Pension «Crystal» (Anapa): reviews and photos

Anapa is one of the most popular domestic resorts. This Black Sea town is famous for its warm, mild climate, beautiful exotic nature, curative mineral waters and clean air. Reviews from tourists about the boarding houses of Anapa are just wonderful. Developed infrastructure, responsive and polite staff, a pleasant atmosphere ... So, the money spent on the voucher will not be wasted. One of the most popular local boarding houses is the "Crystal", located in 20 km from the city center on the street. Pioneer, at the very shore of the sea.

Number of rooms

Vacationers who have bought tickets to the boarding house "Crystal" (Anapa), are waiting for comfortable rooms equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay. Guests are accommodated either in a five-story building or in one of two cottages. If you want, you can buy a ticket to the room:

  • Standard basic, "luxury" or "apartments"
  • on the ground floor,
  • in the attic.

boarding house crystal anapaAll rooms in the five-story building are designed for two people and are equipped with a refrigerator, TV and air conditioning. Each has a toilet, shower and balcony. Equally the rooms are equipped with "Standard-Econom" in the administrative building of the boarding house.

Quite the same comfortable rooms in the cottage. There is a TV and a fridge. However, the rooms here are built according to 3-4 rights, there are no air-conditioners, and the facilities are designed for a block. Additional seats can only be purchased in a five-story building. In cottages such a service is not provided.

Pension "Crystal" (Anapa): reviews

Opinion of tourists about this resort was the best. On the forums and other portals of the relevant subject about the boarding house "Crystal" you can find basically only positive reviews. The rooms are rated as very comfortable. The pluses of the institution include the fact that the replacement of laundry is strictly on schedule. Garbage from the rooms is taken out daily.

Very praised by tourists who visited the boarding house "Crystal" (Anapa), and its territory. Beautiful lawns, blue spruce, exotic plants, comfortable benches, fountains, spectacular lighting in the evenings - all this makes the rest here as pleasant and comfortable as possible.boarding house crystal anapa reviews

Every evening entertainment is held on the territory of the institution. The boarding house has its own dance. Many tourists who have rested here once, dream of coming back here again.

In general, the place for rest is very good - the boarding house "Crystal" (Anapa). Reviews of tourists about it are more than positive. The only disadvantage of holidaymakers is that the sea in this place in August is already beginning to blossom. Therefore, those who have a holiday associated primarily with swimming, experienced tourists advise at the end of the season to go not to Anapa, but, for example, to the Lazarevsky district of Sochi.


At guests' service the boarding house "Crystal" provides free parking, walks on the well-groomed, beautiful territory of an area of ​​50 ha, using a storage room. You can visit the swimming pool (there is both an adult and a children's, which is very convenient). If you have any health problems, you can go to a medical center located also on the premises of the institution.

People who prefer active recreation, for sure you want to visit the gym and play table tennis. On the territory of the boarding house there is a rental of sports equipment, and there is also a cash machine for accepting payments.anapa sanatorium crystal

Food Reviews

The cost of the voucher to the boarding house "Crystal" (Anapa) includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners. On the organization of food in this resort, vacationers also respond very well. Meals are served on a buffet basis three times a day. The comfortable comfortable dining room is equipped with air conditioning. In the staff of the boarding house there are highly skilled chefs who cook meals for guests from the highest quality products. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served very delicious. You can also take useful drinks and fruits. In general, the canteen in the boarding house is not bad at all.anapa boarding house crystal pioneer avenue

If you want, you can also grab a snack or buy some drinks in the existing cafe-bar. There is also a summer kitchen in the guest house. Here you can use the microwave, electric kettle and dishes.

Vacation with children

Many tourists believe that the place is very suitable primarily for a family holiday - boarding house "Crystal" (Anapa). Photos on the page clearly demonstrate the well-being of its territory and the convenience of rooms. Children are accepted from any age. For them, everything is provided for in the boarding house. Not long ago a playground with toys was renovated here. Animation programs are provided for the entertainment of young guests. Cots, high chairs and strollers are provided separately and are installed in the parents' room.

Beach hotel

The mild climate and warm sea is what attracts tourists to a city like Anapa. Sanatorium "Crystal" also has its own beach. This resort is located in close proximity to the coastal strip. Go to the sea will not be more than fifty meters. The beach of the boarding house is fully equipped and very comfortable. At guests' disposal there are changing cabins, sun loungers and umbrellas.

If desired, you can usefully spend your time on the volleyball court or watch some animation program.


Vacationers who bought a ticket to the boarding house "Crystal" (Anapa) can not only have plenty and comfortably sunbathe and swim in the warm sea. The administration of this resort institution provides for them and various entertainment programs. For children and adults, play games, sports competitions on land and on water, evening entertainment are held. Also, if you want, you can visit some interesting themed party or disco.boarding house crystal anapa reviews 2014

In the immediate vicinity of the boarding house is located the water park "Tick-Tak", as well as various entertainment establishments. If there is such a desire, you can walk around the shops located on the street. Pioneer, which offer tourists a variety of products.

Not too far from the boarding house was built one more interesting entertainment complex - Anapa Dolphinarium. People who purchased a ticket for the show will certainly not be disappointed.


A lot of interesting sights - this is what, of course, can boast such a popular resort city, as Anapa. Sanatorium "Crystal" provides its guests with a great opportunity to inspect them, buying an excursion. On the territory of the complex there is an office where you can buy a trip to the amusement park, the open-air museum, the Anapa lighthouse, the ruins of an ancient Turkish fortress, etc.

What is included in the tour price?

As you can see, this place is very suitable for a vacation - the boarding house "Crystal" (Anapa). 2014's reviews of the year are very good. So rest in 2015 here will certainly also be very comfortable and full. The prices for vouchers to this institution are not too high, and there are plenty of things for tourists.

Without additional payment in the boarding house (in addition to the accommodation itself and food) you can use:

  • both swimming pools (adults and children),
  • sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach,
  • gym,
  • Wi-Fi Internet,
  • a storage room,
  • car parking,
  • iron and ironing board,
  • rental of sports equipment,
  • first-aid kit,
  • tableware,
  • call a taxi and an ambulance.

Also the cost of the tour includes visiting the volleyball court on the beach and renting sports equipment. If desired, you can order a wake-up at a specific time.boarding house crystal anapa

Extra charge services

Separately have to pay for the safe depository. Excursions will also need to be purchased for their money. For paid services in the boarding house "Crystal" is the use of laundry, as well as a photo session on the territory for memory.

How to get to the boarding house

What route should you follow those who have purchased vouchers to the boarding house "Crystal"? Anapa - known and quite large. Of course, there is also a bus station and a railway station. Most tourists get to Anapa by train. From the railway station of the city to the boarding house you need to go by bus № 128. You should leave at the stop "Dolphinarium". You can get to Anapa by plane. From the airport you will first need to get to the city bus station, and then change to the same fixed-route taxi No. 128.boarding house crystal anapa

From Moscow to Anapa, among other things, you can get to the bus. Many tourists prefer this method. This resort is located at the address: Krasnodar region, Anapa (boarding house "Crystal"), Pionersky prospect, 19A village.

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