Noodles "wok": cooking recipe at home

One of the most favorite dishes that came to us from the Celestial is delicious wok noodles. The history says that this dish is over 4 thousand years old. This is one of the most common Chinese dishes. At the same time, the Chinese eat it both on weekdays and on holidays. Of course, for solemn occasions, the recipe for wok-noodles is a bit more complicated, a large amount of vegetables, various meats are added, a special sauce is prepared, etc.

delicious wok noodles


Today, speaking of noodles, we present thinly cut strips of dough, but for a very long time it was a little pieces of dough, which were boiled in salted water, but not in any container, but in a special wok pan. -noodles). The recipe of the dish, which today is called "mien pien", very long ago came up with the ancient Chinese. It is still being prepared in some regions of the Middle Kingdom.

Who came up with the noodles?

When the Chinese decided to change the technology of cooking noodles, where did the idea to roll the dough into a thin layer and cut it into thin strips? It is hardly possible to find exact answers to this question. After all, it was very, very long time. There is also no exact answer to the question of how long the noodles should be. Sometimes during culinary contests, Chinese chefs make noodles several meters long. The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom consider it a symbol of longevity. That is why, passing on from generation to generation, the skills and knowledge of how to cook wok noodles, teachers also teach their students that in no case can this product be broken, as it shortens life. Cooking it whole is also great art.

wok noodles. Recipe

Where did the name "wok" come from?

Noodles are called this way because of the pot in which it is made. This kind of pan in the form of an inverted dome. Not only noodles are cooked in it, but also many different dishes. This dish is convenient for frying, boiling, stewing and even smoking. The noodles themselves are prepared using the stir-fry technique. According to it, the products are fried in hot oil over very high heat, and so that they are not burnt, they are constantly stirred.Looking from the side, it seems to us that the cook throws up vegetables roasting in a pan, and then catches them back into the pan. It is believed that food prepared in this way retains all the beneficial to cook noodles wok

Wok Chinese Noodle Varieties

For the preparation of this dish in China used flour of different varieties. In the northern regions of China, wheat flour noodles are often cooked, in the southern parts - from rice flour. It has an unusual white color. As a rule, it is not subsequently boiled, but simply soaked in warm water. This is a very dietary product, it does not contain gluten, it is low-calorie - only 250 kcl per 100 grams of product.

Another variety of wok noodles, the recipe for which has reached modern chefs from the depths of thousands of years, is egg noodles. It is made from wheat flour with the addition of a large number of eggs. Naturally, this product has a pronounced yellow color.

There is another type of noodle, which, like the previous one, is made from wheat flour - it is called "udon". Despite the fact that it consists of only two ingredients - flour and water, this type of calories is higher than the previous two.

Well, the last type of noodles "wok", which we want to tell - funchoza. It is produced from starch derived from mung beans.Its characteristic feature is transparency (after cooking). Corn and soybean funchos are also common in China, but they are considered food for the poor. Both of these varieties are considered high-calorie - they have about 330 kcl. But buckwheat noodles, which has a brown color, although it is high-calorie, but is better absorbed and has great beneficial properties.

Do not be surprised, but in China there are still several varieties of wok noodles. The recipe for one of them is simply amazing. It is made by adding spinach, so it has a pronounced green color.

wok noodles at home

How to cook noodles "wok"

As you already understood, the centerpiece in cooking this dish is a wok pan, which has unusually high edges that support the heat in the pan. Due to this peculiarity, products are cooked quickly, without losing their taste and beneficial properties. Today, there are a great many Chinese restaurants around the world that are very popular in the countries where they are located.

Each of the restaurants has its own special recipe for making wok noodles. At home, however, you can also cook this tasty dish, even if you do not have the right pan. Nevertheless, our advice - it is better to buy a "wok" and cook by all the rules.Noodles can be combined with meat, poultry, seafood, and a variety of vegetables. In most recipes, the noodles are simply boiled, but there are also ways in which it is first fried in butter, and then only cooked.

wok noodles with mushrooms

Some nuances

As a rule, this noodle is made from salt dough, so before adding salt to the water for boiling, it is better to read on the box what dough it is made from. After all, sometimes this flour product can be made from sweet or sour dough. The Chinese themselves never salt, since all the taste qualities of the dish are attached to the spices and sauces with which it is served. Boil should be very short - 3-5 minutes after boiling. Depending on the variety of noodles, it can be eaten as a side dish for meat, that is, hot, and as an ingredient for salad (rice noodles are particularly suitable for this), in this case already cold.

Three secrets of cooking

If you cook wok noodles at home using vegetables and meat, then all the ingredients, including meat, should be carefully and thinly sliced. In this case, those products that are prepared longer than the rest, should be sent to the pan in the first place.After they get into the hot oil, the chef should mix them constantly. Gradually add new ingredients, and only at the end of boiled noodles.

Noodle wok with mushrooms

What is needed for this?

  • Chicken broth - 2 l.
  • Rice noodles - 1 pack (40 grams).
  • Chicken fillet - 2-3 pieces.
  • White mushrooms (champignons) - 200 grams.
  • Green onions - 1 small bunch.
  • Ginger root (desirable fresh) - 50 grams.
  • Soy sauce - 2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Garlic - 4 cloves.
  • Badian - 2 stars.
  • Sweet Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.
  • Lemon - 1 piece.
  • Spices: chili, black pepper, paparika.
  • Oil for roasting - sesame.

Cooking method

First, clean the ginger and garlic, chop finely. Then cut the pepper into strips. Cut the peeled mushrooms into thin slices, chop the chicken into oblong pieces. We put on a pot with water for boiling noodles. Pour sesame oil into a wok pan, warm it up a little, add ginger and then garlic and mushrooms. Mixing, waiting for the separation of mushroom juice. After that, add the chicken and, while continuing to mix, wait until the juice has evaporated. Then add soy sauce, star anise, spices and a little more fry vegetables with meat for about two minutes in the pan. In the "wok" pour chicken broth, add lemon juice and finely chopped green onions.Meanwhile, the noodles are cooked, you need to drain the water and add it to the "wok" to the vegetables and meat.

Noodle sauce wok

Noodle sauce wok

The most popular sauce for this dish is teriyaki. This word translates as "shine" and "fry." Chicken, fish or pork, fried with the addition of this sauce, become just caramel, shiny. The syrup itself is similar to a thick wine with a specific aroma. This sauce is similar in taste to ordinary soy, but its color is more saturated. Teriyaki can be of two types - for pickling and for watering. It includes rice wine or vodka, honey, lots of spices, garlic and sesame, there are many other recipes for its preparation. In supermarkets you can find a special seasoning with lots of spices that can be added to this sauce. Thanks to him, Chinese dishes, in particular wok noodles, will acquire a very original unusual taste.

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