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Philadelphia, where Jewish, Asian, Russian, Irish communities and black people get along peacefully along with Americans, rarely get around tourist routes. The area, which in the United States is abbreviated as Philly or City of Brotherly Love, is fascinating. The rhythm of the metropolis here intertwines with the quiet comfort of the streets of the old city, and the status of the capital of the “connected colonies” attracts tourists interested in American history.

City of American statehood: a little about Philadelphia

Philadelphia (USA, Pennsylvania) is a major financial, political and economic center of the United States. Popular among tourists, the city is located 74 kilometers south-west of New York, where it is necessary to make a transfer to get to Philadelphia.

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Philly is the sixth most populous and one of the oldest cities in the United States, making the area the cradle of American independence. The first capital of the United States is Philadelphia (high status was obtained in 1790) - today recalls the days of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America by monuments located mainly in the historical part of the city.

A large metropolis has an extensive tourist infrastructure, which means that problems with movement (both in the city and in Philadelphia from New York or other cities), accommodation and entertainment are not exactly expected. Weather in Philadelphia (USA) pleases with moderation: in summer the temperature averages from 22 to 25 degrees, in the winter it stays at -1 ... -3 degrees Celsius.

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The appearance of Philadelphia: historical monuments and architecture

The city of fraternal love is distinguished by a vivid history, which is reflected in historical monuments and special architectural solutions, with its geometrical and regular forms resembling Chicago. Most of the major attractions are concentrated in the historic part of the city. At the same time, Philadelphia (USA) differs from other megacities in a surprisingly cozy atmosphere.

Thus, the monuments associated with key historical events from the history of the United States include the following:

  1. Independence Hall.It was in this red brick building that the Declaration of Independence was adopted, and later the Constitution of the United States of America was adopted.

  2. Liberty Bell. The symbol of US independence in 1776 heralding its proclamation of the Declaration of Independence. Not far away, in the Congress Hall, the Bill of Rights was signed.

  3. First and Second Bank of the United States. In the complex of buildings erected at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries, today are located the National Portrait Gallery, the building of the stock exchange and customs.

  4. Alfort Alley. About thirty buildings are transferred to the atmosphere of America of the XVIII-XIX centuries. According to travelers, walking here is better in the evening, in the afternoon the street does not make so vivid impression.

  5. Philadelphia Town Hall. There is a curious legend about the curse of Billy Penn. It is believed that the resentment of the founder of the city was the reason that not a single club in Philadelphia won victories in professional sports since the construction of the building in excess of the Town Hall until the installation of a new copy of the statue.

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Other memorable places in the historical part of the city

No less interesting and significant are the Powell House, the main station of Philadelphia and Penns Landing.The renovated railway station still looks like it was during the Great Depression, the landing site of the city’s founder, Penns Ladying, and the embankment itself are the favorite resting places of tourists and city residents.

Philadelphia Museums: Historical, Scientific, and Art

One of the most famous in the United States, the Philadelphia Museum of Art represents more than two hundred thousand works of art created by recognized masters. Among the pearls of the exhibition can be listed:

  • works by Marcel Duchamp;

  • Picasso paintings;

  • paintings by Salvador Dali;

  • masterpieces of modern art;

  • artistic works of Rousseau and Renoir.

A separate attraction emit and 72 steps leading to the Museum of Art, with a beautiful view of Philadelphia. In addition, Rocky ran along these steps during training - the character of Sylvester Stallone, who was so loved by the audience, that they even installed his statue near the museum.

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Another famous museum, the Mütter Medical History, is better not to visit overly impressionable tourists. Spectators are waiting for a lot of biological exhibits, reflecting medical pathologies, and a collection of old medical equipment.Also interesting are the museums of archeology and anthropology, the maritime museum. The first object adjoins the University of Pennsylvania, exhibits artifacts found during several archaeological expeditions to Egypt, East Africa, Mesopotamia, Africa and Latin America, while the second represents some vessels (open to the public), including the cruiser Olympia and a submarine "Bekun".

Entertainment with children in Philadelphia: aquarium, zoo and museum

Little travelers Philadelphia (USA) offers several options for outdoor activities. Children of any age will love the Adventure Oceanarium, the zoo (the oldest in all of America) and the museum "Touch is allowed." More than 8000 representatives of the underwater world are represented in the aquarium, and 4D cinema and amazing landscapes will delight not only children, but also adults. The zoo is famous for its unique white lions, and only about two thousand representatives of the fauna live in the zoo.

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Special attention is given to an unusual museum, a characteristic feature of which is reflected in the title - “Touch is allowed”. Here is a large exposition of interactive exhibits, grouped in several directions.So, the first composition is designed to teach the child basic social skills, the second simply explains the fundamental laws of physics, and the third gives you the opportunity to feel like a real fairy-tale hero. Here you can visit Alice's home from Wonderland, run along the keys of a giant piano, learn how to take care of a vegetable garden or swaddle your baby.

The aforementioned museum moved several times. Current address: Please Touch Museum, Avenue of the Republic Ave, Pennsylvania (state), Philadelphia, USA. From Monday to Saturday the museum is open from nine to seventeen o'clock, on Sundays from eleven to seventeen.

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Places for the soul: churches, cathedrals and wonders of landscape design

The special atmosphere is preserved in this city (Philadelphia, USA, Pennsylvania) thanks to the old buildings, churches and cathedrals, as well as wonderful parks. Definitely worth a visit Russian churches, ancient cathedrals and all five parks, if, of course, time allows. For lovers of unhurried walks, Philadelphia (USA) offers wonderful walking routes. A photo of one of the points of popular footpaths, Sard Bartrem, which is the progenitor of American gardening, is presented below. The object impresses with its unique landscape and diverse flora.Outline walks, of course, better in the warm season.

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Modern culture: graffiti, street culture and small sculptures

Philadelphia (USA), whose attractions are not limited to “classical” museums and historical monuments, is famous for its many curious statues and vibrant street culture. "Graffiti Bar", for example, allows you to enjoy drinks and snacks at the same time, and the sculpture Love collects thousands of lovers every year. The urban sculpture “I broke away”, screaming for freedom, is also known.

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Mandatory program: attractions that everyone should see

The compulsory program when visiting Philadelphia includes primarily the places where significant events in American history took place. It is also worth visiting the embankment and the central park.

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