Perfume "Armel": customer reviews

Everyone wants to be attractive. An important role in this fragrance plays. Correctly selected, it emphasizes individuality and reveals Unfortunately, it is difficult to choose a unique perfume, and famous brands offer their products at a high cost.

A little about the company

The company "Armel", reviews of which are diverse, appeared on the market in 2015. The Russian manufacturer offers analogues of well-known fragrances for both women and men. Since the opening of the online store, the variety of products has expanded significantly, new fragrances have emerged, as well as perfumed body and hair care products.armel reviews

The company specializes in sales through network marketing. In addition to the possibility of buying goods, partners of the company can purchase products with significant discounts. In addition, as in any other network company, a person has the opportunity to earn and reach certain heights in business.Regularly conducted training sessions that reveal the secrets of successful sales.

Products "Armel"

The products of the company "Armel", customer reviews about which are mostly positive, offer high-quality counterparts of known aromas based on natural ingredients. Perfume composition based on natural essential oils constitutes about 20% of the aroma volume. Raw materials are purchased in France, so the quality of products is always on top.

Hair and skin care products are made on the basis of natural ingredients. They do not contain parabens, sulphates and other harmful chemical compounds.perfume armel reviews

In addition, the company has expanded the range and offers products for health, which include a variety of vitamin complexes. They are aimed at improving well-being, normalization of the body. A huge advantage is the use of exclusively natural ingredients for the manufacture of products.

Positive reviews of fragrances from "Armel"

Reviews about the perfume "Armel" say that these are copies of fragrances from famous brands. However, this is not quite true."Armel" offers not identical copies, but analogs of perfumes, the composition of which echoes the base notes, but, nevertheless, is individual. Aromas have no name, they are numbered, and the well-known name next to the numbers only denotes the perfume direction.

Like any other cosmetic or perfumery product, the reviews of the “Armel” perfume are varied, the ratio of positive to negative is approximately the same due to the difference in tastes. However, from all the positive customer reviews about the perfume "Armel" can highlight the main points:

  1. Attractive price - only 1500 p. for a bottle with the equivalent of luxury perfumes and 2500 r. for selective perfume. The company is positioning itself as a producer of expensive perfumery analogues at an affordable cost, so when buying perfumes, a person pays only for the contents of the bottle, and not for brand awareness and originality of packaging.
  2. Despite the fact that numbered perfumery is bottled in bottles of simple and concise form, the company “Armel” made sure that the buyer was pleased to hold them in his hand. Therefore, fragrance containers are made of high quality glass inItaly
  3. The absence of chemical components in the composition is an undoubted advantage for the majority of buyers of goods. That is why the perfume consists of alcohol, in which the essential oils of perfume composition and water are diluted.
  4. Reviews of fragrances "Armel" also note that the perfume has a more delicate smell than the brand equivalent. This is also due to the fact that for their manufacture only natural components are used and there are no chemical compounds to fix the smell.
  5. The company's consultants have the opportunity to purchase products at a discount of up to 40%. In order to become a partner, you just need to go through a simple registration procedure on the official website of "Armel".

Numbered perfumery did not immediately win a place on the market, because many buyers found it strange to purchase French perfumes at such a low cost, but after trying out, most of them concluded that you should not overpay for the big name of a well-known brand.

Armel customer reviews

Reviews about the perfume "Armel" note a wide variety of flavors, among which any woman will find suitable for her.

Negative side of perfume

In addition to enthusiastic users, there are also buyers who were dissatisfied with the company's products. They left the following negative reviews about the perfume "Armel":

  1. Despite the fact that for most people, the natural ingredients in the composition are only an advantage, some customers have noted the appearance of allergic reactions to the product at the application site. The fact is that many aromatic components are aggressive to the skin, so allergy sufferers are recommended to put perfume on clothes or to refuse it altogether.
  2. In negative reviews, it is also often possible to find information that the fragrance in the samplers, which the consultant demonstrates, differs from the 50 ml perfume. This is due to the fact that the perfume composition consists of essential oils, which quickly evaporate with frequent uncorking of the probe, so odors may differ.
  3. Reviews about the perfume "Armel" also suggest that some products resemble soap in flavor. In fact, there are perfumes that may have so-called soap notes in the fragrance. They are obtained by mixing certain perfume ingredients and are a feature of a particular fragrance.Most often they can be found in fresh and citrus spirits.
  4. There are also negative reviews about the persistence of perfume. It is individual, as the perfume is applied to different types of skin with different humidity and chemical composition. In addition, low resistance can be explained by the absence in the composition of chemical components to fix the smell, which are often found in expensive perfumes.

To believe negative reviews or not is a purely personal matter, but it is impossible to find out the truth without checking the fragrance you like personally.

company armel reviews

Luxury perfumes

Every woman deserves a good smell, because in the modern world, fragrance is part of the image. The company "Armel" offers a large number of equivalents of famous fragrances, among which anyone will be able to find their only perfume.

Based on the reviews of aromas "Armel" or personal taste, you can choose an individual option for both women and men. The assortment has the most equivalents of the most popular and sought-after flavors. In addition, their quality will be able to please even the most demanding customer.

Women's selective perfumery

Niche or selective perfumery is a luxury fragrances that are created from high-quality raw materials in a limited edition. In addition, this perfume has a more complex structure than other flavors. The company "Armel" offers analogues of well-known female fragrances from famous perfumers:

armel perfume reviews buyers

  1. No. 151 Emploi by Montale.
  2. No. 150 Ombre and Lummiere from Armani.
  3. No. 152 Roses Musk by Montale.
  4. No. 153 Neroli Portofino from Tom Ford.
  5. No. 154 Molecula 02 from Escentric Molecules.

Reviews of the perfume "Armel" note the striking similarity of flavor equivalents with the originals. This allows not to overpay for the brand, buying only a license plate flavor.

Men's niche scents

The company "Armel" has not disregarded the stronger sex and offers the following analogues of selective flavors:

  1. № 053 Serge Noire by Serge Lutens.
  2. No. 052 Intoxicated by By Killian.

The cost of niche perfumery is higher, but it is fully justified by the use of natural ingredients, as well as the richness of aromas.

Persistence of aroma

Reviews of perfumes "Armel" note the average resistance of fragrances on the skin and clothing. This is explained by the following factors:

  • Much depends on the correct application of the perfume composition, it is important to apply the scent to the places with the thinnest skin;
  • the duration of the fragrance also depends on the concentration - it can be persistent perfume or light perfume or eau de toilette;
  • Often, with prolonged use of one fragrance, the human nose ceases to feel it fully, therefore, it seems to have a low persistence.

Armel perfume reviews

The company "Armel" does not use chemical elements to fix the aroma, so the resistance of the perfume can be much lower than other manufacturers.

How to apply?

The disclosure of notes of aroma, as well as its durability, depends on the place of application of perfume, therefore perfumers recommend to adhere to the following tips:

  1. Properly spray the fragrance with a cloud, as if entering into it.
  2. On well-hydrated skin, any fragrance lasts much longer.
  3. It is not recommended to put perfume on clothes, as natural oils can leave stains.

perfume armel reviews

Observing the rules of application, you can significantly extend the time and quality of the aroma on the skin.


When choosing an aroma, one should not succumb to the recommendations from the “Armel” product reviews, as they contain only subjective information from a specific person.The choice should be individual and informed, so before purchasing you should familiarize yourself with the assortment of the Armel company.

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