Pavel Serdyuk: biography and personal life

Pavel Serdyuk is a young actor. Popularity brought him the role of Denis Shatalin in the TV series "My Fair Nanny". After the audience met the character, Pavel became known throughout the country. The series itself, in turn, was one of the first sitcoms that was offered to the domestic audience. The second round of popularity came to Paul after the details of his affair with Anya, the lead singer of the group “Ranetki”, became known. However, he brought not only joy, but also a bitter rupture of relationships.

Carier start

Pavel Serdyuk was born in June 1990. His childhood passed away from the stage or acting environment. The beginning of Paul’s career can be attributed to the moment when his mother took her son to a music school. Pavel Serdyuk - actor and violinist. That is the way to designate a young man. Especially since his first role was associated with this musical instrument.

Pavel Serdyuk

The young actor was noticed in the music school. He was advised to join the troupe of the theater.So, at the age of eleven Pavel Serdyuk played his first role. It became the image of a boy with a violin staged by "Dreams of Exile." Of course, combining studies in a comprehensive school, violin lessons and acting was not easy. But colleagues noted that Pavel Serdyuk did not complain. The actor liked to spend time that way.

Later, Paul graduated from GITIS, was going to become a director. In addition to acting, the young man enjoys alpine skiing, as well as boxing.

Pavel Serdyuk actor

"My Fair Nanny." The role of Serdyuk

Pavel Serdyuk, whose biography is not different from the stories of many other actors, became popular after filming the sitcom “My Fair Nanny”. By the way, this series, which was extremely unusual at the time, brought popularity to many novice actors. For example, nobody yet knew about Anastasia Zavorotnyuk at that time. However, now she is a famous actress, a popular presenter. The format of the television series itself was new. Later, many people tried to repeat the popularity of this sitcom, but not everyone succeeded.

Paul got the role of the son of the protagonist. Denis Shatalin - a difficult boy. On the one hand, he is an obvious bore.He tries to learn, does not convene noisy companies and seems to have no friends at all. It is difficult to call him a nerd, but he was not a bully either. However, he often does some dirty tricks. Occasionally gets involved in a fight. And in the last seasons of the series gets romance. Of course, acquaintance with the nanny Vika contributed to this. However, the role of Paul coped with "excellent." He loved the viewer. It was after the role of Denis Shatalin began to recognize him on the street.

Pavel Serdyuk personal life

The group "Ranetki" and Pavel Serdyuk

The series “Ranetki”, which was also successfully broadcast on the STS channel, is closely connected with Pavel Serdyuk. He came to the series when he was already a successful project. The plot was built around the group "Ranetki", which consisted of ordinary schoolgirls. Anya Rudneva, who played herself, subsequently left her mark on Pavel’s life.

Paul and Anna did not know each other before the show. However, they had to spend a long time together. The screenwriters were driving their heroes, and the actors began to realize that they wanted to be near and in life. Their relationship did not become simple. The novel began with the fact that the actors simply went home together, as they turned out to be living in one district of Moscow.However, Anna Rudneva at that time already had a young man. After the break, the girl herself took the first step towards Paul. However, in their relationship, she initiated a break a couple of times. But always the first came back.

Pavel Serdyuk biography

Beautiful offer and first disappointment

At one of the concerts of the group “Ranetki” a young man appeared on the scene. It was Pavel Serdyuk. From now on his personal life has changed. The actor made on the stage, in front of many viewers, the proposal of his beloved. Anna Rudneva gladly accepted it. However, in a short time, the couple decided to break up, especially not advertising the reasons for the gap.

Pavel and Anna met again after the girl realized that she was pregnant. As a result, the wedding took place when the soloist of the group "Ranetki" was already six months pregnant. The couple had a daughter with the beautiful name Sophia. However, after three years, the couple broke up their uneasy relationship. By that time, Anna already had a new bridegroom, from whom she soon had a son. After the divorce, the actor Pavel Serdyuk rarely got into the lenses of the paparazzi.

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