Windbreaker "Nike": models and styles

Unfortunately, the weather in Russia is not always good and warm, but you need to play sports all year round. That is why you have to get out and warm. Windbreakers "Nike" are perfect for relatively warm weather of spring and autumn season. They are always comfortable, besides, they are very convenient for sports in rainy weather. The variety of sportswear is too large, but choosing the right, comfortable and fashionable jacket is not easy, so today we will analyze the most popular and fashionable sports windbreaker "Nike."

Women's Windbreaker Models

The company has a large range of clothing for any occasion, so every girl will be able to easily find a comfortable and stylish women's windbreaker "Nike."

Women's Nike windbreaker
  • Nike Zonal Aeroshield.

Monoton windbreaker with white inserts on the elbows, perfect for running. Made from 100% high quality nylon. The latest AeroShield technology perfectly removes excess heat and moisture. In addition, the jacket is well protected from wind and rain with the help of a ventilation system.The windbreaker is available in three colors: black, khaki and gray.

  • Nike Aeroshield.

Monotonous jacket for running, perfectly protects from rain and maintains optimal body temperature. Three layers of different materials allow you to make a jacket light, but at the same time waterproof and warm. Material 100% polyester. Windbreakers have two colors: black with small neon inserts, white with black stripes on their hands.

  • Nikelab Collection Ghost Windrunner.

Jacket, created on the basis of classic windbreaker "Nike", but this model uses high-quality transparent polyurethane. The hole in the armpits helps cool the body, and safety valves with zippers increase practicality. The jacket has many inserts of bright colors.

  • Nike Flex.

A short Nike windbreaker made of light stretch fabric is perfect for training. Mesh inserts provide good ventilation and freedom of movement. The jacket is made of polyester and spandex, has two color options: black and white-gray.

Men's windbreaker models

Many men spend the beginning of the day in the park, running or cycling, but the weather does not always dispose to this, so they simply need a high-quality men's sports windbreaker "Nike."

  • Nike Essential.

Men's windbreaker for running, perfectly protects from moisture and wind.Internal pockets make the jacket more practical, and reflective inserts more noticeable, so this windbreaker also protects you on the road at night. The model has three colors: black, blue and light gray.

Men's Nike Windbreaker
  • NikeLab ACG Pull-Over.

Stylish men's windbreaker "Nike" from waterproof material. It has a bright and unusual design. Just above the chest is a contrasting bright brand logo, and below is a convenient pocket of mesh material. The jacket is made of 100% polyester and has a bright orange or black color.

  • Poland Anthem.

Bright sport jacket "Nike" is great for playing football. The organic design, fitted cut and symbolism of the team makes this jacket stylish and comfortable. It has several colors, depending on the team, for example, the Brazilian jacket is yellow.

  • Nike SB Anorak

Classic anorak company "Nike", perfect for running and skiing in any weather. Thanks to its material, the jacket is light and weightless. Anorak has a large pocket "kangaroo" in which, if desired, you can fold the jacket itself. It is made of high quality 100% polyester, has reflective inserts. There are only three colors: black, red, gray.

Stylish colors for women

It is not enough to choose a convenient model, you need to decide on the color, which is not so easy.

  • Khaki.

Khaki is becoming a classic, it looks great with many different colors. For example, a jacket of this color goes well with black sweatpants and white sneakers. If you do not know? what to combine it with, look at the images of the Nike windbreakers in the photo presented in the article.

  • The black.

The unbeatable classic, stylish and harmonious looks absolutely with any colors and shades. It goes well with black sneakers and gray sport trousers.

  • White.

White windbreaker is perfect for sports in summer and winter, and all because of the fact that it is perfectly combined with any color.

Women's Nike windbreaker

Fashionable colors of men's jackets

For men, it can be difficult to find a suitable color, some simply do not know which one to combine with, so be sure to tell about the fashionable colors of 2018.

  • Orange.

A bright windbreaker of this color is perfect for cool summer and spring evenings. It can be combined with a black T-shirt, pants and sneakers of the same color.

Men's Nike Windbreaker
  • Bright blue.

This color looks very fresh.It perfectly diversifies and will fit into any wardrobe, a jacket of this color can be combined with many colors, such as red, black or white.

  • Red.

The jacket of this color exactly diversifies your sports wardrobe. In it you will be truly stylish and unusual. Red windbreaker goes well with any colors from the basic wardrobe.

Men's Nike Windbreaker

Size table windbreaker "Nike"

This company has a truly wide grid, with both XS and 2XL. Determining your size is easy. The main thing is to follow simple tips.

  1. Measure chest girth. Using a measuring tape, measure the chest by protruding points.
  2. Measure waist circumference. Using the same tape, measure the volume of the abdomen just above the navel.
  3. Choose the appropriate size based on the table on the site.

Tips on choosing windbreakers

To choose the perfect windbreaker, before you go to the store, be sure to read our tips.

  1. Determine your size according to the size grid. The Nike website has a detailed size chart.
  2. Find a jacket made of a material that is perfect for you: it should be light, keep warm and not get wet.
  3. Choose the best color for yourself.The main thing to remember: the color of the jacket should be ideally suited to the sports wardrobe.

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