Orange kitchen in the interior. Orange Kitchen: Design

The interior of the kitchen should be colorful in order to charge a good mood and give positive emotions. To achieve this, you can use the right color scheme. In this sense, orange kitchens are the most successful option. They are associated with warmth and bright summer sun. This effect can be obtained using the right combination of colors and the correct placement of accents.
orange kitchens

Features orange

Positive and cheerfulness of this color are able to charge with inexhaustible energy all the surrounding space. He personifies strength, passion, excitement, but at the same time with these qualities you can feel soft, warm and joyful notes in his palette.

Orange is made by mixing red and yellow. He was able to harmoniously combine them, taking from them only good qualities. The red color that is part of it fills it with brightness, tone, activity, but without aggression. And the softness and beneficial effect give yellow paint.For example, orange kitchens in the interior of studio apartments will become the dominant elements, emphasizing all the attention. This color looks great in open and spacious areas. Its use is possible in the decoration of walls, furniture and decorative items.

Please note that orange can displace all other colors, so you need to be very careful in pouring it into the interior so as not to overload the space.

Harmonious combinations

In the interiors, the orange color in its pure manifestation is quite rare, since the space is too bright, which can lead to irritation and overexcitation and, as a result, to constant fatigue. Therefore, designers recommend combining it with other representatives of the colorful palette. Very beautiful, and most importantly, a green-orange kitchen will look harmonious. This combination is quite common in nature, so it will be pleasant to the human eye.

You can make a composition of brown and orange, it is perfect for styles such as classic, country, empire. Terracotta will be the backdrop for rich accents.But the black-orange combination is considered extreme, but has the right to life. Its eccentricity and greatness need enough space that is filled with brightness, originality and style. Orange kitchens with black infusions are preferred by people inclined to minimalism. Those who love peace and order, but do not want to wallow in a boring and monotonous interior, you can give preference to white color. He, in combination with orange, will fill the room with the soft light of the morning sun, giving it an atmosphere of vigor and celebration.
green orange kitchen

It is not recommended to make compositions using cold shades, especially with violet.

The dignity of the orange palette

Scientists say that this representative of the color scheme has many advantages. The main one is a special influence on the human subconscious. Orange kitchens are able to energize, relieve depression, cheer up. Even if it is overcast and it is raining outside, there will always be a gleam of sunlight in the room. It's so nice, waking up early in the morning, to make a cup of aromatic coffee and get a charge of vivacity for the whole working day.Such color design will provoke a person to take active actions, relieving fatigue and eliminating negative thoughts.
orange kitchen design

Basic design rules

In order for the interior to be filled with harmony and comfort, it is necessary to arrange the space correctly. Orange kitchen, the design of which was drawn up taking into account all the nuances, will be a worthy decoration for any home

Consider the basic rules of decoration:

  1. For orange elements it is necessary to create a calm neutral background.
  2. Knowing of limits. No need to saturate the space.
  3. If the kitchen set acts as a bright accent, then the decoration of walls and other surfaces should be an order of magnitude lighter.

Orange color is not very suitable for decorating the entire space, so the most harmonious would be its combination with other shades.

orange kitchen

The effect of orange on a person

Owners of warm and bright orange interiors will completely forget about the blues, depression and longing. Psychologists quite often during the sessions use this color when there is a need to restore the vital processes of the human body.It has also been proven to have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system. The orange-colored kitchen can not only increase the tone, but also whet the appetite. It is especially recommended to use this technique when there are small children in the family. Many parents face the problem of feeding them, and the orange gamma, speeding up the metabolic process, makes them want to eat.

People who prefer this color can be characterized as purposeful, aspiring to self-affirmation, active, with a positive lifestyle.

Orange kitchen. Choice of furniture

Choosing a finish to be placed in orange tones, it is necessary to choose the right color scheme for furniture. Here, much will depend on the size of the room: the smaller it is, the calmer and lighter the dominant shades should be. The most relevant is the use of such a palette in the styles of modern, minimalism and high-tech. Such interiors are filled with glossy surfaces with metallic elements, which rather effectively present an orange color. Nowadays, beautiful curved furniture with various facades has come into fashion.Kitchen sets are made of MDF, natural wood or chipboard, plastic, special film or paint can be used for coating. Also a wide choice of colors and their combination is applied, which allows to make the most optimal choice. If you need a big orange accent, you can purchase headsets, the facades of which will be made in one tone. In order for the effect to be softer and not so contrasting, choose only some elements made in this color that will harmoniously be combined with other objects. In order for the interior to look complete, you can duplicate orange, for example, in textiles, upholstery of upholstered furniture or decor.
orange kitchen in the interior

Orange color in the kitchen can play the role of both dominant and secondary. If you make it the main, then the interior will be emotional, bright and exciting. This option is perfect for dark rooms with windows to the north. Orange color scheme will fill this room with sunshine, saturating with heat and light. Also, this color can be used to highlight certain items.This decoration will help get rid of the monotony, giving the kitchen a lively and cheerful appearance.

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