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Passive earnings on the Internet - is it accessible to all, is such a passive income, and is it all at all? There are many opinions, they depend on expectations, on opportunities, sometimes financial - to start, as well as on the chosen direction. But with the fact that the Internet can be earned without effort, no one argues. It’s just that someone needs a couple hundred rubles, while someone prefers to invest tens of thousands, so that the money will “work”. There are several ways to passive earnings on the Internet. The most tested and common, completely free of cost and with attachments - in this article.

passive earnings on the Internet

What is passive income

Minimum effort - additional income. Passive income should not require your daily activity, you know what minimum you will receive, in what time frame and why the funds arrive.

Immediately begin to earn a lot of money on a liability - a rarity and luck.The most minimal option that does not require your attention is the installation of programs that help promote websites. For other areas usually need effort, investment and time.

Passive income usually does not require your constant monitoring.

Programs for making money on the Internet

Really get income by installing a special program on your computer. If system requirements allow, you can “fill” several programs. This possibility of passive earnings is also called auto-mining. Usually you first need to register on the site.

earnings on your site

Programs for earnings:

  1. AutoDENGI - the site honestly warns that it is not an alternative to normal work, but it will help to cover the costs of communication or the Internet. First you need to register, then download the program and install it on your computer. Anti-virus packages are also installed, the site also promises not to allow malicious pages. The installed program helps the sites to unwind, and you - to get a small passive income. The site offers two ways to earn money: directly installing the program on a PC and participating in an affiliate program.
  2. VIPIP - passive earnings on the Internet without investment. It is necessary to turn the pages of sites. The site will be loaded through the program, it will also take all actions and charge money. VIPIP also offers a fee for viewing advertisements, completing assignments, such as registering or visiting certain pages, or clicking on advertisements. You can make money by reading letters or posting messages on your social networks, post likes and join groups. There are also auto-workouts - you need to download the program and install the plugin. VIPIP leads offers for advertisers and performers. Just click on the “Artist” and read the instructions for the options before choosing something.
  3. SurfEarner - the site will ask to install the extension. Then, when you open the browser, several banner ads will appear. They will not affect your work on the Internet. The program for passive earnings in the Internet will work all the time that you spend, flipping through the pages of the world wide web.
  4. Ruservant (Autoserf) is an autosurf. A special program — it needs to be installed — itself visits the advertiser's sites.However, there are other options: tasks, reading letters and manual surfing.
  5. SocPublic - the site pays for surfing sites, likes and comments, for registration, viewing ads and for executing orders from the advertiser. The site offers contests for participants, bonuses for referral programs and the opportunity to increase levels and achievements.

Investment income

This type of earnings promises more profit than options without investments, but at the same time carries a certain risk of losing money. But if you calculate your steps, choosing investment paths, and spend time analyzing the company's activities, then this probability can be reduced.

passive income

Options with an attachment:

  1. HYIP investments - the scheme resembles a pyramid and you can easily lose all investments. These programs can close before you have time to withdraw money. But if you keep your finger on the pulse, investing not only money but also time, then it’s real to get a profit.
  2. Buying bitcoins - they can be exchanged for dollars, and then - in rubles. Trading bitcoins in Russia is prohibited. However, bitcoin exchanges and the exchanger are legal.
  3. Investments in PAMM-accounts are passive earnings (with investments) with the help of a trader.Need a personal account "Forex". Profit - percentage of trader's transactions.
  4. Resale of sites - there are few good offers, but benefits can be achieved.
  5. Affiliate programs - you need your own popular website. Income - from each link to the link from your site for ordering a product or service to a partner site you get a percentage. Profile sites contain ratings of companies, considering which you can make a choice.

Earnings on your site

This idea can lead to success if the site has excellent content and it has fans: the portal is popular and interesting, updated and developed. Earnings on your site is possible if you, as the author of the site, spend a lot of time on it.

Creating your own resource to receive passive income on the Internet is a common way today. If you are a good programmer, then quickly and easily organize a project. It will take several months to fill and promotion. If things get better, you can start searching for advertisers. Customers will pay for placing a banner or article with a link to your portal. In general, you just get passive income.Sometimes you need to look for new customers or additional ones.

The difficulties of earning on your own website

Earnings on the site is an ideal option, but not without difficulties. Because passive earnings on the Internet through the site will require an investment of strength, and sometimes funds. If you are not a very good programmer or do not know how to create websites at all, you will have to ask for help. Do not want to waste time on the promotion of the portal - you will have to turn to special services. And for this, too, will have to pay.

real earnings on the Internet without cheating

With the right approach to business and phased problem solving, passive income can soon be considered.

What sites will bring revenue

Demand sites concentrating offers for services. This could be a portal for advertisements for repairs, legal advice and other services. It is better if there are several directions on the site, but not one. So, on one site you can place various announcements: from the search for a construction crew and to the purchase of old computers. First, promote your website on private ads, but later you can rely on large advertisers, including network companies.

The cost of a private ad leave low at the stage of promotion,so as not to scare off customers.

Stable earnings on the Internet can bring an automated online store. This is a platform that no longer requires the attention of the owner or the need for administration is minimal. The online store is promoted, you only need to update the range.

How to get revenue from the site

If your site is interesting, with useful articles, there will be a large and constant stream of customers who will not only read your materials, but also pay attention or take advantage of advertisements placed on the pages. With clicks on contextual advertising, you get interest.

creating your own resource

By promoting a website or blog, you attract even more visitors to it. Later you can hire an assistant who will fill the resource, and sometimes you will be looking for new advertisers yourself.

Passive earnings in social networks

Through their pages in social networks, you can sell advertising and participate in "affiliate". To be effective, you must have a lot of subscribers. By purchasing advertising, place it in groups that are relevant to the topic.

You can also offer group administrators to exchange ads. You can provide a large influx of participants - we need thousands of people.

Usually subscribers are attracted by the opportunity to participate in contests and receive prizes. Make it available only to signatories.

By popularity, VKontakte (more than 80% of the Russian-speaking audience) is ahead of Odnoklassniki (60%) and Facebook (35%).

You can create and promote groups for future sale. Account in "Instagram" offers earnings through the implementation of simple tasks. Publish links of partners on your social pages.

Passive earnings from YouTube

With video hosting you can earn using several options. The channel can bring income advertiser and referral links. But the YouTube channel should be of high quality and well-known, only then customers will turn to you.

To fill the channel, you can use your professionalism, for example, sharing tips with subscribers. If you are engaged in a hobby and have succeeded in this, let's master classes. Good looking informative video blogs. Choose topics that are strong and understand.

what is passive income

At the same time, it is not at all necessary to purchase expensive equipment, many are beginning to record videos on a smartphone.

Online courses as a way of passive earnings

If you are well versed in any topic, you can easily and interestingly present it, adding personal experience, then you can create an online course and sell it. These can be audio files or video tutorials.

You can think over the course content yourself, but there are some useful tips. For example, do not record a course lasting many hours; better prepare fragments for each of the course topics. Duration - no more than 15 minutes.

Without "water" and lyrical digressions - a successful course is informative and concise, concrete and understandable. No need to knock down the buyer of the course from one thought to another, otherwise useful information may be simply unnoticed by them. You need positive reviews, they are easier to earn a short story.

How to draw attention to the video course

Provide feedback for sending homework and controlling the level of learning. In the name of the course, carry the result - what a person can achieve / receive by listening to your course.

It is better to make a presentation to the course, in which you will appear as an expert and master. Therefore, indicate why you took up the development of the course, what you are good at as an author, and what result will bring the course to your listeners.

The case is very thin, so ambitions must be in the case.To promote a course, you need a website or at least an account on one of the information course aggregators, where the author can receive income passively - from the course sales made by partners.

Real earnings on the Internet

To get income and not burn yourself, stumbled upon scammers, remember the rules. Real earnings on the Internet without cheating are possible, but you need to learn to clearly define the essence of the proposal - is it about earnings or is it just luring money from gullible. You should have an understanding of how the proposed scheme can be used to generate income, whether it is real in the amount that is promised, and whether there is a catch in some trivia. Analyze the scheme spend meticulous, without fantasy.

ways to passive earnings on the Internet

If the method of earning requires a strange "investment", for example, to pay for registration, take the offer very carefully. As for the offer to enter your personal data. Of course, sometimes it has a basis, but still, first read reviews about the site.

Never send passwords, pin-code or code word, whatever reason you may sound.

Do not rush to trust the screaming headlines about earnings at 500 rubles per minute, when you don’t need to do anything at all: do not look at the ads, go through the links, or leave reviews. Passive earnings from the sky does not fall.

Protection against fraudsters on the Internet

There is a category of sites with "supermetodics." They are offered, for example, a short course “How to get rich in a day by 50,000 rubles without doing anything”. Perhaps the technique is effective, you should not deny it, but look carefully at this site. If the design is so-so, then maybe the “seller” of the technique is the same.

Be attentive to sites if:

  • free hosting is used, for example ucoz,;
  • free domains are used, for example,,;
  • the simplest or sample site design;
  • tastelessly designed website;
  • no information about the author of the site;
  • Wallets are not verified.

Where to start passive earnings

Not with the idea. Start with yourself. If you are not satisfied with the size of passive income from installing programs or watching commercials and you are thinking about your own project, start self-education. Look at advanced projects, analyze business ideas and learn "materiel". For a good passive income, you still need certain knowledge, for example, in trading. It will be useful to understand how to promote websites and laws that must be followed.There are many useful tips on the Internet.

When you find a passive income source that suits you, do not relax. Sometimes reinvest income, try other options and methods of earnings.

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