Old Russian female names and their meanings. List of old Russian female names

As is considered in many cultures, the name given to a person at birth, to some extent determines his fate. This belief was common among the ancient Slavs, whose female names we will discuss below.

Old Russian female names

The tradition of naming in ancient Russia

Such a reverent and serious attitude to the name often led to the fact that a person was named twice. One name was known to all and served only for communication, while the other, genuine, was not given out to anyone except the closest people, relatives and friends. Old Russian female names were also chosen in accordance with this rule. Keeping them secretly helped to protect the girls from the influence of evil spirits and harmful witchcraft. Often, the first name was, as it is now called, negative. That is, it reflected any negative traits or concepts.This type includes such old Russian female names, as Malice, Nekras, Kriva and so on. It was believed that if you call a girl like that, then the name property will just go away from her. And in life the opposite, positive meaning will prevail. They gave this name at birth. The second name occurred when the child reached the age of majority (according to ancient standards). That is, this naming was part of the initiation of man into adulthood, into society. The same name was chosen most often on the basis of the personality traits that the girl possessed. As an example, one can cite such Old Russian female names as Veselina and Golub.

list of old Russian female names

Sources of names

The Slavs had a huge variety of names. In general, all the old Russian female names known today, as well as men's names, can be divided into five groups. The first are those that are the names of representatives of the animal world or plants. For example, according to this principle, a girl could be called a pike, a quinoa, and so on. The second group includes a list of old Russian female names, which are numerals. That is, the girl could be called the ordinal number of her birth in the family - Pervusha, Osmaya, etc. The third group assumes that the name was given to the child in honor of any goddess.For example, in honor of the goddess of beauty, the baby could be called Lada. The fourth type includes names based on a person’s personality traits. Examples of this type we cited above. And finally, the fifth group is the most beautiful old Russian female names, since they consist of two pillars. What makes them particularly capacious, sonorous, intricate and filled with deep meaning. Vivid examples are the names of Yaroslav, Tikhomir, Radimir. From this group through the transformation and reduction occurred a subgroup of simpler names. Holy, Milonega, Yarilka are typical examples of this kind. Old Russian female names for the child were freely chosen from all the listed groups, although hypothetically the choice of the wise men could have had some influence.

Old Russian female names full list

Old Russian names after Christianization

The church, expanding its influence in the Slavic lands, fiercely fought with everything pagan. It is not surprising, therefore, that after Christianization, most of the original Russian names were forgotten and replaced by the Greco-Roman and Jewish versions. There were even lists of names banned by the church and to be forgotten.First of all, it included, of course, the names of the pagan gods (Lada, for example). In addition, it was forbidden to use those worn by the leaders of the pagan opposition. This was done to ensure that their memory was erased. After all, if no one calls in honor of the disgraced wizard child, then after the death of the hero of the opposition, no one will remember. Unfortunately, today the original Slavic names in Russia are very rare. Old Russian female names, like male ones, have not yet come out of the shadows. Although the traditional Christian versions have been replaced by the Soviet ones, and now Western European forms are also actively penetrating.

Old Russian female names and their meanings

Below we give a list of the main Slavic female names. Due to the centuries of oblivion, not all the old Russian female names have reached us. Therefore, a complete list will not work out. But those that remain will be quite enough for our article.

beautiful old Russian female names


Bazhena. This name means the desired child.

Beloslav. The name consisting of two bases - "white" and "glory". Accordingly, its meaning is “white glory”.

Berislav. Means "taking glory."

Blessing Means a woman, praising the goodness, kindness.Can be reduced to Blas, Blagin.

Bogdana Literally means "given by god." Abbreviated form - Bozhena.

Bozhidar. Almost the same as Bogdan, but not given, but donated by God.

Boleslav. This beautiful name should be understood as "glorified".

Borislav. So called a woman fighting for fame.

Boyana This word in the old days was called narrators telling legends and myths.

Bratislava. The name is based on two roots: "fight" and "praise."

Bronislaw. Means "protector of glory."

Bryachislav. The first root in the name is closely related in meaning to the modern verb "saber". Accordingly, the meaning of the name - "saber", that is, "to praise on a musical instrument."


Velimira. The name derived from the concept of "big world".

Velislav. Literally - "the most glorious." Abbreviated options: Vela, Wieliczka.

Wenceslaus. "Crowned with glory" or "wearing a wreath of glory."

Vera. Preserved name of the tradition. Does not need translation.

Veselina. Speaks of cheerfulness and cheerful disposition of its bearer. Female form of the name Veselin. The same meaning is the name Vesela.


Gorislava. Means "burning in glory."

Gradislav.The given name means the woman guarding glory.

Granislava. The literal meaning is "improving fame."

Old Russian female names and their meanings


Daren. Indicates "gifted." Darina, Dara - abbreviated versions of this name.

Dobromila. Obviously speaks of a kind and sweet woman.

Dragomira. Literally - "the one that is more precious than the world."

Dobroslav. This name can be interpreted as "glorifying kindness." The alternative meaning is “good fame”.


Waiting. The name means the expected child.


Zvenislav. In modern Russian language it means "announcing glory."

Gold flowers. Abbreviated form - Zlata. Obviously, it is semantically correlated with golden color.


Spark. Comes from the word "sincere."

Languor. Talking about the languor. It is supposed to reflect the fact of severe childbirth.


Casimir. This name is now common in Poland. Means "showing the world."

Krasimira. "Beautiful and peaceful woman" - this is how the name is understood today. Abbreviated will Beauty.


Lada. The name of the goddess of beauty, love, marriage and peace.

Love. Name, and today is popular in Russia. Also known form Lyubava. No comments needed.

Lubomir. Says that the bearer of the name loves the world.


Malusha. Another form is Mlada.Means small or younger.

Milan Means just a nice woman. Also known forms such as Milena, Milava, Umila, Milica, Milada.

Mstislav. Mean woman glorifying revenge.

Miroslav. This is the name of the woman who glorifies the world.


Hope. The form of Nadezh is also known. It is well known today the name.

Nekras. A striking example of a "negative" name. Mean ugly woman.


Putislav. The meaning of the name is "glorifying intelligently."

Putimir. This name consists of two pillars: “peace” and “put” (meaning “mind”). Accordingly, it can be understood as "a woman with a peaceful mind."

Old Russian female child names


Radislava. Translated as "caring for fame."

Radmila. So called sweet and caring woman.

Rodislav. This name means "glorifying race."


Svetislav. A name that means "glorifying the light." An alternative form is Svetoslav.

Svetlana The common name today. Speaks about the spiritual luminosity of its carrier.

Svetozara. The literal meaning is light.

Stanimir. The name that translates into modern Russian as "laying down the world."


The stronghold Obviously, the name comes from the phrase "solid world", which can also be understood as "the stronghold of the world."

Tverdislav.Similar to the previous name, but with a shift from the concept of "world" to the concept of "glory."

Creature world This is the name of the woman who creates, creates the world.

rare old Russian female names


Chaslava. It means a woman who feels, that is, waiting for fame. Another famous form of this name is Cheslava.

Chernawa So called black-haired or dark woman. Another form of the name is Chernavka.


Yaroslav. This name has not been forgotten today, although it is found mainly in the male form. Means the woman glorifying Yarilo - the sun god.

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