Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 * (Jordan, Aqaba): description, service, reviews

In the last decade, the Kingdom of Jordanbecame one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. In this regard, in this country, five-star luxury hotels began to appear, for example, Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 *, the description of which will be presented in this article, but first let's get acquainted with this amazing and ancient country and find out what attracts tourists from different parts of the world .

Jordan tours to the Red Sea

Tourism in Jordan

Here, of course, come for a beach holiday,but more - for treatment and relaxation (everyone knows the healing properties of the Dead Sea gifts), as well as a rich excursion program - one city of St. Peter's worth! Recently, in this stiff Arab country, secular entertainments began to appear to attract tourists, which can mainly be found in the resort city of Aqaba. This is where Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 * is located. Service in it, of course, has not yet reached the proper level, however, the sphere of tourism in the country is rapidly developing. One of the great advantages of this direction is that it as a sea resort is relevant all year round. The possibilities of diving and snorkeling also increase its attractiveness in the eyes of tourists from all over the world.

Jordan Sea

Features of the holiday

Tours to Jordan for the Red Sea in the mainchoose family tourists or solid married couples, since this tourist destination is by no means budgetary. There is another category of guests of the country, who are interested in sea vacation last of all - pilgrims and passionate lovers of all the old, historically valuable, in fact, and this ancient country abounds - the cradle of civilization. This type of tourists can often be found at the Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 * (Jordan). Aqaba, where this hotel is located, is the second after the capital - Amman - a large city of the kingdom. Here you can find various options for housing, a lot of entertainment and a great beach holiday.

Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 *. Service

Jordan, tours to the Red Sea: Aqaba (description)

As we have already noted, this is a very young resort. It is located in the north of the Gulf of Aqaba. The distance from the capital of the country to this seaside town is 335 km. The first thing that catches the eye of tourists, this is the reigning circle of cleanliness and order in everything. There is also a very pleasant microclimate, which creates great conditions for a beach holiday. The weather in Jordan is not at all capricious, although it's quite hot in the summer months (those who do not tolerate heat in summer are better off here), but in the late autumn and winter in Aqaba we, the northern inhabitants, will be able to regain all the joys of the summer.

Even in the middle of winter, the water temperature does notfalls below 22 degrees, so this direction is relevant throughout the year, and most hotels, including the Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 *, operate year-round. By the way, the staff in them is fluent in English, but after the Jordan Sea (Dead) became popular for Russians, today some of them can find Russian-speaking employees. Many Russians come here for New Year's and Christmas holidays, combining beach holidays with visiting holy places. It is always pleasant to get a second portion of summer after a cold and snowy winter, and the energy of the sun will charge you for many months ahead. In a word, the weather in Jordan plays into the hands of the tourist business, and everyone who wants to go south, but without a long flight, starts to wonder about the rest in Jordan.

How to get there?

From the capital of our country three times a weekregular flights to Amman - the main city of the country. They are performed by such airlines as S7 and Royal Jordanian Airlines. The duration of the flight is about 4 hours. Arriving in the capital, you can get to the right resort on the comfortable bus JETT (they are municipal) or Trust, which is a private carrier. For those who do not like the long road, you need to patience, since more than 4 hours will be spent on the way. However, if you bought a tour to the above hotel, that is, go to Jordan (all inclusive), then you will be met at the airport in Amman by car or minibus (in case the number of tourists exceeds 4 people), either from the hotel, or from your tour operator, and with comfort to take to Aqaba.

By the way, in this resort city there is an airport to them. King Hussein for domestic flights. However, it so happened that many tourists from the capital here prefer to come by land transport.

deluxe room

Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 *: description and location

This hotel complex is only 3 years old. This is a fairly large seven-story building of rounded form, located at: ul. Al Sharif Shakir Bin Zayd. By the way, this street is located in the business center of Aqaba. However, this indicates that the hotel is not on the first beach line, but the windows "Orix Hotel" looks at the expanses of the Red Sea, allowing tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunset and sunrise. In the hotel complex there is everything necessary for comfortable rest of the guests, as well as for holding any corporate events, symposia, conferences, banquets, anniversaries and other celebrations.

The guests of Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 * oftenthere are families with children who like to live in comfort, and the system is "all inclusive." By the way, do not forget that Aqaba is a seaside resort, and tourists can always enjoy beach rest. On the beach, guests can get on a special bus provided by the administration of "Orix Hotel". There is a special schedule of departure and arrival of the bus to the beach and back (2 times a day).

Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 * (Jordan). Aqaba

Number of rooms

In the hotel "Orix" there are 189 rooms of the categoryDeluxe room and Business suites. All of them are distinguished by an increased degree of comfort. Deluxe room, depending on the opening panorama from the windows, there are the following types: City view; Pool view; Mountains view and Sea view. Of course, most of the guests are willing to pay a substantial sum for being granted a room with a view of the sea, although the mountain landscapes are also very good (although for some tourists this picture seems dull). By the way, there are lodgers who like the view of the modern city, on the buildings that are interesting from an architectural point of view.

Description of rooms and services

In this hotel every tourist feelsabsolute safety: in all rooms there is an automatic fire-extinguishing system, there are smoke detectors. Keys in the rooms - electronic, room service - round the clock (food and press delivery inclusive); dry cleaning is carried out daily, wet - every other day. Change of linen and towels - at the request of tourists (you need to put a towel on the floor). Each of the rooms has individual air conditioning, while the heating in the hotel is centralized (in case of cool winter nights). All rooms are equipped with balconies or terraces with summer furniture, from where you can see the sea or the mountains, the city or the pool. For leisure guests there is a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, there is also a high-speed Internet and two telephones - internal and for communication with the outside world.

In the mini-bar you will always find water (from the tap waterdrink in any case not) and other soft drinks. For fans of invigorating drinks there is an electric kettle, a set for tea and coffee, the necessary utensils. There is also a safe in the room. Despite the fact that the hotel has an ironing service, the rooms, however, have an iron and ironing board. The bathroom has a shower (in some rooms - a Jacuzzi), bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer, all toiletries and toiletries.

Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5


Despite the fact that the Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 *operates on an "all inclusive" system, tourists can always choose types of food such as BB, HB, FB. Surely, many are interested in what includes the concept of "all inclusive", it's not a secret that in different countries, and even in hotels of the same country, this concept has some differences in its meaning. In this hotel "ol inclusive" in addition to three meals a day includes hot drinks (tea and coffee "Americano"), soft drinks - that is, various juices and water, local alcoholic beverages (whiskey, vodka, beer). In addition, tourists outside lunch time can enjoy tea in a special tea room. It is open from 11:00 to 23:00. But food and drinks on the beach, where tourists are delivered on a special shuttle, are not included in the concept of "all inclusive". The hotel has 6 restaurants, in the main of them, "Zeitoun", three times a day is served a buffet with a huge variety of hot dishes, cold snacks, pastries and drinks. There is also the restaurant A la Carte, which serves international cuisine, including local, Arab, to order. There is a poolside bar, which is open from eleven in the morning until 5 pm, and the lobby bar operates, like a tea bar, from 11 to 23 hours.


The hotel "Oryx" has two large swimming pools. One of them is located on the roof. Here it is called a landscape, because from there you can see both the sea and the magnificent mountain landscapes. In late autumn, winter and early spring, the water in this basin is heated. The second pool is in the inner courtyard, it is half-covered. Around the pools, of course, are sun loungers and umbrellas, provide free towels. Tourists can use the pool bar (as already noted, local alcoholic beverages are free, and foreign - paid). On the ground floor of the hotel there are souvenir and book shops, a currency exchange office, a tour desk, etc.

Business services

This hotel is often used as a placefor carrying out various large-scale events. For this purpose, there is a well-equipped multifunctional conference hall with meeting rooms. A huge range of video and audio equipment allows holding conferences, forums, seminars and symposiums at the highest level. By the way, weddings and big celebrations here are also not uncommon. And, of course, there is an excellent business center at the conference hall, equipped with all the necessary office equipment.

The services

Some tourists do not like to use the servicesexcursion bureaus and prefer to travel to the sights themselves, and for this they need transport. In the hotel, everyone can rent a car. The rental price per day is from 30 dollars (the price depends on the brand of the selected car). By the way, on the sea in Jordan, you can also go in a rented car at any time of the day, rather than wait for the shuttles that operate according to the schedule. As already noted, the hotel has ironing services, as well as laundry, dry cleaning and shoe cleaning.

Recreation and Sports

In addition to swimming in pools and sunbathing touristscan have fun as follows: in the "Orix" the hotel has a spa, where they will provide various relaxation services, including massage and wrapping with algae; It is possible to soak in the sauna or hammam; practice in the gym on high-quality cardiovascular equipment or do aerobics. And yet the most favorite occupation of tourists is rest at the panoramic pool on the roof of the hotel with a glass of cocktail in hand. By the way, in order to look at all in the evenings, ladies, and even the representatives of the stronger sex also can use the services of a beauty salon.

Entertainment for children

For younger guests, the hotel has a colorful andvery bright children's club. There are a lot of games for kids, an opportunity to study painting or music / vocals. Skilled teachers organize children's leisure in a very interesting way and do not allow them to be bored during their stay at the hotel. In the restaurant for small tourists there is a special children's menu. In short, in "Orix" is always happy to young guests and do everything possible to embellish their rest.

Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 * Description


As already noted, the hotel is not located on thethe first beach line, and to a private beach you have to get on a free shuttle bus, which goes there twice a day. Of course, this is not very convenient, but such are the rules. Umbrellas, chaise lounges, towels are all provided to tourists free of charge, but food and drinks at the beach bar are paid. The same goes for various water activities.

Oryx Hotel Aqaba 5 *: reviews

Despite the fact that the hotel administration does everythingPossible to match 5 stars, however, in their reviews tourists often write that he hardly pulls on four stars. Among the minuses - bad internet connection, monotonous menu in the restaurant, poorly cleaned rooms. Among the pluses are a high level of service in the spa, a panoramic swimming pool, near which you want to spend the whole day, delicious teas in the tea room. In addition, among the staff there are Russian-speaking employees who are ready to help at any moment. You can also meet complaints about the fact that the hotel does not accept accommodation with animals, although this is indicated on all Internet pages of this institution.

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