Original wishes in prose to relatives

I always want to congratulate the closest people in a special way. It is so difficult to find the right words in order to say them or write in a card. For some reason, the stereotype was fixed that congratulations must necessarily be in verses, which, as a rule, are downloaded from the Internet, and, therefore, completely insincere. Even if you wrote the poem yourself, here you become a hostage of rhyme, which means that again you cannot say everything you want. The best option - wishes in prose.

wishes in proseGeneral advice

Do not forget that the words that you want to convey to the hero of the occasion must come from the heart. If you plan to say wishes in prose, they must be very sincere and deeply personal. Remember some good funny moments that you have experienced with this person, and tell him about them. And then you can write something like: “I wish you even more crazy parties like that evening, and the most loyal friends (like us). Happy Birthday!"

Congratulations in prose to a friend

Happy birthday, old man! Here is another year, full of events and cool memories, we experienced with you together. You have always been and will be for me the best friend. Therefore, I wanted to choose the best gift for you. I went shopping and realized: despite all the years that we are friends, I don’t know you at all! I do not know what to give you! So inside this envelope is my gift that you choose yourself. Do not deny yourself anything and always remain the same responsive and loyal friend.

greetings in prose to a friendWishes in prose to a friend

Expensive! You are the most beautiful, bright, unique girl I know. And I say this not because you are my best friend, but because it is. I wish you even more unforgettable events, similar to those that we experienced together. I wish a lot of money to please you every day with new outfits. I wish all the guys fell at your feet, and you could choose the one and only, the best. Good luck in everything! Happy Birthday!

Mother greetings in prose

Dear mommy! You are my best. Thank you for raising and raising me for who I am. I wish you good health, success in your career, more creative ideas and inspiration. May your life with dad be full of love and harmony. Stay always the same young and beautiful.I love you! Happy Birthday!

mom congratulations in proseGreetings in prose pope

Daddy, happy birthday! I want to wish you the fastest career growth, more fun beer gatherings with friends and a big catch on fishing. I wish your team to always win all the championships! Happiness and luck! I love you!


It will be great if you decorate your wishes in prose with a small pattern. It does not have to be an artistic masterpiece. If this is a wish for a friend, add a good-natured cartoon to it in a postcard. Mom can draw flowers. A simple smiley or the sun will look very touching. If nature has not presented you with artistic talents at all, you can paste a photo with the hero of the occasion. So the card will be more personal, and the birthday boy will certainly remember such a seemingly formal trifle.

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