Perm hair: large curls of your dreams

Considering the beauties on the covers of glossy magazines, one can not help admiring the natural mess of hairstyles that create amazingly cute curls. And what about those whose hair is far from perfect?perm hair large curlsAnd to remain gray mice with a sad tail on a nape? No, no, and another hundred times no! You will rescue perm hair. Large curls, carelessly scattered on the shoulders, will give mystery and charm. Small curls will return a long-forgotten childish mischief and playfulness. Try to change yourself, and the world will sparkle with new facets.

Types of Curling

Before you do the perm, you need to know that the composition of the materials used it is of several types.

  1. Alkaline. The cheapest way to hair styling today. Its advantage is that it holds for a long time. But the content of ammonia in the composition of fixing and modeling means cannot but harm your hair.
  2. AcidicProvides high quality hair after the transformation process. But it is absolutely not suitable for owners of soft strands, as they stretch at the roots. In addition, she holds the volume poorly, and preparations for her are too expensive. Recently, almost not used. If volume is not important to you, acid perm can be a good option. Large curls, soft and silky, incredibly change your appearance. Make it sweet and touching. And this way of laying looks much more natural than alkaline.Moss biowave
  3. Neutral. One of the most gentle types of styling. On careful influence it is not inferior to acid. Suitable for all hair. Perhaps the most popular type among the classic varieties.

Types of waving in the form of curls

There is also a classification according to the method and form of curls. If you need the effect of naturalness, choose a curl on the folders. When it is performed, a stepped method is used, so the hair will fall on the shoulders with beautiful soft waves. Want a variety, not dull identical curls? Use two bobbins.Try to wind one part of the strand onto one, and then add the second booster. Be sure you enjoy this chemical perm: large curls will alternate with smaller ones. Curls of different circles create an image of an unpredictable and original person. When you need to raise the hair at the roots, you will come to the aid of a perm. It acts only on the part that is adjacent to the scalp. A very interesting way is the installation of "Gemini". Half of the strand has the shape of horizontal curls, and half is vertical. This hairstyle looks very elegant.


But any perm hair (large curls or small curls, wet chemistry or silk wave) has its drawbacks. First, the hair loses its natural fats and becomes thin. Secondly, the styling products dry them, resulting in slower growth. Beauty - young lady, of course, bloodthirsty, give her sacrifices, but are they worth the damaged hair structure?

Moss Curlybasal perm

That is why recently in beauty salons Moss's biowave is popular.Its feature is the presence of cystine in the styling products. This biological protein is identical to the human hair protein. Therefore, it is not aimed at destruction, but at restoring the structure of curls. Also, when such a perm is not used ammonia. Moss's Italian biowave is ideal for damaged hair, the bamboo extract that is included in it has protective properties that protects your curls from damage. Thin hair after it looks more voluminous.

Rules for the care of curls

Whatever the perm you prefer, you should remember about the special care for curls after it.

  1. The composition of the shampoo must include silicone. It saves hair from drying out.
  2. For combing it is better to take a comb with large teeth.
  3. When drying with a hairdryer, you need to use a diffuser - a special nozzle. And even better to do without a hairdryer.

If you follow all these rules, no perm will harm you. Curls will delight health and beauty.

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