UMTS HSPA + networks on protocols from 850 to 1900 Band. As mentioned above, support for LTE-networks, alas, no. If you cannot do without it, and you liked the phone, then the only option is to view the offers of Sony distributors on foreign Internet sites (model LT28i). The only thing is that we have to competently reflash the phone, that is, fully adapt it to our realities, but now with support for 4G networks.

The owners in their reviews are generally satisfied with the performance of the smartphone.No serious remarks were noted, and as for working in high-speed networks, a good half of users are quite satisfied with the 3G format, and a quicker access to the Internet is needed more for a computer than for a mobile gadget.


About 11 with a small gigabyte of memory out of 16 are available to the user for their needs. If this is not enough, then it can always be expanded with the help of third-party SD-cards, up to 32 GB. In general, it is not clear why Sony, positioning its smartphones as multimedia, and with the existing dimensions, cannot equip a gadget, for example, with a 32 or 64 GB drive. The technical capabilities and dimensions of the device completely allow to do this, but the engineers stubbornly don’t want to add the internal memory to the devices.

Wireless protocols

The smartphone supports standard “Wi-Fi” and “Bluetooth” protocols since version 2.1 (EDR), works well on ANT + profiles that are used in conjunction with sports gadgets, and also has the ability to communicate with GLONASS, NFC and DLNA.


The front camera has got acceptable characteristics, so there will be no problems with Skype and other instant messengers, and for the most part it will not fit (which is not necessary). But the main camera deserves special attention.

sony xperia ion review

12.1-megapixel matrix is ​​capable of shooting video in high resolution and has an impressive set of effects: 3D panorama, multi-view in the same 3D, fish eyes and other useful and not very entourage.

The user can choose the method of shooting: a regular key, a touch button on the display, or some specific customizable combination. A quick launch with your own presets is also possible: a button and a shot, a button and only a program launch, etc. The benefit of all the additional functionality is easily disabled and you can work with the usual settings that were enabled by default.

Naturally, for most users, the key point regarding the capabilities of the camera is the indicator of the megapixels of the matrix. The figure is kind of impressive for a smartphone, but that's not the point. Marketers are constantly putting pressure on the already-weary heads of users with all kinds of incomprehensible, but rather sonorous terms: here you have 4 cores, 12 megapixels, 128 gigabytes, ultra-HD and full stuffing. In fact, the main question here is something else: do I, the owner of the phone, need all this “beauty”? If we talk specifically about the Sony Xperia Ion, the device is able to capture a piece of the desired reality, and even very high quality.But why would he need such a high resolution if the majority of the owners, judging by the reviews, post their pictures somewhere on Instagram or VK? And to work with stunning landscapes and reserved animals there is a special professional technique. Therefore, here any criticism will be ambiguous.

Yes, on some materials it can be seen that the camera sometimes misses, it happens that it knocks out some color, however the picture is detailed and natural. The smartphone showed itself well during the daytime shooting, but it didn’t have a good nightlife: in poor light, a really high-quality shot will not help even a bright flash, but rather, it will aggravate everything. Otherwise, we have a sensible matrix, which is no different to something supernatural, but simply makes normal and detailed images.

Autonomous work

The battery in Sony Xperia Ion is quite modest - only 1900 mAh, which is clearly not enough for this platform. The “Android” brotherhood has always been energy-consuming, and our respondent was not an exception.

At full load of the smartphone (high-definition video, “Wi-Fi”, maximum screen brightness), the battery was discharged for three or four hours.If you find in the same "Google Play" sensible program for energy saving, you can increase the battery life percent by 20 from the existing resource. Otherwise, you will be forced to put the phone on charge almost every evening.

sony xperia ion phone

Many users in their reviews wonder why a smartphone with such a large screen and an impressive set of chipsets equipped with such a modest rechargeable battery. Apparently, the manufacturer had his own reasons for that, which he chose to keep silent about.


On popular online shopping sites, the cost of the gadget varies around 15,000 rubles. Judging by experts in this area, the price is quite balanced. Here we must not forget that our respondent is a stylish multimedia gadget, and not an eight-core rocket, which will carry you into the space of "heavy" applications.

For this money you will get an unusual, but at the same time interesting design, metal case (back cover), a good screen, a full set of wireless modules, support for all popular out-of-box formats and an acceptable memory margin.

As for the telephone component itself,there is also a complete order: high-quality voice quality with a loud speaker, albeit slightly raised high frequencies. Separately, it is worth noting the fact that working with networks in Xperia Ion is implemented almost perfectly. The same iPhone of the fifth series loses much in this respect: in the place where Sony caught three grids, there is also an apple gadget that catches only one, and then after a while.

Without a spoon of tar, of course, not done. In this role, there are inconvenient touch-sensitive buttons below the display, side keys “under the bevel” to which you need to get used, and a massive body, well, not meant for the back pocket of jeans. This also includes mediocre battery life with such a modest battery and a stupid plug for the network adapter, where with the next charge it seems that now it will definitely break.

One could advise a little digging and buy a direct competitor to the model - the third “Galaxy” from “Samsung”, but the appearance of the Ion is clearly more interesting. And in general, most of the problems that users sin in their reviews are not related to the phone itself, but to the Android platform, so anyone can advise a gadgetwho is looking for a stylish device with a large display and a brisk "stuffing".

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