Nokia N1 Tablet Review

In 2015, the Finnish manufacturer introduced a new gadget to the attention of buyers. This is a tablet with a concise name Nokia N1. A review of the device, presented below, will allow you to fully appreciate its functionality. According to most buyers, this model deserves attention, since even with a cursory examination it has a lot of advantages.

In order to evaluate all the used development in the gadget, it is necessary to study it in more detail. In the article, the reader will be able to familiarize himself with the design features, performance, and battery life. There will also be announced the advantages of the tablet, which distinguish it against the background of devices of other n1

Highlights of appearance

How will the buyer see the new gadget from Nokia? Before you consider the design features, you must say that the tablet looks very beautiful. It is vaguely reminiscent of the iPad Mini of a famous company Apple. There is a similarity, but not copying. Tablet Nokia N1 has an individual design, enshrined in innovative developments.

For the hull, the designers chose anodized aluminum. This material can be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage. Of course, it is much stronger than plastic, but dirt quickly accumulates on the panel.

On the front side there is a 7.9ʺ screen. The developers used a 4: 3 ratio. The display is capable of displaying a picture with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels. The density of the latter is 326 ppi. To protect the screen, the manufacturer used Gorilla Glass 3. There are no comments to the viewing angles, since the screen was manufactured using TFT IPS technology. Also in the reviews, there were no complaints about the clarity of the image and the distortion of chromaticity. From the front side, the user will also see a “window” of the front camera with a 5 megapixel matrix. Directly above the screen itself is an indicator that reports on the events that have occurred. Also on the case there is a connector for a standard type headset. You should not worry about the convenient placement of the power button, as the developers brought it to the upper end. The main camera lens (8 megapixel) is located on the rear panel.

The features of this tablet include disabling lock mode. You do not need to use the corresponding button.After the manufacturer has made the improvements, it is enough for the user to touch the screen twice, and the lock will be released. However, to install it in this way is n1 tablet

Hardware "stuffing"

Tablet Nokia N1 operates on a 64-bit system. It is based on the Intel Z3580 chipset. It consists of 4 cores. Each of them is capable of accelerating to 2300 MHz. This ensures fast and smooth operation of the gadget. According to many users, information processing takes a few seconds. The graphics accelerator also has high performance. This model is based on the PowerVR G6430 video card.

To perform everyday tasks in the gadget provides two gigabytes of RAM. Thanks to these characteristics, the tablet does an excellent job with games and demanding applications. The only drawback can only be called the fact that during everyday operation the rear panel in the upper right corner is very hot.


Nokia N1 is based on Android. It has a version of Lollipop (5.0.2) installed. On top of the system used proprietary shell Z Launcher. Thanks to it, users on the screen will see a clock and a list of applications that have recently opened.To review all the programs you need to swipe to the right.

Considering the functionality of this tablet, it is necessary to note its disadvantages. Users include the lack of support for memory cards and 3G. For access to the Internet only Wi-Fi channel is provided. And the integrated memory is limited to 32 gigabytes.


The developers at Nokia N1 used a 5300 mAh battery. Its type is non-removable, lithium-ion. According to the characteristics, the gadget can work without recharging for about 20-24 hours, depending on the load. However, users who use resource-intensive applications, including games, can only count on 5 hours of n1 review


Summing up the review of Nokia N1, it is necessary to highlight all the advantages of this device. According to most users, they include the location of stereo speakers on the bottom, a new version of Android. Significant advantages are the hull design and dimensions (200.7 × 138.6 × 6.9 mm). Thanks to the rounded corners it is quite convenient to use the tablet. Now, owners will be comfortable playing games, watching videos, working with most applications.

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