Pans with marble coating: reviews (photo)

Modern stores sell many types of dishes. Among the pans, too, there are various products. They differ in design, materials, coating. Every thing is original in its own way. Mistresses praise frying pans with marble. Product reviews can be found different, but most women are satisfied with the purchase.


Marble coating in English is called Marble Coating. It improves the appearance of the pan, makes it more original. This type of coating does not affect the function of the product with respect to cooking, but in comparison with the classical versions of the coating has many advantages.

marble pans reviews

According to reviews, a frying pan with a marble coating simplifies the cooking process. Such dishes are very durable, it heats quickly, cools slowly and is considered environmentally friendly. Cooked food is tasty and healthy. The coating is applied to any dish - budget and elite class. These items are created in Korea or in China.The main material is cast aluminum. It is lightweight and has high thermal conductivity parameters.

Considering user reviews, a marble-coated frying pan heats up evenly. At the same time, overheating of the edges and handle sections is excluded. Even with the use of a small burner or panel, the useful properties of the coating are not lost. Food with such dishes can not be overcooked or undercooked. The most durable products are those whose bottom is not less than 6 mm, and the walls - 3.5 mm.

Important nuances

Although there are numerous reviews of marble pans, some subtleties of using dishes should be considered. Products are vulnerable to scratches, so they can not mix food with a spoon or a metal spatula. You can only use a wooden spatula.

marbled frying pan reviews how to choose

Now there are many manufacturers who create this type of dishes. Most of them are located in China and Korea. The cost of pans is usually not more than $ 30, they are considered the most affordable for all segments of the population. The purchased item will be reliable and practical.

Special features

How to choose a pan with a marble coating? Customer reviews will help with this. It is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Attractive appearance.The most beautiful are expensive products.
  2. Cooking quality. Due to the optimal level of thermal conductivity and good cooking quality, dishes have excellent performance properties.
  3. Ease of use. Thanks to this nuance, the pan will delight even more.
  4. The durability of the coating affects the quality of cooking and life.
  5. Keeping the temperature over a long period makes the product even more valuable.

Marble coating - the result of modern technology. The baby is created in a special way, so it is used in the food industry. The product does not stick, it is stable and durable. There are dishes for sale on plates with various surfaces, including induction.

Such pans can have different functionality. For example, from two to five layers of a nonstick coating. The more of them, the longer the dishes will last. The only disadvantage of dishes is the high price compared to other items. Often the products are sold without covers, so buyers need to buy them separately.


These dishes are manufactured in China, although manufacturing plants are located in Asia.According to reviews, the frying pan "Gipfel" with a marble coating allows you to adhere to proper nutrition. Products are ideal for cooking healthy foods, including steamed.

wellberg marble frying pan reviews

The ware became popular among hostesses, it has reasonable cost, it is made of qualitative materials. Reviews of a frying pan with a marble coating Gipfel indicate the reliability and durability of products. During the manufacture of goods does not apply harmful substances, so they are absolutely safe.


As evidenced by the reviews, grill pan is the best choice for the hostess. Among the advantages of dishes stands out affordable cost, the presence of deep edges. In addition, the product can be used for different types of plates.

The coating requires special care, otherwise the dishes will not last long. The ware of this brand is made in China, but even so, the goods, if properly used, will delight for a long time.


Reviews of the Wellberg pan with marble finish confirm the high quality of this kitchen equipment. Products have a nonstick coating. The ware easily washes and quickly heats up, at the same time it keeps optimum temperature throughout the long period.

marble coated gipfel pan reviews

The dishes can be used for daily cooking.It is produced in different sizes, in the range there are great options. Wellberg frying pan - the best choice for those who care about their food, as it is safe for health.


The product is made in 2 forms: classical and square. Granite dishes for frying is available only in the classic round form. Products are famous for durability, capabilities. use on different stoves and dishwasher safe. Consumer reviews on the Bergner skillet with a marble finish indicate excellent coverage.

Gas grill dishes

This type of dishes is equipped with different types of coatings - marble, ceramics, enamel, steel. Marble products have become in demand, although they appeared not so long ago. Their benefits include:

bergner marble coated frying pan reviews

  1. Use of environmentally friendly raw materials.
  2. The possibility of cooking on gas.
  3. Environmental friendliness.
  4. Spaciousness.
  5. Long service life.
  6. Ease of washing.

In such a pan, you can cook dishes of meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. The product is used only for the gas stove, and for the rest it can not be used.


For marble products to serve for a long time, they require special care.After buying the dishes you need to wash and wipe dry. Then you should add vegetable oil and grind carefully. This should be done regularly to increase the life of the product and preserve its properties.

frying pan hypfel with marble coating reviews

Care involves the following procedures:

  1. It is necessary to clean the dishes without a sponge and a hard brush. But suitable washcloths and soft brushes.
  2. Washing is done when the dishes cool, you can not leave the pan in a dirty form for a long time.
  3. Food residues are removed with hot water and detergent.
  4. It is necessary to use wooden shovels.
  5. Do not pour cold water into the hot pan.
  6. Capacity does not need to be used to store food residue.
  7. With overheating, the aluminum base changes shape, so do not leave the product on the plate empty.
  8. It is necessary to store the pan in an upright position, no need to put it in other containers.

Marble pans are demanded by housewives. It is important to follow the rules of care, and then the product will last for many years.

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