ODG: how to open a file

In this material, the ODG extension will be described. Than to open files of this type, and also for what purposes they are created, we will tell further. It's about the graphic material OpenDocument. The developer is OASIS.


extension odg than openFirst, you should discuss what the role of ODG files is. Than to open such materials, we will consider in the following sections. This is a vector graphic file, which has the format OASIS OpenDocument. The image is specified using curves, points and lines. The result is saved using XML markup. Usually, files with an ODG extension are used to transfer and store drawings, illustrations and logos. Such materials can be created using applications that are included in free office packages.

The main solution

So, you are faced with an ODG file. Than to open it, we now will disassemble. The Apache OpenOffice solution will help us. We have a free package of various office applications. They support OpenDocument - an open format. OpenOffice can be used on multiple platforms. The project is based on the StarOffice code. The package includes a vector editor called Draw, which will help us in solving the problem. The project consists of several components. All of them are integrated into a single core. Thus, their good compatibility is ensured.

Other options

odg than to openWe continue the conversation about the ODG format. What to open it, we will be helped to understand the application LibreOffice Draw. This tool is free. LibreOffice is software that allows you to process graphics, presentations, databases, spreadsheets, texts. The package is available in a variety of languages. It can be used for various purposes. The package includes various programs. The Draw tool allows you to create and edit flow charts, logos, and illustrations. The tool does not claim to be a complete replacement of a graphic editor. It is more suitable for drawing drawings to various documents - diagrams, diagrams and drawings. Draw supports various formats, among them there is also ODG.

The next component is Impress, an application forediting and creating presentations, web pages, slide shows. Also in the software package is the Write component. It allows you to create and edit drawings and texts in documents, letters, web pages and reports. The interface of this word processor appearance is similar to MS Word of the first versions. In addition, the application has the following functions: tables, drawing, footnotes, references, indexes, recording of macros. StarOffice Draw application can also be used for the purpose that interests us. So we described the ODG file format. Than to open materials with such expansion and in what their features, you now know.

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ODG: how to open a file ODG: how to open a file ODG: how to open a file ODG: how to open a file ODG: how to open a file